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Attn:T'Amon - A guide to Carrying capacity

Discussion in 'UO Players Corner' started by Basara, Mar 7, 2008.

  1. Basara

    Basara UO Forum Moderator
    Moderator Professional Governor Stratics Veteran Wiki Moderator Stratics Legend Campaign Supporter

    Jul 16, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Here's something I put together as part of a Mining guide on the Miner forum, but this part is useful for all characters. I'm tweaking it further in this repost.

    Character Carrying Capacity

    A. Prior to Mondain's Legacy, a character's backpack could hold 400 stoneweight (whether the character can carry more or less is immaterial - only 400 would fit into the pack). However, with the release of Mondain's Legacy, this was increased to 550 stoneweight. Most persons reading this probably have Mondain's Legacy, or the 9th Anniversary Edition that includes Mondain's Legacy. Returning players from before these supplements should upgrade with one or the other.

    B. The overall carry weight of characters (pack+equipment) has a "safety margin" where one can still recall, while overweight; it is also the point that you do not lose stamina when walking.

    This is 1% of their total carrying capacity from strength, rounded down (but carrying capacities that are exact multiples of 100 count as the lower category). Typically, a character with 390 carrying capacity (a 100 STR Elf or pre-Mondain's human character) has a safety margin of 3 stoneweight.

    Strength Recall Safety Margin Test results from Test Center (using human test subject):

    STR 28 (198 stone weight): Safety margin of 1 (could recall at 199, but not 200)
    STR 29 (201 stone weight) Safety Margin of 2 (could recall at 203, but not 204)

    STR 57 (299 stone weight) Safety Margin of 2 (could recall at 301, but not 302)
    STR 58 (303 stone weight) Safety Margin of 3 (could recall at 306, but not 307)

    STR 114 (499 stone weight) Safety Margin of 4 (could recall at 503, but not 504)
    STR 115 (502 stone weight) Safety Margin of 5 (could recall at 507, but not 406)

    STR 143 (600 stone weight) Safety Margin of 5 (could recall at 605, but not 606)
    STR 144 (604 stone weight) Safety Margin of 6 (could recall at 610, but not 611)

    Testing would then seem to indicate that the safety margin is
    100 or less: None
    101-200: 1 stone
    201-300: 2 stone
    301-400: 3 stone
    401-500: 4 stone
    501-600: 5 stone
    601+: 6 stone (reachable only by STR raised by equipment/magic to the 140s)

    C. As one has to add one's pack contents to the equipment worn, for total weight, you get the following examples.

    1. A human with 125 STR has a carrying capacity of 550 for his pack, but only 537 capacity for his STR.

    a. If his worn equipment weighs 77 stone, he can carry up to 465 (460 + the 5 stone safety margin for is total capacity) without being encumbered.
    b. However, he can weigh as much as 627 (the worn equipment + 550, the backpack capacity).

    2. The same character, with only 20 stones worn equipment (mostly clothes, little or no armor), would run out of pack space at 570 stone total weight. That means that they could hold 522 (517 plus the safety margin) stones in their backpack before being overweight, and a normal Strength potion, or a high-skilled mage's Strength or Bless spell, would probably allow them to reach their home or a bank without being encumbered.

    3. Now, take that character from the last two examples, and give them an extra bit of Strength from magic or equipment; for this example, they now have an effective strength of 144.

    a. With that addition, they now have a safety margin of 6, and a total capacity of 604 stone (610 with safety margin).
    b. With the 77 stone suit, they could easily carry 533 stone weight of items, but could still go overweight.
    c. BUT, using the 20 stone suit from example 2., they would actually hit their Backpack's maximum capacity at 570 stone. They will never be overweight, but they won't be able to fully utilize their strength for carrying purposes (unable to use 40 stone weight of personal capacity). However, this give them additional protection from curses like Weaken and Curse, that reduce one's strength, as they are likely to still be unencumbered even after cursing.

    Pet/Pack animal carrying capacity (and the fire beetle's uses for a miner or smith)

    a. Pack Llamas and Pack Horses hold 1600 stone weight. Each takes one control slot.

    b. Giant (Blue) Beetles have the same carrying capacity as the animals above, BUT....
    - Around 500 weight in the beetle, plus additional weight on the rider, a beetle starts having fatigue problems, making it difficult to fully utilize the beetle as both a cargo carrier and as a mount. The beetles (normal and fire) take 3 slots, so only one beetle can be out at a time.

    c. Horde Minion: Though not a normal choice for a pack animal, by any means, some persons use the necromantic familiar as an emergency pack animal, especially if they don't want to tie up a stable slot. They have the weakness of not being able to be bonded (therefore requiring to be gated, or led to their destination on foot). Uses 1 follower slot when summoned. On the upside, if it dies, just summon a new one. They have a capacity of 400 stoneweight.

    d. Fire Beetles: For miners, Fire beetles are like the old BASF commercials. They don't haul your ore - they make hauling it easier. It is a fine combatant (As long as you don't own one of the old bugged ones), it doesn't suffer from the fatigue bug (as it has no cargo capacity), and you can smelt on it in the field. In fact, you can, if you have a anvil that is not near a real forge, even craft and recycle with it substituting for the forge (example, the anvil behind the Britain Blacksmith Guildmasters' south of town, or in the Meer village, where the anvils are too far from the forges to be used). You can even smelt ore on THE GHOST OF A BONDED FIRE BEETLE!
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I've temporarily stickied this ... will incorporate into the new incarnation of NPC

    Thanks, Basara!
  3. eolsunder1

    eolsunder1 Guest

    Trouble is alot of the game is still program coded for characters when the max carry weight was 350ish, so even if you can carry 500 sometimes you run into trouble getting items. "You cannot get that because you cannot carry that".

    They REALLY need to fix the old coding so that buying/getting something from a npc when my weight carry is 400 out of 530 won't give me the message that i cannot carry it, when i certainly can.
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Agreed. I find that happens when I'm turning in BODs a lot. I'm sure there's more, but I can't recall them.
  5. Basara

    Basara UO Forum Moderator
    Moderator Professional Governor Stratics Veteran Wiki Moderator Stratics Legend Campaign Supporter

    Jul 16, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Places where this occurs, that I know for sure...

    BODs: Trying to turn in BODs when the reward can put you over 390.

    Butcher's War Cleaver, Skinning Knife, etc.: leaves cut hides in corpse if the uncut hide weight would have put you over 390.

    There is also some sort of weight issue about combining different sizes of ore on a miner, but not sure if that's directly tied to the old 390 limit.

    Hopefully, some of the new crafter/resource gatherer FAQs that may be coming soon will handle these, but on their specific forums.