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ATTN TB, CoM, SL: Control those towns! Get your horses!

Discussion in 'UO Atlantic' started by Coragin, Dec 30, 2009.

  1. Coragin

    Coragin Guest

    Well I have been utterly disgusted with the one un-named MIN guy that walks through bagballs and everything to re-capture sigils. I racked my brain to figure out a way to gain control of at least one town. Now this HAS been tested on another shard and WILL work. I was gonna keep this to myself, but this is just too good to pass up giving it to you all.

    You want your war horses? You want to control a town? Sick of this jerk cheating his way to get the sigils back? Read on my friend...

    First we all know about the 10 hour timer.

    If you steal a sigil and it gets stolen back you have 15 minutes to re-capture it or the timer resets right? Why not use this to your advantage? The world is HUGE! So many places a thief can hideout for 10 minutes and die. The timer does not stop during this 15 minutes, it will only reset if it goes PAST.

    Not understanding what I am saying yet?

    Well first you will need a thief in the faction you WANT to control the town. Dont matter what faction, just steal as many sigils as you can, place them all. Now the funny part, this can only be done by someone with a second account in a DIFFERENT faction. Bring your second thief in, steal the sigil and stealth and hide somewhere for 10 minutes, then kill yourself. The Sigil will return to your factions base, then just steal it with another mule or the same mule, hide and stealth away and repeat until 10 hours is up.

    The funny part about this is, if they kill your thief mule, the sigil will always return to your base. Always have a thief mule there waiting for it to reappear and re-steal it. As long as your mule thief is not placing a sigil you will ALWAYS have it return to your base. The only way for them to take it back is to know which faction has it and have a thief there ready and waiting to steal it back. But if you got more than one thief mule, well it will be rather hard for this guy to do it. I mean hes not gonna sit there in your base for 10 minutes, alive and well is he? no, kill him lol.

    Better still is if your thief mule is in the SAME faction and they kill you, no stat loss!

    The best way to pull this off is to put sigils at two or more bases doing the same thing at the other bases with your main faction guys. MIN wont know where which sigil is, since the gump dont show you that, it only shows who is controlling the town. So split em up, do it at multiple bases, if the heat gets to be too much at one base, place the sigil at another base. Remember all you need is one sigil to get your war horses and this has to be about the easiest way to do it. You dont need to defend, all you need is to be able to steal and hide. After all if you placed it and then stole it back, even if they kill your thief mule, remember, the sigil will ALWAYS go back to your base.

    Yes I had some people pretty frustrated with me when I did this over the coarse of 10 hours to make sure it worked. But it does, just dont go over the 15 minute time limit of grace period or you have to start all over.

    The best way for this to work is obvious, get TB, CoM and SL all working together, dont kill each other, have the guild leaders all get together, decide who is gonna get what town to get their horses, let your factions know who the thiefs are that are gonna steal the sigils to keep them out of MIN hands, dont kill those thiefs, let them take the sigil cause you know they are just gonna die so it gets put back. And in the same aspect, the other factions dont kill the theif mules from the other faction.

    Remember the goal is simple...

    1. Control at least one town per faction to get your war horses. (From then you got 3 days to fill stables)
    2. DO NOT let a real MIN thief get the sigil.
    3. Keep the sigil OFF the base monolith for as long as possible with your thief mules.
    4. Make sure the sigil is BACK ON the monolith BEFORE 15 minutes is up so the timer dont reset.

    And it is best if you can make MIN thiefs. Then the only way they can kill your thief mule is with reds. Cause if they kill someone in the same faction on a blue, you can give them murder counts. And I know not ALL blues will want to be red and it will happen if they do enough killing over 10 hours of a blue in their faction, they WILL turn red.

    Now, I can always use an extra horse for some of my guys, but know this, I already got 3 horses for my guys, not all of them need them. I posted this up so many dont have to spend millions transfering toons from other servers with stables full of horses. I hope this helps TB, CoM and SL get their horses. And when you can finally get horses, if you have the means to get more than one, I suggest filling your stables to help out others later who might not have one.

    I mainly posted this due to what I read in "Ask the Devs". This has got to be by far the easiest way to get control of a town. And if the other three factions work together for this, they can ALL get a town and their horses.

    I have a thief I would be willing to help with this, just let me know when and where. I got a thief in more than one faction too, so let me know what faction your want me to bring.

    I will NOT just run out to the first yahoo who sends me a pm to do this. This has to have some kind of co-ordinated effort from a few people at least. I am assuming if a guild wants to do this, they will be big enough that I will know who you are. But please, at least plan this if your gonna do it, I dont wanna be wasting my time to help and its not planned out and we wind up failing.

    And let me know in advance what faction you need to help, so if I have to drop faction on one of my accounts to switch I have time to do so. As it sits right now I have TB and another opposing faction. But I am more than willing to help so the shard can get their war horses, as I know how difficult it is here.

    By the way I am un-guilded and would like to stay that way, but will join a guild for the duration of this if it makes things easier.
  2. Alagos Galadrim

    Alagos Galadrim Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    Mar 28, 2007
    Likes Received:
    I agree that Minax needs competition. Factions on Atlantic are very one sided right now. However, in my opinion, what you are proposing isn't really any better than the hacker thief that can walk through bagballs and walls. This is a large reason why factions can't gain any steam. Nobody wants to play by the rules the way it was designed. I'd challenge HEAT (who is a large part of Minax) to step up and publicly discourage this kind of behavior. Maybe others in the faction will take notice and follow their lead.

    If someone could put together a good group though, you could take back the towns from Minax in a fair and honorable way. The cheating won't go away, but it can be overcome without stooping to that level with good solid teamwork. If anyone wants to put together an alliance in TB or COM let me know - I'll jump in and help.
  3. Who cares about sigs?
  4. ReaperNI

    ReaperNI Guest

    My name is Tyr from the Knights of NI on of the larger guilds in Atl and we are TB. I see a few basic flaws in the faction system and such with getting the towns. 1 the same factions should not be able to attack other same faction members. Now i understand that LNR(TB) and TFR(TB) would like to say that they are the best in game but the fact of the matter is that they both still get rolled by heats waves of meat sheilds. But look at from both a game lore perspective and from a personal gain perspective. Take this for instance me and 4 friends worked deceit up to neira pops. LNR scouts us and rolls in killing the 5 of us mainly because we were all running spawning toons. so we leave and i come stealth back only to watch the lnr members get rolled by literaly 30 heat members not exagerating. now what was gained? Well LNR got i think 3600 gold from killing us from insurance money. Then they got rolled lost insurance money they just gained and got stated. now i believe that the champ gives out something like 12 power scrolls. if LNR would have come in teamed up on the champ brought it down then we all would have benefited. IMO TB is the most self destructive faction in game. We have even been attack by tfr while guarding sigils. As for using the different faction theif to get our sigils i do not consider that a hack. i have seen heat completely bag ball off there base (against the rules) 50% of them run hacks . ATM uo allowes them to still have heat hot alliance which they exploite in ever way they can.And last but not least for com or tb to defend sigils not only do they have to kill attackers but then killa wave (or whatever) calls in a unlimited amount of guards at a rate for 40 per shot. So i dont know i have been trying to work out alliances with other tb guilds and such i do know while not undo able opposing faction allies is a pain for feilds and area affects and such. IDK but something will be done and heat will not surive the storm.
  5. Yes that fight we did get beat by HEAT.. I didn't even know you guys had the champ up cuz we really didn't care and a few of us got split up and ran into HEAT and there 30 people.

    But to say HEAT runs everything is completely false. They can't take many spawns. The only thing they can do is there pre planned harrowers with 20 tamers on holding an insta choke with a bunch of dragons.. in the last 2 weeks since I have came back to UO I've watched HOT/HEAT lose constant fights with 3:1 numbers and a bunch of dragons.. they are absolutely terrible in the field and completely rely on insta chokes..

    There are about 6-8 returning LNR who have been working on updating templates/suits then HEAT will really get put back in there place at the bottom of the totem pole when it comes to pvp'ng.

    Also.. why would we just let you do a spawn?? All you Ni did was try and run away lolz
  6. ReaperNI

    ReaperNI Guest

    The Knights just entered factions about 2 3 months ago since they a slim few of us wander into fel we have a few really good pvpers. one you might know is dragkris yes he has toons in the knights. either which way i would say atm our pvpers that solo fight are decent and as a group we dont do well yet having not been at the whole group pvp for only 2 months. i know lnr has been together on and off for a awhile so i think you guys have a lil more experince. but even still i dont like the whole idea of tb on tb fighting and i think it would be mutally benefical if we worked something out.TYR
  7. S.W.A.T

    S.W.A.T Guest

    That's the problem with the faction system for almost everybody, attacking same factioners, thats not the intent, but people are only joining for the better gear, and could care less what the intent of factions really is, almost as dumb as the devs using items to make people join.
  8. Its join LNR or die :(
  9. ReaperNI

    ReaperNI Guest

    How bout no?