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Auction List For Rare Collectors Festival 2008 Atlantic, 3/1/2008

Discussion in 'UO Atlantic' started by Guest, Mar 1, 2008.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hail to all ,
    Here is the auction list for the Rare Collectors Festival , To be held 3/1/2008 at 5pm Est, We have a Wounderful List of Items, Great Games, Lots Of Prizes To be Won. There will be gate from Brit Bank to the Auction House Running Through Out the auction. So we Hope To See You All There

    1. Vet Reward Deeds, Banner , Flaming Head , Stone Ankh. No Min

    2. (4) old deeds ,Large Bed (south) Deed, Dartboard (south) Deed , Water Trough (East) Deed,
    Water Trough (West) Deed. No Min

    3. Happy Halloween Pumpkin, That Says Full. No Min

    4.(10) Donuts, Old Rare Item. 500k Min

    5. (3) Bloodspawn . Old Necro Reg. 2.5Mil Min

    6. (2) Pieces Of Platemail Armor, "Made By ____________[Exceptional]. No Min

    7. Rubble Green Tent Corner - 8Mil Min

    8. (7) First Year Vet Statues, Lizzy, Dragon, Gargoyle, Daemon , Skel, Ettin, Gorilla. No Min

    9. Full Set Of Tokuno Dyes, 50 Uses Each One, 15mil Min

    10. Moveable Ballot Box , 1Mil Min

    11. Rubble Metal Sign Hanger. No Min

    12. Open Book , Facing West to East. 5Mil Min

    13. Full Set Of Old School Potted Plants. No Min

    14. (2) Double Blessed Sandals, Blue , Gray . 800k Min

    15. A Wrist Watch. This is a very old item and will actully tell you in game time. 250k Min

    16. Rubble Pier w/o Rope, 8Mil Min

    17. (4) Green Glass Mugs. No Min

    18. Loosley Scattered Hay, Nice Rare. Reather Hard to get. No Min!

    19. (10) Coal Ingots. 500K Min

    20. 5 Piece Necro Reg Set. 20 Mil Min

    21. Rubble Tent Piece , No Min

    22. Big Forge (Facing South ) Deed, 1Mil Min

    23. "Large Vase " Server Birth Rare Item. 8Mil Min

    24. Titan's Hammer , 5Mil Min

    25. Tree Orny , 2Mil Min

    26. Deed To A Guildstone , Guild Name Guardians Of Freedom [GOF]. 3Mil Min

    27. (6) Soulstone Fragment Tokens. No Min

    28. "The Head Of Lord Havoc Of Knights" This Head Can Be Locked Down. No Min

    29. White Holiday Bell . No Min

    30. Open Booking Going North To South , 5Mil Min

    31.(2) Rubble Middle Archway Piece , 5Mil Min

    32. A Red Champagne Glass. 250k Min

    33. Stove Oven (Facing South) Deed .300k Min

    34. Mongbat Statue , Vet Reward 4th Year, 500k Min

    35. (2) Double Blessed Sandals, 2Mil Min

    36. 2 Bloodspawn, Old Necro Reg, 2Mil Min

    37. " Deed To A Guildstone , Guild Name Workin Skillz [WkZ], 3Mil Min

    38. Harvest Wine , 50k Min

    39. Big Forge (Facing East) Deed, 1Mil Min
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Just wanted to say I had a wonderful time at the auction yesterday, purchased the few items, missed a few. The auction was a great way to end the Rares Festival. I was very impressed with how the auction was run, very well done!

    Well Tiem to catch my bus back to Legends!
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Ack, I forgot all about the auction. Oh well.