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Auction TONIGHT!!!!

Discussion in 'UO Lake Superior' started by Malas Auctions, Apr 11, 2010.

  1. Finally, got threw all the events and bad schedules to have time to do tonights auction!

    At the end of tonights auction we will be auctioning off the house. Sabrina a dear friend to alot has decided to take a break from uo for awhile and donated her house to the auctions. So we will be busy this week moving and setting all up before next weekends auction.

    So as for tonights auction, starts normal time 7pm est. Gates provided threw Luna Bank around 6ish. Hope to see everyone there!!!

    Here is a list of items that have been turned in so far. I will update as items come in..

    1: Hair Restyling Deed
    2. Invisible Items
    3: +25 Stat Scroll
    4: Hat of the Magi
    5: 20 Eval
    6: Rangers cloak of augmentation
    7: 2.3 taming sot's-120 taming-120 vet
    8: oakleaf cloak
    9: 6 120's
    10. 6.7 points wrestling sot's -120 wrestling
    11. 120 peace 120 disco 120 focus
    12. 12.4 points Cart sot's
    13. 20.8 points remove trap sot's
    14. Random peieces of armor sets
    15. Ethy horse
    16. Shroud of the condemned
    17. Hooded robe of umbra-120 fencing
    18. 11.2 points stealing sot's 2.9 lockpicking 10 points snooping
    19. 15 minutes detect hidden alacrity scroll 6.3 points tracking sot's
    20. .6 necromancy, 1 point myst, 3pts swords, .3 spellweaving sot's
    21. ninja imbued jewl set
    22. Royal legs of embers, Rune Beetle Cara, quiver of infinity
    23. 4.6 mace fight-120 macing
    24. Brightsight lense, aegis shield
    25. Silig colored dye tub
    26. Nystuls wizard hat [Replica]
    27. Event ringmail armor
    28. 1k pure white cloth
    29. 20 bolts pure white cloth
    30. 900 enchanted essence, 950 magical residue
    31. Mage wep
    32. Race change tokens 2
    33. Set of virtue armor
    34. 3 random sc shields with hci
    35. Orange aos cloak
    36. 6 orange aos roses
    37. Michief maker
    38. white blessed sandles
    39. fang of ractus
    40. arcane shield
    41. 6 colored levers
    42. 60k arrows
    43. Rubble wall pieces
    44. Gargish statue
    45. Gargish knowledge totem
    46. Gargish Vase
    47. Vambraces of the grizzle
    48. Fake copper ingots
    49. Gargish Luck Totem
    50. 5 5th ann tickets
    51. 3 dying plants
    52. set of 4 nav webs
    53. Gargish protective totem