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August BSR Results, September's Date Announced

Discussion in 'UO Baja' started by ToniFierce, Sep 10, 2010.

  1. ToniFierce

    ToniFierce Adventurer
    Stratics Veteran

    Jan 21, 2009
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    (recorded by a Wandering Reporter, who wishes to remain anonymous)
    On a pleasant August evening 21 Archers showed up to challenge each other for the title of August BSR Champion, an engraved Misfits bow, one million in gold and to join a select few and garner a seat in the Champion of Champions year end shoot-off.

    Toni Fierce, GM of M!S and Master of Ceremonies of the BSR, welcomed everyone and read the rules of the nights contest and wished all gathered the luck they might need this eve, and the contest began. This month not only JohnnyDumass (named for Jean Du Masse, a noted 12th century French bow maker) bows, but Bucko bows were also available for use. Du Masse bows won the last two BSRs but the contestants who needed bows were pretty evenly split.
    Unlike July's BSR this night at least for the first three rounds the Robin Hoods (RH) were falling like gum drops from a candy tree, with no fewer then five the first round with Lil Debi posting a double RH and Cherokee, Lionheart and Chango each showing this could be their night with RHs. Handalf and Avex fell by the wayside and failed to move to round two. It might also be noted that a Green Skree (not a human) was shooting in the contest. (I am sure the next gathering of the Misfits rules committee will discuss this). Two notable visitors, Nicholas the Old and Lady Magdelena visited the nights contest to cheer on the contestants.
    Round two saw the RHs still falling with 6 more shot by Aerowyn, RawheadRex, Ahebban, Felina, Farnin Berkum, and Chango AGAIN! Splitting their arrows. Four archers who anyone of which could win it all fell to bad luck buttes and Llama, Claudia Drusilla ,Farnin Berkum, Jokasta, and Count DeBerg became merely fans for their favorite archer. This seemed to be the trigger for the buttes to tighten up but round three saw Aerowyn and Ahebban both shoot their second RH while Chango posted his third in a row and one more could win the crown. Would it be?

    Round three other then those RH shooters saw seven others fail to move to the fourth round, with notable shooters Lil Debi (twice this year a monthly winner), Lionheart, Farnin, Melusine, Kitty, Chronic, and the Green Skree becoming just BSR watchers.
    No fewer then eight archers lined up for round four where two bulls-eyes and one RH will give you the month’s title. With the way the RHs were falling this could have been the last round, but it wasn’t to be. Chango who split his arrow three rounds in a row failed this time, and these eight archers were in for a fifth round shoot-off.

    Toni Fierce informed the crowd of a five-shot shoot-off with the highest score winning, and the drama continued. Aragon was first and four bulls-eyes and a RH gave him 300 points; matched soon by RawHeadRex. Ahebban apparently had a bent arrow and mistakenly shot our master of ceremonies in the behind but it was only a minor wound and apologized profusely and offered to rub the wound, turned down by Toni Fierce. Felina, the next shooter had three bulls-eyes and a double RH and with 350 points was the new leader with Bucko and Chango still to go. Buckos 300 came up short and Chango, an early favorite, merely shot five bulls-eyes. Felina won Augusts BSR, accepted her engraved bow, one million gold check and the coveted seat in the year’s end Champion of Champions Shoot-off. It should be noted that a BUCKO bow won.

    Notable shooters were Chango with three rounds of RHs, Bucko with 16 bulls-eyes and 1 RH, and RawHeadRex with 15 bulls-eyes and 2 RHs.
    Misfits of Society would like to thank all the participants, and especially Bucko for his generous donation of bows.

    Note that the next BSR will be held on Friday (instead of Saturday), September 24th, 2010 at 8:30 pm pst (10:30 cst, 11:30 est) at the Skara Brae Fairgrounds. We invite all archers of the land to come compete for your chance to win and be included in the Champion of Champions shoot-off, scheduled for the end of 2010. If you don’t have an archer, come root for your favorite one! Until then, bows up!

    Score sheet for the August BSR:

    (Required 70 100 150 200 Shoot-off)

    Aragon 150 110 150 110 300*

    Kitty 70 150 110*

    Chronic Despair 150 110 70*

    Aerowyn Faeryn 110 200 250 70 260*

    Debi 250 150 110*

    Rawhead Rex 150 200 150 150 300*

    Llama 110 70*

    Handalf 60*

    Cherokee 200 150 150 110 170*

    Richard Lionheart 200 150 70*

    Ahebban 110 200 160 70 210*

    Claudia Drusilla 150 70*

    Felina 150 200 150 150 350 (winner)

    Bucko 150 150 150 150 300*

    Farnin Berkum 110 200 70*

    Jokasta 150 70*

    Count DeBerg 150 70*

    Avex 57*

    Melusine 110 110 110*

    Green Skree 70 150 110*

    Chango 160 200 200 110 250*

    * Eliminated