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AV Auction Friday April 4 at 7P Central (List Attached)

Discussion in 'UO Origin' started by Guest, Mar 30, 2008.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    <center> Friday, April 4, 2008
    7P Central
    AV Auction House, Icelyn
    102, 18 North and 9, 21 East Malas </center>

    AV will begin hosting thier first Friday of the month all shard auctions on April 4 at 7P Central! The AV Auction House is in Icelyn located at 102, 18 North and 9, 21 East in Malas, east of Luna.

    Time for spring cleaning! So clean out your homes, castles, keeps and towers and see what you can dust off for sale at the auction. Tiny treasures are hanging around in that Leviathan chest from last year. Auctions are a great way to generate that spare gold for an Orny or just come and have a good time with friends across the shard.

    To submit items, place in a bag with a book. The book needs to list the item and your name with a reserve price (if desired). You can contact the auctioneer at 417-975-446 and AV Auction E-Mail at [email protected] and submissions can be made to the auctioneer or any AV Council Member. AV Council Members are clearly identified by thier guild tags. Submissions will be accepted up to two hours before the auction and a final list published on Stratics. A five percent commission will be charged on all sales and you will receive your checks following the auction.

    Auction Rules:
    No Magic
    If you buy item not intended for you, you will be banned from the auction.
    If your behavior is deemed disruptive you will be banned from the auction.
  2. jhawkbear

    jhawkbear Guest

    We have had overwhelming support for the AV Auctions. Here is a list of what will be auctioned at on April 4th.
    Please note that we may not have time for all items in this list, but we will get through as much as we can!

    110 Eval/110 Med Scolls – <font color="red">NR</font>
    115 Eval Scroll – <font color="red">NR</font>
    120 Focus Scroll – <font color="red">NR</font>
    110 Taming/110 Lore/110 Vet Scrolls – <font color="red">NR</font>
    100 Spider Silk Cloth – <font color="red">NR</font>
    100 Spider Silk Cloth – <font color="red">NR</font>
    Brightsight Lenses – <font color="red">50k</font>
    Quiver of Infinity – <font color="red">100k</font>
    Set 14 Tram/Fel Moonstones – <font color="red">75k</font>
    300th Anniversary Set – <font color="red">100k</font>
    Birds of Britannia Library Talisman – <font color="red">1.25mil</font>
    Ethy Ridgeback – <font color="red">800k</font>
    Set Old Green Bone Armor – <font color="red">50k</font>
    Set 6 Easter Eggs from 1999 – <font color="red">300k</font>
    Heritage Token – <font color="red">150k</font>
    Ancient Samurai Do – <font color="red">250k</font>
    Dragon &amp; Daemon Statue – 1st year vet reward – <font color="red">200k</font>
    Ophidian Slayer Juka Bow – <font color="red">500k</font>
    Set 4 Origami – <font color="red">50k</font>
    2 Heritage Tokens – <font color="red">100k</font>
    Bone Container – <font color="red">25k</font>
    2 Soulstone Fragment Tokens – <font color="red">250k</font>
    Polar Bear Trophy Deed – <font color="red">25k</font>
    Mini Contest-Winning House Deed – <font color="red">100k</font>
    2 Soulstone Fragment Tokens – <font color="red">250k</font>
    Hearth of the Home Fire Deed – <font color="red">50k</font>
    10 Silver Coins – <font color="red">NR</font>
    Recipes – Song Woven Mantle/Pendant of the Magi/Spell Woven Britches – <font color="red">1mil</font>
    14 Pieces of Misc. Set Armor – <font color="red">1.5mil</font>
    Lard of Paroxysmus – <font color="red">200k</font>
    Ancient Hammer +60 w/ misc. bonus items – <font color="red">2mil</font>
    Polar Bear Mask – <font color="red">25k</font>
    Heritage Token – <font color="red">NR</font>
    Scrappers – Water Elemental Slayer – <font color="red">100k</font>
    120 Anatomy Scroll – <font color="red">1mil</font>
    120 Chivalry – <font color="red">NR</font>
    Ornate Crown of the Harrower – <font color="red">100k</font>
    Museum of Vesper Order Shield – <font color="red">1mil</font>
    Deed for a Hanging Skeleton – 4th Year Vet Reward – <font color="red">1mil</font>
    120 Archery Scroll – <font color="red">5.25mil</font>
    Agapite Shield – DCI 9, RPD 9, HCI 11 – <font color="red">2mil</font>
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Baring any unforseen events the Auction is tonight at 7P Central. Please see the list in the post above, In addition there will be prizes awarded.
  4. wanderer1origin

    wanderer1origin Lore Master
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    May 26, 2005
    Likes Received:
    was a fun night will look forward for next!!!!!!