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AV Auction - Friday June 6 7P Central

Discussion in 'UO Origin' started by Daine, Jun 1, 2008.

  1. Daine

    Daine Guest

    AV Auction

    Friday, June 6
    7P Central
    108' 22" N and 15' 32" East Icelyn. Malas

    It is the first Friday of the month and time for the AV Auction. Come for fun, prizes and bidding on a variety of great items. As always, whispering Rose Radio will also be there offering thier wonderful commentary and music. There will be prizes through out the event as well so come prepared to play as well as bid.

    To submit an item for the auction, please put the item in a bag with a book which has your name on it and the reserve you wish, if there is a reserve. You can give the items to the auctioneer, Crystal Canyon of CCC, ICQ 385-115-498 or to any AV Council Member clearly designated by thier Council Guild Tag.

    Hope to see your there for a great auction and a great time!
  2. Daine

    Daine Guest

    The AV Auction is tonight with Whispering Rose Radio broadcasting live from the event. And as always, in addition to the auction there will be games and prizes throughout.

    Gates will be provided from Luna and there will be runes dropped today so be sure and pick one up.

    Items available for bid are listed below but not necessarily in the order they will be offered up for auction and does not include any last minute submissions.

    120 Chivalry
    Polar Bear Trophy Deed
    Hearth of the Home Fire
    Bones (container)
    Old Ophidan Slayer Bow
    Resilient Bracer
    Recipes 1 Million: Night Reaper, Blight Grip Longbow; Sylvanis Feywood Bow
    Vorpal Blade/Fencing Repond Slayer: Dex 5, HCI 15; DI 40
    Vairous Special Armor Pieces:
    • Deaths Essence Tunic
    • Elven Leafware Leggings
    • Assassin Armor Sleeves
    • Hunters Garb Leggings
    • Assassin Armor Tunic
    • Myrmidon Armor Gorget
    • Hunters Garb Gloves
    • Plate of Honor Sleeves
    • Elven Leafware Leggings
    Pads of the Cu Sidhe
    Talisman of the Fey (Reptalon)
    Wildfire Bow
    Heritage Token and Fireworks Wand
    Tokuno Dye Dryad Green 36 Charges
    Tokuno Dye Beserker Red 29 Charges
    Tokuno Dye Rum Red 45 Charges
    Poison Scroll of Alarcity
    Tapestry of Sosaria
    Sash – Member of the Royal Britannia Guard
    3 Rare Colored Runebooks
    1 Crystal Token
    Set of Fellucca Moonstones
    Table with Blue Tablecloth
    50 SOS Scrolls
    Misc. Virtue Armor Pieces
    Grizzled Mare
    Heartwood Fletcher Tool
    Scrapper Recipe
    Rubble Piece
    Heritage Token
    Old Practice Bow
    Gloves of Pugilist
    Heritage Token 150K
    Anceint Samurai Helm 150K
    5 Powder of Fortifying 100K
    1 Large Rubble Piece 150K
    Soulstone Fragment 150K
    Blessed Cloak 90 Charges
    Boomstick 250K
    Alchemist Bauble 350K
    Lost Tome of Knowledge 2.75 Mil
    Pixie Stick 200K
    Bronze Cloak 300K
    Heart of the Lion 500K
    Pre Patch Wild Fire Bow
    Talisman of the Fey Reptalon and Cu Sidhe
    Undead Slayer Spellbook
    Repond Slayer Spellbook
    Set of Seven Hair Dyes
    Tinkering Package. Tallisman and recipes and reagents to make all recipes
    Dread Warhorse
    Dread Warhorse
    Dread Warhorse