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(RP) Avast Ye Scurvy Dogs! I be needin a crew!

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by Walker D. Plank, Sep 12, 2010.

  1. Ahoy, I be ye Cap’n and ye be me future hearties. A gentleman o' fortune I be. This land be filled with marry makin and alliances. Alliances fer what I be askin ye? There be no threat fer such pacts to be formed. No threat until me Dragon's Gale be headin to ye ports.

    Have ye grown tired of this extended peace? Do ye wish to pillage and plunder on ye own accord and answer ye to no one other then ye good old Cap’n? If ye be tired of the neutral types, then ye be reading the right message.

    I be Walker D. Plank. Cap’n of The Dragon’s Gale. I be sailin the seas of chessy fer many seasons. I be watchin an waitin fer me moment to put fear back in these landlubbers. Queen Dawn dare not stand in me path to riches.

    I be lookin fer Buccaneer an Wenches to serve as me crew. I be needin a Quartermaster, First Mate, Sailin Master, Boat Swain, Cutthroats, Gunners, Boatswains, Surgeons, Pirates, Deck Crew, Powder Monkeys, an cabin boys. Ye Quartermaster, First Mate, Salin Master, Boat Swain be just a few at the top of me ranks.

    Me Quartermaster be held fer the player combatin type. Ye be leadin me men and women into battle, while me Salin Master be in charge of me champ spawn crew. Then me Boat Swain be in charge of me craftin crew. This be just a sample of me rankin system. I not be given the Queen's Armada to much information mind ye.

    Pillage and plunder an ye be earnin rank.

    I be in need of all walks to combat these scallywags of the queen.

    Be ye a crafter, mystic, animal herder to anything in between I be needin ya.

    If ye be applin fer a top rank ye best be provin yer seasons fer sure. One top spot be held fer a wench to keep me blood thirsty crew in check an I be encouragin wenches to apply. A boat full of mates be no fun at all if ye catch me drift Har har har.

    We be clearin champ spawns, searchin fer treasure, adventurin in the depths of the unknown searchin fer booty. We be raisin the jolly roger in sight of the queens ships. Outnumbered we be but not out gunned I tell ye. When it comes to sailin no man be beatin yer cap’n an me cannons be the finest in the land. We not be in the market of griefin the community we be in it fer wealth an power. Things ye queen want ye not to be havin.

    If ye be ready fer a change then ye be needin to make contact with ye cap’n. Ye cap’n be out at sea waitin fer ye. I be sendin my ambassador to talk with ye for the time bein until I trust ye enough to accept ye as a mate.

    I be acceptin ye messages at ICQ 603054416

    I be known ye all but ye never be known me.

  2. I do not know you at all, but I freakin' :heart: this post. The battles that used to be had with the various pirate guilds was absolutely some of the most fun times I've ever had in UO.
  3. Aye, I be apart of ye epic battles. Ye not know me cause I be not wantin ye to if ye catch me drift.

    I be ye cap'n an I be needin a crew. I be sendin one of me mates to shore to recruit ye landlubbers.

    If ye be the salty type, ye be wastin yer time standin around on shore I tell ye! There be treasure to be had.

    I be seein ye soon. That be fer sure.

  4. Ye Cap'n be getin a wee bit bored waitin fer ye. I be hopin yer Queen not be standin in ye way. Me salty type be a lively part of ye land years ago. I be lookin to bring ye good o times back.

    Me kind be fadein away I tell ye!

  5. Ye Cap'n still be waitin on ye landlubbers to be findin yer sea legs. I be havin ye Queens Navy on me track fer years now. All me maties be gone. Ye Port Baldmore be in ruins save ye Baldmore Inn.... Ye Inn be withstandin de ages I be tellin ye! She never be fallin!

    Ye port of old be gone. History be History I be sayin. I be talkin to me bucko Tenchu and he be sayin de same thing. ye Red Daggers be gone. None be loggin in fer years now.

    That bein said, we be havin a mighty borin time in de up comin months with ye Navy and twenty other guilds only after ye good ol Cap'n. Ye be havin no problems findin ye landlubbers to join yer Navy... but when ye be offern Riches and Fame.... well none be havin dat.

    This be yer last chance. If ye be a pirate on de side. (Pirate Alt) or if ye be de salty type in hidin because ye be fearin de navy. Or ye maybe a landlubber lookin to earn ye sea legs. Then ye needin to be contactin ye Cap'n on ICQ.

    Ye Cap'n be setin sail soon never to be seen again if ye world turly be done with pirates.

    Ye be callin yer Skeleton Key Shippin Crew Pirates. Well I be laughin if ye be callin um that. I be in ye town and ye be housin de Navy!! I be seenin House owners and they be killin me crew under ye Navy Flag many years ago. Shame on ye fer tryin to trick me brethren!!

    I be promisin ye three things.

    One: ye be diein a lot.

    Two: ye be diein some more.

    Three: ye name be remembered.

    Four: Ye be bring life back into ye server's story.

    Five: Ye be rich cause ye Cap'n not be good at countin.

    ye be contactin me soon......

  6. Lord Gareth

    Lord Gareth UO Content Editor | UO Chesapeake & Rares News
    Stratics Veteran Wiki Moderator Alumni

    Dec 17, 2006
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    Love it, love it