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Avertising your items...

Discussion in 'SWG General Discussion' started by Outcasted, Jul 3, 2008.

  1. Outcasted

    Outcasted Guest

    Hey guys, quick question on how to sell your stuff without opening a shop. I figured out what spamming was just recently, and thats what I was doing to sell my stuff. I didn't know, so I knocked it off, of course. So, can you give me some advise on how to sell? I just want to sell a few items, and not open up a business. Thanks.

    PS: These are tradable Quest Rewards from the Kashyyyk missions. Just a few guns that a commando can't use.
  2. ADulo

    ADulo Guest

    You have a couple options...
    1) Put the items up on the bazaar, but those prices are capped at 20k, which may not be enough for what you want
    2) Post the items on your Server Trade Forum, just follow the general format of the other entries

    Either way it may or may not take awhile for you to move your items, Best of luck!
  3. Outcasted

    Outcasted Guest

    Ok, thanks man.