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[Selling] Awesome Acct For Pvmers And Pvpers!!

Discussion in 'UO Trader's Hall' started by Sgt.Slaughter, Oct 22, 2008.

  1. Ive posted this account once before, i didnt get any repsonses the way i wanted so i changed ALOT of stuff, now theres actual built characters


    Few Things about account
    Upgraded to ML
    6th Character Slot

    Character One - Parry Winters
    120.0 Animal Taming
    120.0 Musicianship
    120.0 Peace Making
    116.6 Discord
    110.0 Magery

    Character Two - I.Pwny-
    114.7 Magery
    113.8 Eval
    100.8 Spirit Speak
    100.0 Focus
    100.0 Meditation
    100.0 Necromancy
    I Plan On Adding Resist To This Guy, he will come with a staff of magi.

    Character Three - Evil Lord Hades (this guys red with over 100 long term counts)
    No skills currently on this guy, but scrolled out to
    120 swords
    120 bushido
    120 parry
    120 ninja
    120 taming
    Swords, Bushido, Parry, Ninja Are all on soul stone fragments so you can make this guy into what ever you would like, im thinking about Doing A stealther.

    Character Four - Archers.Are.Gimp
    Hes currently being trained, but i plan on having him done by tomorrow (10/23)
    102.7 Bushido (scrolled to 115)
    91.3 Archery (scrolled to 115)
    82.2 Anatomy
    76.2 Tactics
    80 Chivalry
    80 Meditation

    Other Skills On Account On Soul Stone Fragments

    106.4 Animal Lore
    101 stealth
    100 hiding
    98 carpentry
    94 Tinkering

    As for items im looking for... GOLD GOLD AND GOLD, Nice Balanced Bows, all with 40 swing 40 di balanced and other mods... I need Heavy Xbow, Comp Bow, And Xbow, Other items- Insane Dexxer Brace - HCI/DCI/DI/Energy Resist
    Gloves With - 0/23/0/4/14 Stam8 Mr2

    Any Of these items will go twards Trades for the account

    Account Goes Inactive Saturday 10/25/08

    Asking Price 100m Or Best Offer

    ICQ me 235 502 567
  2. bump account is based on greatlakes!!!