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B equipment for kamael soul breaker and for TH

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jeromek, Sep 10, 2008.

  1. jeromek

    jeromek Guest

    Hello all,

    I am hesitating in choosing the b armor set for these two toons SB and TH

    Some people say Doom light is the best, the top for TH, some other people says BW light is the must for dagger ... :coco:

    Same for Kamael, i thought for kamael soulbreaker, bw is good for using skills but i don't know if it's the best choice for this so i ask the advice to you all

    i thank you ina dvance for replies ^^
  2. Dave Lister

    Dave Lister Guest

    For the TH personally I would take Doom Light over BW Light, castingspeed bonus on the BW Light is kinda useless for a TH, Doom Light also has MP Regen (even if just +2.5%) and +3 DEX (but -1 STR and -2 CON).
    On the Soulbreaker it kinda depends on your playstyle I guess, if you like to nuke and debuff and so a lot I'd take the BW Light over Doom Light (also what i'm using myself on my 52 Soulbreaker), don't really know how a Doom Light would work (slowly making a Doom Light set for my TH that's currently level 51 but soon 52, might test it on the Soulbreaker too just to see difference).
    I don't play those two chars much right now though, so don't know when I'd be able to test the difference.
  3. Jhaelle

    Jhaelle Guest

    As far as playstyle goes, yes, it depends mostly on how actively you use your skills on the Soul Breaker. I have a set of BW Light that I share between my Arbalester (where I use skills as much as I have MP, especially traps) and my Silver Ranger (where every single bit of MP regen helps, and I can live without the extra damage). That's the cheap way of going about it, but I agree that you'd be better off with the Doom for your Plainswalker; adding to your crit rate will dramatically increase your damage output on a class that seems (to me at least) to eat shots like candy.
  4. Dave Lister

    Dave Lister Guest

    He was talking about TH though, not Plainswalker ^^
    But still daggerclass has not much use of castspeed, only daggerclass I can think of that would have any benefit at all from the BW Light is the Abyss Walker with it's Hex, Power Break, Drain Health and Freezing Strike. Other than that, I'd say Doom Light all the way on a dagger in b grade (or maybe a +6 Plated Leather Set).