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Back after 2 years...

Discussion in 'UO Tamer' started by Detharleon, Feb 15, 2008.

  1. Detharleon

    Detharleon Guest

    Well coming back after almost 2 years of being away, I find my guild is gone, my houses are gone but damn if I dont have a stable full of pets still (albeit a slimmer bank account than I remember*g*)

    I was going to ask all kinds of stupid questions but then I remembered the search feature, so I guess I'll just say:
    'wow, alot has changed (as noted by all of my corpses I left behind trying to kill things with my nightmare that I thought were easy)'
    'good to be back'

    --Detharleon, formerly of Atlantic and the Lost Order of Akalabeth
  2. welcome back.

    it takes a while to re-learn how to play, but you'll get there.
  3. Detharleon

    Detharleon Guest

    Roughest part seems to be that collection of runebooks are down right hazardous now. I had one labeled 'collector of souls' that I remember vaguely as being to a 'safe' spot that I hunted from before. I pop into a room full with 20 kinds of hell that I really didnt remember and there goes my ww to play... hard first night back...