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Back.. After 7 or more years!!

Discussion in 'UO Fishing and Treasure Hunting' started by wazmeister123, Apr 6, 2009.

  1. Not played Uo for years!
    I've since tried every MMO under the sun and nothing comes close to UO!
    Most new MMO's are just... dire... but thats another subject

    Back in UO I just resubbed my account.. I'm worried all my chars will be gone!

    Last i remeber I had a GM fisherman doing SOS's and raising pick lock.

    Seems alot of things have changed, reading posts here half of the treasure hunters don't even have fishing skill!
    My question is.
    A)What skills should I be raising for ym fisherman/sos catcher

    B)What main changes to tresure are there, i presume better and diffrent items now????

    C)What main changes are done to actual fishing and the skill and what is useful to sell etc etc

    Any advice be brillaint!

  2. Basara

    Basara UO Forum Moderator
    Moderator Professional Governor Stratics Veteran Wiki Moderator Stratics Legend Campaign Supporter

    Jul 16, 2003
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    A) Besides fishing, you'll want a way to kill something REALLY big, and its friends (see B & C). Item Identification is currently a dead skill (though it will be a support skill for the Imbueing skill being added for Stygian Abyss), so won't be needed on a fisher. A mage tamer (possibly with music and one or two bard skills) is a good choice for the Ancient SOS' net toss spawn - having firends are even better.

    B) There are now 3 levels of normal SOS, and the Ancient SOS. When you open a Message in a Bottle, there is a 4% chance that it will be one of the white ASOS. It has a white chest when fished up (4000 gold, loot comparable to a level 4 or 5 treasure map), and a white net. Fishing up the chest is the easy and safe part.

    The white net is similar to the green and colored nets, but brings up a Leviathan (White Kraken on Steroids) and at least a half-dozen OTHER creatures of the types nets normally bring up. As a result, there is a good chance you will die very quickly from the spawn in you aren't prepared (and sometimes when you ARE prepared). Suggest you NEVER throw a white net from a boat - use them only at Buc's den docks (where you can run as a ghost to the healer); the hard part is finding the sweet spots off the end of the dock that are still considered deep water for the toss.

    When the Leviathan dies, everyone with looting rights get a chance at a minor artifact drop (you'll want to see the sections of Stratics and other pages discussing minor artifacts, as they came in about 5 years ago). If the person that tossed the net is a Grandmaster Fisher, they get a second check for an artifact drop if they don't get one from the looting rights drop. Two of the minor artifacts that only come from the Leviathan are the Seahorse statue and Ghost Ship Anchor, and those will sell for 5-20 million gold on most shards (much of the variability being from the different seahorse colors, and the fact that the Anchor seems to be one of the rarest drops in the game).

    C) The ropes from the Kraken & Leviathan now have a crafting use (making and making the recharging element for a limited-use hitching post that functions as an in-house stable).

    The Horned leather off sea serpents is still a valuable commodity, and while scale armor currently sucks, the Animal Trainer collection taker in the Britain Library community collection takes the scales at 20 points per (think of it as a modern version of Clean Up Britannia, but with stricter donation guidelines by craft). The fisher collection taker also takes fish and raw fish steaks, but takes forever to accumulate points. Note, though, that if you cut up a stack of fish, you get double the amount of fish steaks that number of fish normally would give cut up one at a time, minus 1 fish worth of steaks, so cutting up 80 fish 1 at a time would give 320 steaks, cutting a stack of 80 would give (320*2)-4=636 steaks (80 points one at a time, versus 159 points from the stack of the same number of fish).

    A new crafting ingredient, white pearls, can also be fished up, and are reasonably valuable (20-50k each, depending on shard)

    Treasure isn't much changed (other than using the AoS property system), but SOS tend to give better loot than T-Map chests in my experience (items with good combinations of high-value properties, I find more often in the normal (level 1-3) SOS, than in the same number of level 6 maps (another new addition, that have 1 minor artifact in each chest).

    There's also an aquarium system you really don't have to be a fisher to do, using nets purchasable from NPCs, that give some interesting deco, rare fish and the like, but are a bit of a bother to maintain.

    There are new woods and runic tools for carpentry, so there are now magical fishing poles created using them that can have skill bonuses, spell channeling (the ability to hold while casting), etc.

    The list of what skill you have to be for each item is elsewhere in the forum, and I've been Grandmaster so long I can't remember the specifics.

    Oh, and since they removed the anti-macro system, 8x8 skill training no longer works, but the caps on stat gains per day is gone, and many skills are easier to gain now, than before.
  3. Krazanth

    Krazanth Guest

    Very thorough response Basara, think that about covered it all.
  4. Barry Gibb

    Barry Gibb Of Saintly Patience
    Stratics Veteran

    May 24, 2008
    Likes Received:
    You will want to be able to kill the serpents from your boat, preferrably with a ranged attack. Those buggers like to start swimming away from the boat when they get low on health. It is your choice to use magery or archery. My fisherman uses magery and can slay a deep sea serpent (tougher than a sea serpent, but not too much) with ease. The serpents are vulnerable to "snake slayer" and "reptile slayer" weapons and spellbooks. It would be wise to carry a "water elemental slayer" with you so you can pop them off with out worry (they will just become a nuisance). The Kraken and Leviatahn are not vulnerable to any slayer type. They have a ranged attack that does cold damage (looks like a blue fireball), it's strength is based off the monster's current health (like dragon breath). It will be deadly when they are at full health.

    Put together a suit of armor that focuses on fire, cold, and energy resist. These are the resists of the spells you will get hit by when boating around. Just don't stand next to the edge of the boat and you will not have to worry about getting physically hit by the monsters.

    An elf has a higher chance at getting white pearls, according to the description of elf versus human.

    Beware of Dolphins!!! They will swim into your boat and stop you. It is their sole purpose in the game. They take pleasure in your misery.

    Stayin Alive,