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Back for bard, only a few months.

Discussion in 'UO Bard' started by Tulianya, Jan 27, 2008.

  1. Tulianya

    Tulianya Guest

    Hello all barding posters/readers,

    I just reactivated UO from quite a long break and am working on a bard. My first thought was to play a bushido tank... eh, wasn't really my style it seemed. Second thought, bard. Now this is something that I love the thought of, but am not sure how it will turn out in game. I am currently working on all four of the barding skills while also raising magery. I have no set plan in stone, but with only a few months to play(Going to Warhammer Online when it releases) I don't have a very long time to make a serviceable character.

    What would be the recommended skills worth accomplishing? Taming of course would probably be the most powerful, yet also take the most time so I pretty much am forced to throw that one out without a thought. Provocation and Discordance will be a must have for whatever I end up doing and will probably be the most time consuming, but beyond that I am just not sure what to work on to help fights. I have a RL friend that is also playing it for the duration and I need to be able to group up or solo when necessary. I have read the boards and all and everyone has their own opinions, but for my specific case, what should be my goal?

    Please and thanks for the responses and I will be more than happy to answer some follow up questions.

  2. 5% Luck

    5% Luck Guest

    Well if your going to be a Non tamer provoking discorder my best advice is finish off the template as a mage. Its versitile and gives you a few options that other paths will not. invisibility for one. Then there the other option of a warrior. This may take up a few too many skill points for healing weapons tacitcs and antomy then add in chivalry and your over cap where magery will do the damage and heal you all in 3 skills. As a mage bard you still will have 100 (give or take) points left. I chose resist spells but the other option to go would be spell weaving. SW has some great advantages. word of death is a magor one. But these are all personal choices and would advise loggin in to Test center to "feel" it out.
    Acutaly I am switching to SW from resist now that i think about it LOL thx!
  3. Tulianya

    Tulianya Guest

    Ha, glad I could help. SW requires that you be an elf though, right? Currently I think I only have access to humans unless the only way to switch is through some quest I heard about, I can only create humans. I have been debating keeping peacemaking or dropping it, and for my role, I think I should probably keep all the bardic skills going and just have as much magery/meditation/evaluating intelligence that I can fit in the mean time. Finally got my 5 circle and higher spells, so just a matter of time on magery.