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Back in the saddle again.

Discussion in 'UO Players Corner' started by GeneralDalz, Jul 5, 2008.

  1. GeneralDalz

    GeneralDalz Guest

    So It's been a few years, not much has changed, I'm still fat, I still have 2 dogs who bite me and I still love UO!

    So what would everyone recommend for someone getting back into the game?

    I don't know many people so I will be soloing mostly at first, I like melee over casting.

    And most of all, I love exploring dungeons!
  2. Nenime

    Nenime Guest

    Welcome back, General *salutes*

    Good to have you aboard again.
    If you got any gear left in your bankbox then jump in and Off you go! I suggest you try out the classic Anti-Virtue Dungeons. First, you know your way around. Second, you know what creatures will sent you to dust. And thrirdly, while you readjust yourself you can collect some nice new artifacts which can be donated to a new public collection called Spring Cleaning.

    Dismissed! *salutes* ;)
  3. GeneralDalz

    GeneralDalz Guest

    Well, I will be checking if I have anything, but I'm pretty sure everything is dead and gone once my house clasped.

    I'm looking to start fresh, and looking for good skills/classes.

    I remember paladin being able to solo almost anything? Is this still the case? or is the solo class still a mage?
  4. Nenime

    Nenime Guest

    With good equipment and some experience you can solo pretty much anything - no matter what profession/template. Ok, there are some new Biggies out there which you better... ah, you will see for yourself. :)
    Important is that you feel comfortable with your class. If you liked playing a paladin before, you will have no problems with him now. Dexxer, archer, mage, tamer, bard... all have been adjusted (nerfed/buffed) over time.
    If you start completely from zippo, the New Player Quests in New Haven (new starting area) will be perfect to get back into the game.

    *edit* uhm.. no, wait. I remember... when the paladin was introduced, he was probably the best melee damager. Nowadays I would say Bushido is definively something you should check out. Using two-handed weapons, though.

    so, for a start you could use:

    100 sword
    100 bushido
    100 parry
    100 tactics
    100 anatomy
    80 healing
    80 chivalry
    rest focus

    As soon as you can get some mana-reg. weapon/armor, you can drop focus (or anatomy, or even healing) and use the points for something else (resist or something - depends on what you wanna hunt)

    *edit no.2* You may browse a little through the "sampire"-thread. Could be useful... (Sampire = Samurai (GM bushido) using a special necromancer feature (vampire AKA vampiric embrace). Silly word, I know)
  5. GeneralDalz

    GeneralDalz Guest

    I was going to try an ABC archer, any positive word on them?
  6. GeneralDalz

    GeneralDalz Guest

    I should say, I want to solo balrons, drain the blood elementals and slash down the lich's of sosoria!

    Now to learn what to do it with, that's the rub!

    Still ABC Archer or what you suggested sounds good.
  7. Anvilinous

    Anvilinous Guest

    hello general, what shard are you playing on?

    i can solo balrons and most any other creature using the above mentioned "sampire" template, the life leech you can get from it is amazingly helpful

    as for the abc archer, id say its a great choice, i miss my archer, may just soulstone him back together soon enough, but with one, there wont be much you cant handle, assuming you can keep moving and not get hit too often : )

    welcome back General
  8. GeneralDalz

    GeneralDalz Guest

    I have no gear, so I can go on any shard I want to be on!

    I'm looking to join a guild to explore and battle along side!

    Is there a cookie cutter ABC archer build?
  9. Solikos

    Solikos Guest

    Welcome back... I've recently come back and have similar goals. I prefer solo work, and highly prefer a trusty weapon over any spell book.

    My main character is an ABC archer... Here is the template that he uses, which works very well for what I do:

    120 Archery
    115 Tactics
    120 Bushido
    100 Healing
    100 Anatomy
    100 Spell Resist
    65 Chivalry
    720 Total

    120 Archery: Obviously for chance to hit and damage.

    100-120 Tactics: Extra damage.

    120 Bushido: Perfection (damage), Evasion (resist), Lightening Strike (chance to hit).

    100 Healing: Straight forward... Since you will not gain anything from Bushido stances, you will rely almost entirely on bandaids to keep your hide running.

    100 Anatomy: Needed for healing and gives a lesser damage bonus.

    100-120 Spell Resist: Good for resisting paralyze (highly recommended as an archer), poisons and debuffs. If you are going PvP take it to 120.

    65 Chivalry: All you need to cast the most necessary Chivalry spells with high or 100% success. Your way to get around and deal much more damage, especially in PvM. Cure and heals can come in handy, but your bandages will handle most of that.

    This template is very mana intensive, you will want to dig up some high + Mana and Mana Regen items and especially a high mana leech bow to keep your mana pool up. If you feel the need, change Spell Resist for Meditation... It allows you to continue dishing extra damage, and may be worth changing out. Poison and Paralyze will be quite a bit more annoying, though. Keep in mind Meditation will require a medable suit (leather or lighter, not studded), but that is fairly irrelevant these days, since leather armor can easily have better protective stats than plate armor (sadly enough). If you plan on going PvP at all, Spell Resist will serve you better. Even for PvM, many people recommend taking Spell Resistance.

    More information here:

    I play on Atlantic, it's apparently the largest (most populated) shard at the moment. There seem to be quite a few active guilds if that's what you want. Lots of people willing to help new players or return players. New Haven bank is usually littered with some basic equipment to help you get back on your feet as well.

    If you need help in game feel free to send me a PM/ICQ, but keep in mind I'm fairly new myself.

    Happy hunting!

    ~ Solikos