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Back On The Horse Again....

Discussion in 'UO Lake Superior' started by Reinzeld, Sep 7, 2015.

  1. Reinzeld

    Reinzeld Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Aug 11, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Hello all, I am going to make another comeback attempt into the game. I have been possibly the ideal UO player over the last 5+ years, I pay my monthly fee and never log in. I have made several attempts to come back, but each time I grow frustrated and quit.
    I have an old account, with some semi-developed characters--my skills are upper level (plenty above gm, but not a lot over 110), but I don't have much gold to throw around and my equipment is where I typically am deficient.
    I have tried on two or three occasions to come back with the mindset of a new player, and start playing the game again from scratch. My reasoning is to gain the perspective of a brand new person coming into the game, and see how accessible the game is for a real newbie with no established friends to lean on. My conclusion is that you have to be insane to start this game on your own and make any real strides--the gap between new player and advanced (where most of the action occurs, of course) is insurmountable on your own.
    So, I am going to try beseeching the players on the only shard I have ever really played. Tell me how a returning player, with an outdated account (skill- and playstyle-wise) and no stockpile of gold is supposed to get back into the game. I am not trying to squeeze my way into a bunch of freebies or handouts, but I want to know how others think a player such as me should work his own way back into the game.
    At my disposal, I have an average sampire (pretty good skills, I have several of the suggested artis, but it not the crafted pieces needed to round out the suit), a crafter (120 tailor, ~115 smith, gm mining, almost 90 lumberjacking, and decent tinkering and carpentry), a pedestrian tamer (I think around 85 taming), and my "mage"--115 magery and eval, gm inscription, but I also dump gm fishing on him. The tamer and fisherman both have 100 lmc suits, but both have crap resists. My other characters are basically skill holders--imbuing, an extremely unfinished t-hunter, poisoning, etc. Which character should I focus on, and how should I move forward?
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  2. Kannibus

    Kannibus Visitor

    Sep 9, 2015
    Likes Received:
    I know what you mean. This game does not cater to the new player. As much stuff there is for the new player to do like quests and all that, the economy keeps any new player from having a chance.. unless they buy gold etc.

    I can help you out here and there if you need still. Yell out for Kannibus when your on next. Im on during the day pretty often.
  3. Eon Blue Apocalypse

    Eon Blue Apocalypse Adventurer

    Jun 20, 2015
    Likes Received:
    I came back to the game with hardly anything and I'm loving it. My suggestion is go farm imbuing ingredients for the mods you are wanting and get an imbuer to make you a decent suit (Make sure to powder of fort before!) After that I would attend some of the public player run hunts thrown and announced here. I would especially attempt to attend EM events. When I first came back I did one event...I got a Jaded Clock which I ended up selling to someone for 800mil on atlantic and two of the mob bosses had slithers and high end artifacts on them. Events are very good money makers (thrown by the em's). Also farming with your tamer with luck could be good profit. Some of the new dungeon armor is sick and if you get the right piece you could sell it for a substantial amount of gold.

    There is a lot of new things that have come out which could either seem overwhelming or if you're like me....you love having the options of doing anything.

    If you need any help I can help with imbuing, suits or anything else for free with my Legendary Imbuer or if you buy kits I can reforge armor for you. I might even have some of the imbuing ingredients and have tons of relic fragments. I only have time to play in the evenings on weekdays but am always willing to help. I'm about to start an ICQ account since I've had no luck at obtaining my old one. If you see a player with the guild tag [Lore] or [Magi] that's me and I'm the only person in both guilds.

    Also there are two rune libraries on this shard you can take advantage of that have ruins to the new expansion stuff. The longest standing one on this shard is the Library of Exploration right outside the town of cove and then the one I'm coming out with (have the books just setting them up etc) which is right at the west bridge in Umbra. I would also check out the recent publishes/changes that have come out.

    Either way you just have to have fun no matter what you have in the game. I love starting a new character and building him up from scratch.
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