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Back !!!

Discussion in 'UO Lake Superior' started by Brelyn, Aug 18, 2009.

  1. Brelyn

    Brelyn Guest

    Ok so i've been gone for...err....a long time....years lets just say....

    I DL'ed the newest game client (SA) and dropped into my favorite shard ... characters still there with the exception of my house is now occupied by someone else ;)

    Well i was totally surprised when i started to recall around to different towns and hot spots i still had marked and find it a ghost shard....where are all the people at? I didn't see one soul in about 8 places i zipped too.

    Is there some meeting place now people flock to that i'm unaware of (hopefully this is the case)?

    Dazed and confused....

    Ohh and hi to everyone :)
  2. Storm

    Storm UO Forum Moderator
    Moderator Professional Premium Stratics Veteran Wiki Moderator Stratics Legend

    Mar 18, 2004
    Likes Received:
    try luna bank or brit bank also keep in mind alot of people are on the retrobution shard testing SA out
  3. Mithryl Elves

    Mithryl Elves Elves Suck
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    May 23, 2003
    Likes Received:
    In truth the game is dead. UO appealed to a much older generation years ago. Most everyone grew up and doesnt have time to play or has moved on with their life. However the big problem is with UO being a 2D game and all of the newer games that are released with far better graphics and UO not marketing the game as they used to theres no way to bring in a new generation of players.

    However if EA were to say lower the price of the game to sat 4.99 a month they would probably see alot more accounts open up and people playing who dont mind paying for multiple accounts coming back. BUT even with that i dont see this game ever being what it used to be without marketing.

    EA taking the time to develop a Pre Ren server wouldnt be a bad marketing ploy i dont think. I feel that this game is trying to go away though tbh and are just waiting for the right time to let fewer of us down gently.
  4. Jazmyn~Dawn

    Jazmyn~Dawn Guest

    Welcome back, who are your old chars? Yea LS is certainly dying down :(
  5. Brelyn

    Brelyn Guest

    Ohh i'm not anyone of any importance :)

    I have

    Brelyn (Work in progress)
    Brelyn II (Mage)
    Lomewen (Tamer)

    Not one of them is a GM anything..

    I doubt anyone would even remember me....

    I do though have a few questions.

    It seems all my spots i marked for malls/good private vendors are not there anymore. Can anyone direct me to a place/vendor that has some good rune books of these types of places now?

    Also can anyone tell where to start searching for a nice house plot? Nothing fancy just a little hideaway somewhere quiet. Trammel of course. Or where i can possibly purchase an existing one that someone is willing to part with ( i only have about 900k across all characters)?

    Lastly i am having a big problem finding people willing to help out showing me around since its been so long since i have played and so much has changed. Is there a certain place to hang out? So far the few i have come across have been..er...rather rude and unwilling to lend a small amount of time. Any help in that area would be greatly appreciated.
  6. try new haven during prime time hours. lots of nice ppl on LS.
    and no, LS is not dying down. in fact its becoming more active by the day. i personally think SA will further improve that situation as well, as i have seen many of my old friends returning lately. its just the fact that no other game can match uo. i'd be happy to help ya personally if i can ...but i work alot. but when i am off work, i will look for ya and see if i can help out a bit. i work nights and am only off monday early morning thru thur early morning. i'll make a habit, in the next few weeks, of going to haven periodically and see if you are around during my playing time (which is from about 8am to 12 cst).
    i see, on another threadthat you found a house spot; congrats. LS has the best community on any shard imo. hopefully my friends and i can help prove that to ya soon.
    have fun in the mean time!

    p.s. feel free to pm me and if i am on i will be happy to help out