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Baja Specific Faction Forum

Discussion in 'UO Baja' started by FenrirsFangs, Jun 9, 2008.

  1. FenrirsFangs

    FenrirsFangs Guest

    I personally know very little about factions, I thought I would put this thread in here for non rant faction posts, questions, requests, things of a noninflamitory nature.

    Cromwell, Defender, True Britanians, obviously Baja.
  2. FenrirsFangs

    FenrirsFangs Guest

    From a new faction members standpoint heres a question.

    Is there a faction roster and how do I find it.
  3. Oriana

    Oriana Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Alumni

    Jun 24, 2003
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    *puts in tack*
  4. Tina Small

    Tina Small Stratics Legend
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend 4H

    May 12, 2008
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    Fenrirs, there's nothing in-game you can pull up to see who is in each faction. You can go to the official UO site and pull up some shard-specific and faction-specific lists of which guilds and characters have kill points.

    Go to www.uo.com and then click on the "My UO" button on the left side. Then select the "Factions" link. The first screen you get to shows you the guild and character kill point rankings across all shards. You can use the drop down box to then select a specific shard.

    Unfortunately, all these lists don't give you a complete picture of who might be active in factions on your shard. There could be characters playing thieves or other types of characters that have none or too few kill points to show up in the rankings. You won't know about those characters unless you do a lot of hanging around the most active base(s) on the shard.

    I haven't been active in factions on Baja in a while...moved my main factions thief to another shard a few months ago and just have one other character left there in Minax. However, I suspect that COM is probably still feeling very proprietary about the sigils.... The guild I'm in does try to show up unexpectedly once in a while just to shake things up a little. We especially like to give Ron and Abe a bad time. I don't think I'll ever forget our boat chases. :)
  5. FenrirsFangs

    FenrirsFangs Guest

    I did Find the listings on www.uo.com
    its under, Community then Factions for anyone else that wants to find it.

    Cromwell, Defender, True Britanians.:stretcher:

    PS I just let loose an army in vesper go getem CoM let's see what you gents are made of, maybe make factions fun again. :)
  6. FenrirsFangs

    FenrirsFangs Guest

    Well, Factions on Baja is dead. well true brits is anyway.

    I poked around asked questions and discovered that there really aren't any peeps that want to play the actual factions.

    Soooo, be That the case House of Lords is reverting to a normal guild and True brittanians has an opening for a faction commander so all you PvP guilds out there if yer already tough as nails and have a few members just run for office on the stone inside and your a shoe in.

    Obviously all those CoM guilds, I'm not talking to you. :)

    It's was fun for awhile but doing everything by myself, stealing sigils, trying to guard vesper, all that. even with NPC help from 40 guards I barely repelled WU. (that was like 3 guys too, not the whole guild and not all at once) :)

    *sigh* the brevity of this thread, I think shows the ambient level of interest in factions on Baja also.

    I have one request, any of you that are even remotely interested in Factions, even if you are a new player and afraid to go to Fel send Feedback to EA and ask for Factions only Artifacts so that we have SOMETHING to lure people into factions. Asking for a 20 minute corrupt time would be good too given the miniscule size of the factions now.

    As it stands I am posting a short list of the pros and cons of factions, because although I am tired of doing it alone. It really was kinda fun and I hope this might draw some people in, or at least give them incentive to request changes via feedback so that factions can grow again.


    That funky little pile of silver is easy as heck to get.
    kill wisps over by the blighted grove, demons in the hedgemaze, silver serpents, or ogre lords in despise depending on your faction. Also opposing faction members give silver to players for a kill, and tinkers receive silver if their traps are set off.

    With only 500 silver and a few thousand gold you to can own a faction war horse
    Faction war horses although not anywere near as cool as a Cu Sidhe have buffed stats and are better than the regular breed in combat.

    You gain real combat experience with learning PvP, The type you only get by doing it. :)

    You get access to discounted reagents, lumber, ore, and bottles on Fel.
    (Council of Mages I think controls the prices with their taxation and they have it set pretty low. There are also faction reagent vendors.)

    You may find that fel aint so bad after all since the reds aren't all 15 years old and straight up cornholes with no self esteem. Now they are actual players that like PvP. Although I met a small handfull that are spiteful little whiners I've talked to many many more and the ones that are rude and nasty generally are disliked by the other reds and they will tell you so.

    (and before the ones that were rude and nasty go off and flame me, yeah, I DID loot yer arse when that ratman killed you and i used both power scrolls, Flame away.)

    There are vast stretches of open housing all over Fel. although this doesnt require factions. :)


    If you die at the hands of a faction member or kill yourself directly you lose 1/3 of your skills for 20 minutes.
    Very annoying but not permanent. They kilt me arse about 20 times this last two weeks, lol

    If you die anywhere, you cannot be resurected by non faction players
    This one I think needs to be fixed it should only apply while in Fel.

    You are in a PvP environment for all Faction purposes. (this isn't entirely a negative thing but some would view it that way.)


    so, thus ends my reign as Commander of the True Britanians, remember Feedback

    ask for

    Faction Bulletin boards in the strongholds.
    Allow rezzing by blues when not on the Fel Facet
    Reduced corruption time
    Faction only artifacts that are usefull not just crappy deco.

    Cromwell, Speaker of The House, House of Lords(HoL)
  7. Tina Small

    Tina Small Stratics Legend
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend 4H

    May 12, 2008
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    I'll be smiling all day over that one, Fenrirs.