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Discussion in 'Holonet Chat' started by Anaireo, Feb 22, 2010.

  1. Anaireo

    Anaireo Guest

    Planet: Balmorra
    Affiliation: Independent
    System: Nevoota system
    Days per year: 554
    Hours per day: 47
    Moons: 4

    With the joint efforts of Corellian and Duros scientists and engineers, the secrets of the Rakata Hyperdrive where unlocked. After the successful replacement of the Force based Hyperdrives of the Rakata with more conventional technology, the galaxy was now open for the spread of Galactic Civilisation.

    It was during this expansion period with the formation of a Galactic Republic that colonists from the core worlds flocked outwards, colonizing whatever planets they could in the name of their home worlds. One such world was the planet of Balmorra. Located just on the rim of the Core Worlds and the Colonies, Balmorra was settled by colonists from the ecumenopolis core world known as Humbarine where it became a key player in supplying the fledgling Republic with weapons and battle droids.

    Soon the Balmorran people would break away from their founding world, declaring independence. Balmorra finally stood as its own world, though a world that would never truly know peace. Due to its strategic nature close to the Core Balmorra underwent vicious cycles of war, many factions sought to take over the factory world for their own means.

    One faction that took a keen interest in the factory world were the Sith. Hoping to take the world for themselves and use it to fuel their own war with the Republic, the Sith attacked the world taking it for themselves. In response the Republic fought back, sending troops to aid the civilian population as it suffered under the Sith Regime. Once more Balmorra was at war.

    With dwindling forces and no end to the war in sight, the Republic could not afford to spend more valuable resources on the world. By the time of the Treaty of Coruscant, the Republic had all but been removed from the war torn plains of battle and finally announced the end of official support for the subjugated world.

    But still just as their ancestors had claimed independence from Humbarine centuries before, the people of Balmorra continued to fight on. Setting up a separatist movement grudgingly backed by the Republic that had abandoned them, they continue to battle the occupying Sith, striking from hidden secret bases, making it so the Sith would never truly conquer them.