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Balthan will be found

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by Sonoma EM Feed, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. Sonoma EM Feed

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    Jan 26, 2011
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    The sleuths looked hard for any signs of Callie. They traveled to the Gargoyle lands of Ilshenar where they found a Serpa sitting in the inn near Spirituality. He had been drinking as he was upset after losing his charge. He had never lost a customer before.He tried to explain.
    “I guided her for a while through some of the tunnels but she took over. She had a purpose.
    She found something that pleased her.said it was the find of the century, you know.
    A relic worthy of the Vesper museum with our names on it .She put it all in one of my packs. It was very heavy.
    That was when the tremors started.The whole earth shock with a force that took our footings from beneath us.
    We knew we had to get out .
    I used my recall scroll assuming the lady would be right behind me.That was the last I saw of her.
    I hope she is alright. Surely the Meer will find her and heal her.”
    He agreed to bring the group to the Meer village of Lakeshire to see if they had found the girl and hopefully healed her.
    The Meer had indeed found her and let her head out to the Jukan town. One of the Healers there suggested Mistas. Mistas was a scary place. The Jukan were not as agreeable as the Meer. The sleuths still looked until they found an old worn book. the pages were dog eared and thin. The printing was very tidy but faint. We read it for any clues.
    As I walked toward the Juka fortress to see what was
    happening I saw a strong woman.
    she was running with another over her shoulder.
    An Arrow protruded from one of her legs.
    She was determined.
    I decided to follow her
    Once she was far away from the trembling area she placed the body down carefully.
    I got the feeling this body was someone special to the woman.
    She took out something from her pouch and brought it to the nose of the other.
    I needed to know more.
    I carefully and most silently crept up to the clump of trees behind.
    This is what I overheard.
    “The Juka need their leader. Forgive me, Great Mother.”
    “I hope you can explain this, Waymaster Harlann. A massive magical attack by the Meer just as you return from a spying expedition I refused to authorize? Where are we?I need to be with our people A Shirron of the Juka does not flee from any foe!”
    Shirron This is not an attack by the Meer, and they are suffering the same as we are, but we must flee!”

    Callie was no where to be seen. Moxxi suggested she may have dove from the bridge over the waterfall to escape.
    All in all Callie is still missing. Daniel is going to have his “eyes and ears” locate him
    He asked us to return to the Brit Counselor Hall in two days time.
    Friday March 21 @ 6 PT 7 MT 8 CT 9 ET
    I know I am going to be there. Hope you will be too.

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