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Bam.....GM Cook.

Discussion in 'UO Botany and Nutrition' started by Guest, Jan 26, 2008.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Used the above mentioned fish steak method until about 92, cooked most fish in stacks of 500-1200, all in total about 100k fish steaks cooked.

    From 92-100 I made green tea, suhi rolls and sushi platter and another 30k fish steaks.I just alternated between them as I grew tired of making one or another.

    Took about 7 hours over 3 days. No alacrity scrolls or UO Assist was used, just kept moving cooking spots now and then from Brit to Tokuno to my house near Yew.

    Managed to watch all 3 Evil Deads again during cooking, set Ash free Sam Raimi,please. I remember when it used to take months to GM Skills, 9 months for GM smith for myself.
    Anyway just happy to be a GM Chef have a good night all.

    Dread Lord Raner Wolfcastle Legendary Smith/GM Chef Chesapeake
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Congrats! Almost makes me want to gm my chef as well, but I'm at a lowly 84 right now.
  3. Arabella29

    Arabella29 Guest

    I prefer to make a profit.

    I went out and got a ton of wheat, honey, bannanas, apples, pears, wooden bowls, fish steaks, a water trough, water pitchers, and everything else I'd need beforehand.

    I started by making my own flour, then my own dough. Stashing some away when my bag would get too full etc. Then when I hit 37.5, I started making parrot wafers. Now anyone knows that most homeowners own at least one parrot. Most vendors sell stacks of 10-20 wafers fairly quickly because of this. I think I made about 450 of these by the time I hit 55 in cooking and was ready to make some fruit bowls.

    Once you make all the fruit bowls you possibly can out of the wooden bowls you have, you can go make some sweet dough out of the dough you have left and start making cake and cookie mix and then bake your cakes and cookies. I usually put up a trash barrel and get rid of anything that is under exceptional and cannot be decorated later. Saves space and let's face it, nobody wants to buy something that they cannot decorate or you cannot decorate.

    Another fun thing to make if you have a main character able to farm Savages, is Savage Kin Paint. This also sells pretty fast on vendors as well. Basically you just keep on making things that you can later make a profit off of until you hit 75.

    At 75 it's time to make the food decoration tool. Now this is bound to sell but only if you do it right. You can decorate some of your cookies and cakes to sell, like put Happy Birthday, Congratulations, Happy Anniversary, Welcome Back, etc. But you can also sell packages with a Cake and a decoration tool. Or cookies and a decoration tool or eve Pizzas. This is where your hard work with those exceptional cakes, cookies, and pizzas will pay off.

    Now you just need to get to 90. The notorious Egg Bomb. These are coveted by ninjas and they will pay well for them. There are things in between too, if you know where to get the ingredients. Green Tea is one of them. Anyhow when you get to 90 you are almost ready for the next enchantment.

    At 95 you can make grapes of wrath. Another big seller on the vendors. You are almost to GM now, keep up the hard work on all the things you can make that turn a profit and before you know it, you'll be a Grandmaster Chef!

    Also don't forget to try out the new Chocolatiering section!! And try things here and there for affect, you never know exactly what it does until you've tried it.
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    fantastic advice..I am still yet to gm. So I found this useful and inspiring.
  5. I guess I did it the easy way. I stocked up on bags of flour from the cooks in taverns and the bakers and put them in bags of 20. That way I could just grab another bag to put into my backpack whenever I ran empty, but didn't take up too much room in my backpack and was able to hold lots of dough at a time.

    I bought up 30.4 cooking from a cook to begin with. It then took me 368 bags of flour making nothing but bread to reach GM, and I ended up with 8921 loaves of bread. It was quick and pretty painless, and a lot faster than the chef I GM'd 8 years ago. I needed to get it done as quickly as possible so I could remove GM cooking from my smith who needed room to GM arms lore, so I added cooking to another char.