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Bard stats question

Discussion in 'UO Bard' started by Jancecapade, Sep 20, 2011.

  1. Jancecapade

    Jancecapade Guest

    optimumu bard stats?

    so i had all my stats where they were, hadnt really looked at it. till all of a sudden my str was at 23. so im currently wrestling/lumberjacking my str back up into a usable level. this brought about the consideration of what my final stats would be. and the answer is im not sure.

    the char in question is a peace/provo/disco mystic with some chiv.

    my question is, how much dex do i really need? im thinking like 55 dex and 100 of str and int.
    the high str for carrying capacity, higher base health and wearing heavy armor(not having med eliminates the need of medable gear if im not mistaken)
    the high int for the obvious reason of spamming myst spells and large mana pool.

    any insights would be greatly appreciated.

    on another topic, would i be better server trading chiv for utility magery?(no med or eval, just for recall, mark, and whatever else)

    TLDR; what are optimal stats for a mystic bard?
  2. What's the complete template you're going for? It's tough to provide stat advice w/o knowing exactly what your goal is.

    120 mysticism
    120 focus
    120 music
    120 provoke
    120 peace
    120 discord


    If that's it, no need for Chiv and no need for 50 dexterity. Pretty much everything would go to str and int.
  3. Jancecapade

    Jancecapade Guest

    Hi. Yes that would be the core of my build. I definitely want a way to travel without continually buying recalls. And I find that chiv is nice for the.fact that you can cast everything with only your chiv book.

    But thanks for the input. I will work on my str when I get back on. So max int for max mana. And I figure some dex would be.beneficial just for a little more than 10 stamina. Is their a hard cap for base stats?

    Edit; sp.

    Ps. Would necro or magery add more synergy to the build than chiv?
  4. Poo

    Poo The Grandest of the PooBah’s
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend Campaign Benefactor 4H

    Sep 18, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Magic is more universal, in that there's more spells that u can use.

    I'd go with magic.

    Just for the mark and recall and invisible and such.

    I go with 20 dex on all my Mage bards, causevu don't need any more dex then that I find.
  5. 5% Luck

    5% Luck Guest

    I wear a crimson cincture and stitchers mittens(+10 dex) and run actual 10 dex for a total of 20. Now that said you will need "some" stm regn either from focus, JoaT(human), or StmR items. 1 StmR is enough but 2 is optimal.

    Now I have been drooling over the mystic's RC but i came to the conclusion that Ev's do well enough so going with magery over mystic is the direction I took simply for the utility spells such as recall, invisibility, protection...

    The other thing I always like to mention to aspiring bard is peacemaking while nice can be a bad thing as well. What I see with a lot bards is they get in a little trouble and area peace. That can end any number of provokes you have currently going and that means reworking the spawn again and possibly again.

    My answer to that was resist spell and the invisibility spell. What I do is get in trouble then invis. Now over time I realized that a simple poison spell a mana drain or an explosion would ruin that as a tactic so I dropped peace and took up resist spells skill to combat the poison and mana drains. The expo still reveals me though the poisons mostly get resisted and the drains are near nil.
  6. Jancecapade

    Jancecapade Guest

    Thanks for the input. currently my resisting spells is going up while i train magery, so i may give that a try. i have been thinking that peace is kinda useless. only times i can see using it is to peace a single strong mob that is tanking weaker mobs to get more free hits in. basically i can probably do without it, especially with invis and dispels like crazy from magery and myst.