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Basic Crafting Workflow

Wan Thingies? Gruk dis!

  1. Pushdug'ula

    Pushdug'ula Visitor

    Nov 4, 2018
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    A great thread to read about this process can be found here:

    [Imbuing] - Crafting my first weapon

    There are two basic outlines for creating a crafted piece in UO:

    THE FULL / EXPENSIVE PATH (for items like luck suits)

    1. Create the desired piece using generic wood / leather / or iron (NOT special ores / leathers / woods).

    2. Once a piece with the desired minimum resist distribution is created, reforge the piece with a runic tool.

    3. Once the correct base piece is reforged with the correct mod(s), use Powder of Fortification to raise durability to 255. POWDER CANNOT BE USED AFTER IMBUING, DO IT NOW!

    4. Imbue the piece with required mods.

    5. Enhance the piece using colored ingots / wood / leather.


    1. Craft the desired piece using colored wood / leather / or ingots (for resist bonus)

    2. Imbue the piece with required mods.

    I strongly recommend using this calculator when suit planning:

    Imbuing Calculator | Knuckleheads.dk

    Maximum Item Properties

    Damage Increase 300% Total, 100% from items

    Defense chance Increase 45% Humans and Elves; 50% Gargoyles

    Hit Chance Increase 45% Humans and Elves; 50% Gargoyles

    Lower Mana Cost 40% (Can be up to 55% with Studded Armor)

    Lower Reagent Cost 100%

    Swing Speed Increase 60%

    For obtaining Powder of Fortification and Runic Re-forging Tools, various Bulk Order Deeds can be turned in (or you can buy them from UWSP as well). Here are the BOD Reward tables:

    Blacksmithing - Blacksmith Bulk Orders – Ultima Online

    Tailoring - Tailor Bulk Orders – Ultima Online

    Cooking - Cooking Bulk Orders – Ultima Online

    Inscription - Inscription Bulk Orders – Ultima Online

    Tinkering - Tinker Bulk Orders – Ultima Online

    Alchemy - Alchemy Bulk Orders – Ultima Online

    Fletching - Bowcraft Bulk Orders – Ultima Online

    Carpentry - Carpentry Bulk Orders – Ultima Online
    #1 Pushdug'ula, Nov 4, 2018
    Last edited: Nov 4, 2018
  2. Pushdug'ula

    Pushdug'ula Visitor

    Nov 4, 2018
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    I'll add flesh to the framework above, and anyone who posts below can have their piece edited in as well.