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Basilisk Breastplate Suit -- Comments and Advice

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by Death Adder, Jun 20, 2010.

  1. Death Adder

    Death Adder Guest

    I finally got a Basilisk Breastplate and I wanted to build a suit to go with it. I'm not that impressed with Damage Eater, which I think is inferior to HPR, but I figured it would be a nice addition to an HPR suit (especially as the BB also comes with HPR2) creating a very durable dexxer. I figure the Damage Eater 10 is about equal to HPR 5, but more variable depending on damage taken, increasing when you really need it (equalling HPR 10 against a Flamestrike or Hailstorm, for instance). Accordingly, I went with a Bloodwood suit, with the pieces imbued then enhanced to maximize the power of each piece (they are sick 6 mod 60+ resist pieces :D). I've crafted and imbued the suit, but I'm strongly thinking about changing out a piece (another maxed Bloodwood gauntlets instead of a non-maxed Heartwood gauntlets), and I was hoping to get some thoughts.

    Here is the suit as currently configured:

    Basilisk Breastplate, Faction Fey Legs, 3 Bloodwood pieces (imbued then enhanced), 1 Heartwood piece (crafted from HW then imbued), Faction Crimson Cincture, Faction Primer on Arms Talisman, Conjurer's Garb, Mythical Boots, Lt. Guard Sash, Ranger's Cloak, imbued Bracelet and Ring

    Resists: 73/71/72/71/72
    Str +1/HP +25 (150 hp with potion)
    Dex +15/Stam +32 (182 stam with potion)
    Int +9/Mana +16 (81 mana)
    HCI 45
    DCI 60
    DI 70
    LMC 40
    MR 13
    SR 2
    HPR 12 (14 with shrine meditation)
    All Damage Eater 10
    Enhance Potions 50
    SSI 5 (45 w/weapons)

    I am planning to swap out the Heartwood Gauntlets for a Bloodwood Gauntlets, and the Conjuror's Garb for a Cloak of Death. The gains would be HPR 2 and Mana +7. The losses would be MR 2, HCI 2 and DCI 2 (this would bring my HCI to below the cap). It should be noted that with diminishing returns the MR loss is quite small, going from .91 per second to .84 per second, a loss of only .07 per second. HPR is not diminishing returns so I would usually be fighting at HPR 16 instead of HPR 14.

    Is this a good move? Or should I stick with the HW gauntlets (and eventually add Mana 8 with a maxed out HW piece)?

    Thanks for any comments :)