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[Selling] Basilisk Hide Breastplate

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake Trade' started by Death Adder, Jul 20, 2010.

  1. Death Adder

    Death Adder Guest

    40 mil on vendor at Lord Escu Museum in Luna (18x18 closest to MG, vendor named "Basilisk Hide BP"). This is the only one available for sale on Chessy and likely the only one for sale for some time (I've been checking and there hasn't been one for sale for months).

    This is an awesome items with 7 mods including the only All Damage Eater on a human/elf wearable piece. I have my own and have made a sick dexxer suit with all the of the normal mods maxxed out PLUS 14 HPR and 10 Damage Eater (mods: all 70's resist with 75 fire, 45 HCI, 60 DCI, 70 DI, 40 LMC, 13 MR, 14 HPR, 2 SR, 32 stam, 25 HP, 9 Int, 16 mana, 50 Enhance Potions, and 10 All Damage Eater). I'd be happy to help in creating a similar suit to the buyer, just PM me if interested.