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(Player Event) Battle Royale Tournament - Teams

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by rmsroach, Jul 7, 2011.

  1. rmsroach

    rmsroach Guest

    Battle Royale Tournament...
    Idea's for an "everyman for himself" theme tournament. This is similair to my other tournament thread, but there's a few major differences. These may interest independant players, guilds, clans, those of the PVE, and PVP nature. For this tournament consist of 4 teams of 4 team members in each. Dueling it out in a team vs team deathmatch. The battle takes place in a Tower, using it's different floors as each teams base. These 'Bases' are only the starting point for each team, nothing else. The game is played with the same rules and regulations as the other tournament.

    • Game starts with each team of a different floor of the tower, 4 players per floor, on 4 different floors. There will be 1 Referee neutral player on each floor to ensure the game is played correctly and that take score of each kill. There will be no ressurrecting. Healing will be limited to only 3 times. players can enter and exit any given floor at any time, except exiting the tower is restricted. To win the match... every member of the opposing team must be dead and only one team remains.

      Rules and laws of the fight :
      Limited healing of 3 times [any method of heal is allowed], No poisoned weapons, no hiding, no stealthing, no stealing, no looting, no spamming, no horseplay, no bickering, no immaturity [Or you will be booted from the venue and banned if need be].
      No tamed pets, no summoned pets, no mounts in arena.
      Yielding or mercy call before death are accepted, but it's up to your opponent to follow through and let you live.
      Fighters will flag on a neutral target, so to avoid getting murder counters, etc
      All clothing, armor, weapons, spells, jewels, and talismans are permitted. [Except buffs like Reactive armor, magic refection, protection, weapon buff, etc are restricted. Players must de-buff before battle.]

      MORE TBA.