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Battlefield Heroes: Cartoon FPS, good!

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by wtfisit123, Jul 21, 2010.

  1. wtfisit123

    wtfisit123 Guest

    If you're a gamer like me, and one game isn't good enough, so you play tons of games casually, and only some will you ever end up actually going hardcore, Battlefield Heroes would be an amazing game to add to your collection. As it is FREE TO PLAY, and a PC Third-person shooter that does not require the use of a "real-cash" currency (though they have one) to use all of the games weapons with various capabilities, this game should have a lot more credit then it currently gets. If you are a smart gamer like me, and believe that epic special effects and graphics are merely a bonus, but not necessary to have a good game, you should definitely try this out. The cartoon graphics are smooth, glitch-free, and colorful. In the game, you can drive a car, tank, or even a plane (which has outstanding controls for a plane in a shooter). Wepons range from pistols to snipers like most other shooters, including explosives. The game uses a leveling system with experience gained from battles (won or lost), and with leveling up you are rewarded with skill points to place in whatever skills you want for your class (re-specable). There are three classes: the commando (knife/snipe), soldier (dot, submachinegun, shotty, grenades), and the gunner (machineguns, and other stuff.... sry im lazy). There are also two factions, which chooses who you fight with and against (i.e. WoW's Ally vs. Horde). Don't be surprised if I missed a few things, but hey, GO PLAY IT, fill yourself in with what I missed. :lol:
  2. matthewjames

    matthewjames Guest

    Nice I am not the only person here who has played this game before :p. F you ever wanna play sometime hit me up. My skype info is in my profile.

    If you have Xfire, my username is: matthewjames