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Battling the Abyss champion spawn...

Discussion in 'UO Catskills' started by Bob_the_fart_guy, Dec 18, 2008.

  1. Bob_the_fart_guy

    Bob_the_fart_guy Slightly Crazed
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Nov 26, 2005
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    ****A cold wind whipped through the wooden shudders of Hanse's Hostel (post #5). It seemed that even the fire offered little warmth from the approaching evening. As Hagrid looked through the notes his armor clad friend had given him only hours ago, he felt at ease that the minotaur didn't seem to be seeking the assistance of the vile creatures that lurk in Doom. Just as he eased back into his chair sipping on a fresh cool drink, the door to the small inn blew open with a sudden gale of wind.
    "A devils wind blows out there this eve' I say!" Milo stated as he quickly ran across the room to shut the door, but not before a tiny owl fluttered into the room, with a small scroll strapped to his left talon. The exhausted owl landed on the table directly in front of Hagrid.
    Quickly retrieving the scroll he recognized Robin Hood's frantic writing: "Hagrid, find your way to Valor of Ilshnar, as myself and a small posse have tracked down a vile queen possibly in connection with Meraktus. We plan on questioning her...if we don't first kill her, or she us. We could use your help friend."
    Barret looked across the room and saw the look of urgency on Hagrids face, he motioned to Brenda to fetch Hagrids dragon. In moments Hagrid found himself crossing a bridge in Ilshnar to aid his friend in battling a succubus that went by the name of Semidar.


    Without the small army of adventures all cooperating together, Semidar would have surly wiped out anyone who had been following her. However with several large dragons lashing their tails and talons, and many crossbow bolts logging in her vital areas Semidar finally went down. Gasping for the last reminants of life Hagrid clutching her throat demanded "What hast thou to do with Meraktus?!" The vial beast cackled exclaiming that she would have nothing to do with a creature that reeked of livestock. And with that Semidar was no more.


    As gold showered the landscape Hagrid slowly walked away nodding to Robin Hood, who was off tracking another lead. Rubbing his beard though Hagrid wondered if Meraktus was somehow watching from the very shadows.
    Bloody and tired Hagrid made his way back to the small Hostel for an evening of rest.****