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Discussion in 'UO Lake Superior' started by lunafraggle, May 1, 2009.

  1. lunafraggle

    lunafraggle Guest


    1 2 practice spears; practice mace, practice crook - old school
    2 Studded Tunic Artifact Level 7
    3 Rubble - Ropehook?
    4 Mini House Deed Stone Keep
    5 5 Vet Dying Tubs including rare True Black
    6 Elven Leafweave Arms
    7 Blessed Cat Statue from Spring Deco Collection
    8 Scarecrow from Heritage Collection
    9 100 Diamonds Weddingband
    10 Full Set AOS Color Roses
    11 Tapestry of Sosaria
    12 Blue ML Hair Dye
    13 Beehive from Spring Clean Up
    14 Fountain of Life
    15 Vanity from Heritage Collection
    16 .7 Taming SOT scroll
    17 1000 Diamonds Weddingband
    18 2 Soulstone Fragments
    19 Blaze Parrot
    20 9 Old School Deco Rares
    21 Orcish Visage, Helm of Swiftness, Violet Courage, Burglar's bandana
    22 Full Set Cursed Doom Arties
    23 Brightsite Lenses, Human Fey Leggins, Boomstick; Helm of Swiftness
    24 Tokuno Dyed Boards - 1k ea, Nox Green, Bezerker Red, Invul Blue, Gold, Purple, Black, and luna white
    25 Commodity Deed Box
    26 Ancient Samurai Helm
    27 Scrappers Compendium
    28 Ethy Horse
    29 5 Heritage Tokens
    30 Blue Tokuno Dye 40 charges