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Becoming the Lady (Another Story from the Journals of Rose Bush)

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by War of the Roses, Dec 24, 2001.

  1. The lute sat lightly in my hands, fingers deftly moving across the strings, producing wave after wave of flowing melodic music. I listened to the boisterous banter, good hearted joking and loud raucous laughter in the front room of the YMCA. My heart felt light and at total ease with my surroundings as I had, over time, become quite familiar with the patrons and workers at the Y, as well as the occasional nuisance.

    I glance up, chuckling as a clock sails across the room, the target Azrael, the party chucking the clocks, Skyshroud. Laughter fills the room as Azrael ducks but a moment before the speeding clock connects with his skull, a startled expression etched into his face.

    The light-hearted mood continued for most of the evening. Dor laughing in the midst of trying to be stern, though failing miserably. Lorian sitting before the fireplace, silent as usual, interjecting a witty comment every so often. Skyshroud throwing inanimate objects randomly through-out the room. Azrael moving as far from Skyshroud as he possibly can to avoid being the target of another errant clock. All in all it was a peaceful eve.

    And yet, as the night drew on, I felt a gnawing deep in the pit of my stomach. An urge so unlike one I have ever felt before. My mind wandered, searching within to find out what was bothering me so. Fingers idly plucking the strings of the lute, my laughs became more forced as my mind was not on the people around me.

    I leapt up, startling my bunny, Cricket, that was nestled quietly in my lap. She squealed as she tumbled to the floor. I picked her up, rubbing her soft velvety ears as I cooed to her, soothing her injured pride. I fairly ran to the stable hand, calling for my mount, Chicken, to be saddled immediately. Soon Chicken was ready, and he danced and sidestep as I thrust the rabbit at the stable hand.

    Without farewell I gained my mounts back and sped through the night, certainly leaving many puzzled at my abrupt departure. I dug my heals into the gray dappled coat of my steed, leaning forward to cut down the resistance as she shot forward. The wind coursed through my long, now dyed a dreadful mauve, locks. Tossing them wildly behind me like waves of wind blown lavender fields. I struggled to keep my kilt down as I rode, the chill of the air biting at my thighs. I pressed tighter to Chicken as we neared the moongate, my heart hammering as I spotted several unsavory individuals standing just outside the protective ring. I kicked roughly at her lather soaked sides, urging a final burst of speed as we neared the gate. We shot past the evil folks and into the glowing gate, quickly emerging on the other side.

    The warmth of the sun and the fresh clean smell of the trees and grass nearly made me ill, as I had gotten so very used to the darkness and starkness of the other side. I loosened the reigns and let Chicken meander at a gentle pace. I soaked in the warmth of the sun, tilting my face to its heated caresses. I was in wonder at the green that surrounded me, the life that moved about with such ease and peace.

    We moved out of Skara Brae, taking a ferry to the mainland. I gently guided Chicken to the mountainside, following the mass of gray stone that loomed over us to the south. An occasional headless man, if you can imagine such thing, attempted to attack us several times. They proved to be mild foes and a few words of the arcane dispelled them quickly enough.

    A large opening in the wall of the mountain stopped us. The darkness within, accompanied by the tortured screams of death echoed from its depths. No light escaped from the large mouth like opening, and I stood, a sense of fear and exhilaration pounding through my blood as I contemplated the entrance. Chicken danced, her flank shivering with what I could only ascertain as fear. I patted her mighty neck, talking quietly to her to quell her fears.

    I dug through my pack, munching on a few fish steaks to ease my trembling stomach. Seeing that all that I needed was in order, I flipped through my spell book, making note of the spells I was sure to need. With silent resolve and many prayers racing through my head I stepped into the darkness...

    From the Journals of Rose Bush


    <center>The Saga of Auburn Rose~Tale of Britannia</font color=FF3030></center>
  2. Dragon Valor

    Dragon Valor Guest

    great story!

    I liked the part when I threw the clock /php-bin/shared/images/icons/biggrin.gif

    I am the purifier, the light that clears all shadows.
    [email protected]
  3. Krowe

    Krowe Guest

    I enjoy the way you can turn trivial aspects of our UO lives into a more colorful epic, with such vivid imagry resulting from your expert play on words.

    And I like thew way I DODGED the clock.
  4. Cromagus

    Cromagus Guest

    A nice story.
  5. Dragon Valor

    Dragon Valor Guest


    *hugs Rose*

    I am the purifier, the light that clears all shadows.
    [email protected]