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Been a while!

Discussion in 'UO Tamer' started by Guest, Mar 2, 2008.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hi guys, been a while since I posted on here.. but the new drags have mean't I've blown the dust of ol' Greebo. Hadn't really used him since the game ate my prized Drake, Bran.. don't know if anyone remember him, aah what a drake..

    anyway! the point of this..

    the new dragons have tempted me back, tamed one.. made a boo boo and got eaten before it had bonded by 2 para rotting corpses, tamed another one, and I think its pretty sweet!
    hps 882
    str 594
    dex 59
    int 585


    and he had pretty high wrestling when I tamed him. now.. my question is, as I've not really done any taming since before age of saddos, I don't think I've done a whole lot since before powerscrolls, as I had 100.4 taming, so I got a ring and braclet to tame him.. but anyway! I'm gabbing on, question, will it still bond? and what is the minimum to tame one of the new drags? I've had a look around on here and couldn't see the info, so I imagine its already been posted up 100 times before, so I do aplogise! I just couldn't find it.
  2. frodofeet

    frodofeet Guest

    Yep as long as you have 104.7 displayed skill when you feed him/her initially, then the same again when ready to bond you should be fine. So you can use jewellery to boost your real skill if needed.

    As first reported here by Lord Kotan:
    Minimum skill for tame/bond
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hiyas! *smiles*

    Welcome back to the Tamer's Forum! I'm glad to hear your interest has been sparked by our new Dragon friends. As the poster above me said, you should be ok to Bond. Sometimes they take a few days longer than a week, so don't get too worried if it doesn't happen right on time. I'm not sure what causes that to happen, unfortunately.

    Have fun out there! =)
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    thanks for the welcome!

    So.. anyone still around on here from years gone by? anyone remember the ol' europa drake tournaments? with Pad (from europa), yes the pvp Pad before he decdied to take it up, tee hee, how to ruin all his pvp cred in one foul swoop!

    I can't really remember too many other names to be honest, James and.. erm.. people
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I just recently returned myself. I played alot about 6 years ago, but on Chesapeake. I remember participating in some really fun Drake tournaments on my shard, but I never personally attended the Europa tournies.

    I seem to remember reading or talking about them though. The name 'Bran' sounds familiar to me. =)

    So...I'm not sure if I remember what you speak of or not...but it's certainly a pleasure to have another around that likes Drakes, hehe.

    I <3 teh Drakez!