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Been gone awhile whats new on Atlantic

Discussion in 'UO Atlantic' started by Beithe, Jul 7, 2008.

  1. Beithe

    Beithe Guest

    Hey guys ive been playing since 98 and left just before Kingdom reborn. Ive decided to close down my accounts, but before I do I thought id see whats changed and how people are playing the game on the Atlantic shard. It seems my old forum name is gone so i created a new one. Also are there no longer any forums for class?
  2. Tazar

    Tazar Guest


    The Stratics Forums suffered a catastrophic failure right as we found out how unreliable our back-up service was. Recovery of the original data is complete, and it is slowly being reintegrated into the new forum. I hope the original log-in's and post counts are restored!

    As far as Atlantic, I'll let the players bring you up to date!

    Safe Journeys!

  3. Beithe

    Beithe Guest

    Thanks tazar that explains a lot.
    I poked around the forum a bit noticed some familiar names. But I logged for a bit and couldnt find much going on. Also seemed like a lot of lag on the shard? my screen couldnt even keep up with my movement, has that been a problem?
  4. Tazar

    Tazar Guest

    I really have not had lag problems in a long time so hopefully it is something with your ISP or somewhere along the route that can be fixed soon. If you are using the new KR client, there are many graphics settings that can help a lot with lag!

    Hope it works itself out soon! Lag is no fun... :(
  5. Beithe

    Beithe Guest

    Yeah i cant figure it out if I play other games my ping is great and no lag but uo is awful for me right now...

    what is this anti-virtue stuff i keep seeing.... is there any info on current events going on in atlantic. I spent all day reading the forums and found more questions then answers. also I see there are lots of new items and im wondering how useful my pre KR template and armor.weapons are in the current game. And can these new dragons be soloed at all?
  6. Tazar

    Tazar Guest

    The term Anti-Virtue usually refers to the original dungeons that oppose the virtues... Covetous, Deceit, Despise, Destard, Hythloth. Shame, and Wrong. Currently, anything you kill in those dungeons gives you a chance at an artifact drop. Some of them are nice in themselves, but they are also good with the current trade-in "Spring Cleaning" program.

    For more information on the "Spring Cleaning" program, I'd check the Publish Notes for Publish 52 through to 54. A lot of the "New Items" you asked about come from this program.

    Publish 52
    Publish 53
    Publish 54 (should publish this week!)

    The main event series has been slowly moving forward for 18 months or more so it would take a better historian than I to bring you all the way up to date.

    In Summary, the story line is leading up to the opening of the Stygian Abyss Dungeon (expansion pack). So far, it has resulted in several invasions (Ophidian, Magincia, Vanguard), the destruction of Haven and Magincia, the opening of the rift in Moonglow, the appearance of the shadow lords, the discovery of the "Book of Truth", the relighting of the "Candle of Love", and we still need the "Bell of Courage". Those three items are needed to open the Stygian Abyss.

    The current event is "the 6 Mysterious Strangers" that are spawning in areas throughout the world (seems stuck in Hythloth though). These are like the champ from a champ spawn in toughness and when they are killed, they drop (on the ground for all to grab) gold, special gems, and even artifacts.

    I have not changed my main template (OK, I stoned some skills off and on for special purposes, but always returned to mage ASAP!) or suit since right after ML was released, but I am PVM based and whether or not you need to update will depend on the fighting style (PVM, PVP, etc.) and what template you use.

    and lastly.... Yes, the new "Greater Dragons" can be soloed... even a paragon version... with the right template/equipment.

    Hope that all helps and look forward to seeing you in game some time.

    Safe Journeys!