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Beg of the Month =Þ (Been awhile, I know.)

Discussion in 'UO Crime' started by imported_Grifty McBegg, Mar 3, 2004.

  1. Well, here it is, I did as I said I'd do, an' went out an' begged. It was a short one, but not bad fer gettin' back on track.

    I went t' banksit in Britain, hopin' fer inspiration, a generous (or desperate, lol) tamer handed me a swampie. Perfect!

    “Hm... Short? Wings? Logicaly, it must be a mongbat!”

    So, I named it appropriately "a mutated mongbat" an' headed t' 'Glow.

    I asked some tamer on the roof what to do about my poor overweight mongbat, seein' as he looked like a vet. No response. So, I teleported down and started complainin' that he'd never be able to fly South, and how he'd die in the winter and never be able to breed and such if he didn't stay with his "flock". I told the lady I was beggin' that I needed special feed, it ended up like this.

    Grifty McBegg: I could get all th' feed I need fer 1k...
    Serena Le Voleur: hmmm
    Grifty McBegg: But I dunno where t' get that kinda gold.
    Grifty McBegg: *Hrm*
    Grifty McBegg: Mongbats're poor too.
    Grifty McBegg: Only like 10gp...
    Serena Le Voleur: well let me see what I have in the bank
    Grifty McBegg: Ooh...
    Grifty McBegg: That'd be... so nice.
    Serena Le Voleur: does he eat metal?
    Grifty McBegg: I'd hate t' have t' sell him as mongbat meat or somethin'.
    Grifty McBegg: I dunno... he might.
    Grifty McBegg: I can try.
    Grifty McBegg: Ah...
    There is no container to put that in. (me giving him scissors)
    Serena Le Voleur: feed him that
    Grifty McBegg: Thou art giving me gold?
    Grifty McBegg: I thank thee.
    Serena Le Voleur: he hee
    Grifty McBegg: Well!
    Grifty McBegg: Time t' get 'im t' his vet!
    Serena Le Voleur: Hey wait!
    Serena Le Voleur: All your clothes are vlessed!
    Serena Le Voleur: er
    Serena Le Voleur: Blessed even
    Serena Le Voleur: :p
    Grifty McBegg: Well I didn't make 'em!
    Grifty McBegg: Not my fault!
    Serena Le Voleur: Silly grifty
    Grifty McBegg: =Þ
    Grifty McBegg: I'm a beggar, not a tailor!
    Serena Le Voleur: You'd better get that beast to the doctor!
    Grifty McBegg: Aye!
    Grifty McBegg: Thanks again!
    Grifty McBegg: *Tips hat*
    Serena Le Voleur: My pleasure
    Grifty McBegg: He'll be much happier.

    *Runs off*

    So, there ya have it. All you other beggars try to get somethin' up here too.
    I'm personally very anti-competitive, however, I wasn't the one that started beg of the month, so perhaps we should vote at the end of the month. (If there are any other entries... =/ )
  2. Well, I did another beg with this silly swampy, the miracle diet didn't work, so of course I looked for the only other logical solution:

    Grifty McBegg: A personal trainer!
    Grifty McBegg: I could get a pally or somethin' from Trinsic!
    Grifty McBegg: Bah, I'd need t' hire one fer a month though!
    Love: you are a doll
    Love: heh
    Grifty McBegg: That'd be at least 5k.
    Love: hehe
    Love: lots of beggin
    Grifty McBegg: It keeps buildin'.
    Grifty McBegg: Well, it's all I've got!
    Grifty McBegg: Th' ******* eats me outta house an' home!
    Grifty McBegg: *Kicks*
    Grifty McBegg: Fly! (me telling him to stay repeatedly, making him flap.)
    Love: hehe
    Grifty McBegg: GO! (me on him pressing tab, same effect.)
    Zone: lol
    Grifty McBegg: No luck
    Grifty McBegg: Still can't fly.
    Grifty McBegg: Can anyone spare any gold t' hire 'im a personal trainer?
    Grifty McBegg: He'd shed those pounds in no time.
    Love: lol
    Zone: lol
    (*Is handed 1k by Love*)
    Grifty McBegg: Thou art giving me gold?
    Grifty McBegg: I thank thee
    Love: 2 days worth of taining
    Grifty McBegg: That'll be at least a week!
    Zone: lol
    Grifty McBegg: Thank you soo much.
    Grifty McBegg: Aye!
    Love: np
    Love: heh
    Grifty McBegg: I'll go get 'im started, find one with lotsa dex.
    Grifty McBegg: Gotta keep 'im runnin'!

    You have left the protection of the town guards.

    And that was that. =Þ

    Now c'mon people, these are basic, surely there's someone else with somethin' t' share eh? =Þ
  3. Ahh. A couple years ago... Could've been around m' disguise kit period, lol.

    Though, it probably wasn't me, kidnapped mongbats are unfortunately all too common an occurance. =(

    Poor things have so many uses, hard not t' want a good one badly enough t' take it. I know I've had t' restrain m'self on several occasion, I can't even imagine how difficult it must be fer orcs.
  4. And yet another! (busy month fer me)

    I was running around Brit bank nervously this morning an' a man asked me if'n I had a frog in m' pants. I told th' man that I didn't, an' was jus' nervous, as gorillas had taken over m' house.

    An' I needed a crocodile t' scare th' gorillas away.
    An' I needed some trainers t' keep th' crocodiles under control.
    An' I needed some guards t' keep th' trainers safe from th' gorillas.
    An' I needed some *****s t' keep th' guards entertained.
    An' I needed some gold t' keep th' hookers there.


    Anyhow, I made about 2k offa that beg an' enjoyed m'self thoroughly. =Þ
  5. Path of Napa

    Path of Napa Guest

    Oh my dear lord I LOVE that one! Gorillas indeed!

    Almost inspiring enough to start begging myself. But I already have a rather uninspiring career as a travelling minstrel which I'd loathe to give up.
  6. Skreed

    Skreed Guest

    New to the begging trade so bare with me! Started training my beggar a couple of weeks ago and was standing around brit bank the other nite waiting for inspiration to strike when along comes a character named, Tick. So I start asking around for a 'spoon' can anyone get me a spoon or tell me where I might be able to find a spoon, cause spoon, as you may not be aware, is the "Ticks" battle cry and I was wanting to get this fine upstanding warrior something for inspiration. Anyway, as it turns out I have several nice spoons graciously donated by the fine citizens of Britain for the cause, as for the Tick himself he refused my donation of a spoon for his cause, but I had a grand time anyway and will always have spoon to eat mi' porrige.
  7. Ha, very generous o' ye t' beg a spoon fer The Tick. Perhaps he already had a spoon, or perhaps he was undercover... Not that you could hide him very well. *blinks*

    Or perhaps his spoon is a metaphorical ideal of some sort, something he strives to be more like, or a state of being he wishes to attain... I guess only he will ever know why he cries spoon.

    That said, good job! I like that it seems t' start with that situational inspiration I love so much. Keep up th' good work. =Þ This is th' most beggarly activity reported in months, keep it comin'.
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    *Invades the Beggar Forum*

    hehe good stuff Grifty
  9. Why thank ya McFeely, eventualy I'll get back t' re-writin' th' FAQ I started on th' NHS forums an' post it here... But that's a hefty job an' I'm not sure where t' start really.

    Jus' need t' sit down an' do it I s'ppose.

    More beggarly goodness t' come! No stagnation this month. =Þ
  10. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I find the beginning works, when looking for a place to start. Get into the right frame of mind and start typing. It will come all natural like.
  11. Not a bad idea. =Þ

    Hm... "the beginning"... I never seem t' think o' that. Sounds crazy enough t' work. Now th' hard part, gettin' into th' right frame o' mind. =/
  12. Ryna

    Ryna Sage
    Stratics Veteran Alumni

    Feb 26, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Nah, the hard part is not getting distracted by me.. or food... oh, or sleep. :cP
  13. Ryna

    Ryna Sage
    Stratics Veteran Alumni

    Feb 26, 2004
    Likes Received:
    No screen shots or a log, but meh.

    After bein' left with a "special" child named Stummer McBegg due to lack of schoolin' funds (which his father always seems to disappear for...) I decided t' take the poor boy out fer some money gatherin'.
    Bein' a good mom an' all, I had to burn him with a candle (like the school says to...) and feed him some paste t' keep him in line. After tetherin' 'im t a mare, I attempted t' plead the good people of Britain fer some money fer my lil boy lest he be *****d out t' Uncle Charlie again.
    Stummer wasn't to keen on that idea an' did his best t' concentrate on bein' good so his mom could get some money t' send 'im away again.
    A few rocks, runes, cheese wheels, and untainted bread later Stummer was flyin' around an' distractin' me from my money earnin' again..
    Fortunately Bam Drey'fonaar, SERPENT, and some dude who's name I immediatly forgot were kind enough t' give a bit o' gold.
    Growing tired of being a mother, I decided to drop him off at school immediatly. Arriving at school (the theater) I leave him t' sit in the corner with Paste, the new pony an' take the adults outside. I assure them he will be fine there, an' disappear. They apparently disagreed, though, an' went back in there t' take my lil Stummer on an adventure t' Doom. Being the easily scared boy he is, he came right back t' school and proceeded t' run away t' God only knows where....

    Stuff aquired:
    horse named Paste
    a missing new son
  14. Cat Crimson

    Cat Crimson Guest

    ....who woke one morning with the most unhumble hangover, due to a large imbibement of Old Dragonrot Winter Ale at his local hostelry the night before. Just what night that was, Henry couldnt quite recall. It may have been last night, the night before that, or the night before Christmas, who knows. Henry certainly didnt. He rubbed his gummy eyes and tried to ignore the throbbing pounding sensation in his head that felt as though a thousand blacksmiths, and not very accurate ones at that, were using it to practise their arts. He shivered, feeling the effects of what he thought was the alchohol leavng his body ... only to look down and find that the cold was due to a distinct lack of clothes ... !

    Henry rubbed his eyes again. Surely there must be some mistake ..... no, it was true. He was clad only in a thin grey vest and a pair of patched and holey pants of an even less appetizing colour than the vest. He struggled to his feet, still shivering. He looked around to see where the rest of his clothes were. Nowhere to be seen. And not only that, but the landscape was distinctly unfamiliar. Henry tried pinching himself, closing his eyes and opening them again ... alas he was not dreaming.

    He found a stout stick in nearby hedge and leaning on it for the emotional support as much as the physical, he set off along the roads to try and find some help, or at least some clue where he was. He came at last to a town, busy and prosperoous looking, full of bustle and hustle and people. People brightly dressed, on strange coloured mounts, with shiny armour and sharp weapons to hand, talking non stop. It was hard to make his voice heard amongst the general hubbub but Henry knew he had to try. He attempted to stop some of them, explaining he was a helpless stranger, asking for assistance, asking if they could perhaps spare some money, it appeared he had been beaten up and robbed and everything had been taken from him. If only he had a little gold, he could buy himself new things and maybe a passage home.To his surprise and horror, it appeared no one wanted to help him. They either ignored him, intent of business of their own, or laughed at him and mocked him in their odd but strangely familiar language and called him a " noob " and a " begger " and accused him of trying to do something called " scamming " to them.

    Henry straightened up and held his head up high for a moment, gripping fiercely
    onto the gnarled old staff he held until his knuckles whitened. Alright, so they thought him a beggar !Then a beggar he would be. But he would not ever ask for gold, just for advice and a few kind words here and there, and maybe the odd insignificant item now and then to ease his suffering, a little bit of cloth to patch up his shirt, a bit of leather to mend his shoes, perhpas a stick of wood or two to make a fire with. That way, no one could possibly think he was dishonest or trying to take advantage. His humility would be his watchword and his moral obligation .... and so was born Humble Henry.

    [ Scribe's note : our hero soon found his new humble approach worked very well. Before nightfall in the new land, he found himself in the possession of a full set of warm new clothes ( of a rather odd mouldy green-blue colour, but he was in no position to be fussy after all ) a bedroll, enough wood and cloth to build a rough shelter if he should so choose, food, cloth a plenty and .... a few bottles of ale, which remembering his last overindulgence and its drastic results, he prudently sold to the nearest innkeeper ]
  15. Ooh, yay, finaly!

    As Grifty would say:
    “Good t' hear there's one more o' us t' watch out fer.”

    I love the humble (No gold) approach too, I know I've tried that many times, and a couple of my most prized posessions came from that.

    Though usualy the items Grifty needed weren't to patch his shoes or mend his clothes... Usualy he was building monuments or saving the world's pantsless children (A free ship + 125 pairs of donated pants = One fun night.) Or constructing some sort of time/cross shard travel machine (EA ya stole my machine and I want it BACK! lol). All requiring fairly inexpensive, readily available items.

    Good luck with it all, and I really hope we get to hear more about Henry or some similar beggarly fellow.
    This month has been the best in many, and it's good to see that even with all the changes, the art of begging still has a place in this world.
  16. Dra'nath

    Dra'nath Guest

    This begging lark sounds like fun. I'm gunna try it with one of my spare character slots...oo-er...hang on haven't got one. I'll stick my uber pally in some rags then /php-bin/shared/images/icons/wink.gif
  17. So Grifty, who's the winner for March? /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  18. Well, seein' as I was involved in almost all o' 'em, an' I refuse t' vote fer m'self, I think Cat is th' pick here. Not too much other choice. =Þ

    I have been (and will be) a bit absent for April and perhaps beyond, so I probably won't be enterin' much this month (or 'til I get a new 'puter or somethin'...)

    If anyone wants t' start one off fer next month (or even this month, though it is a bit into it) I'd try t' contribute whatever I could, but not quite like I did here.

    So, congratulations Cat for um... bein' one o' th' few beggars t' participate.
  19. Cat Crimson

    Cat Crimson Guest

    Woops ! I haven't been on much the last month or so, thanks for the Beg of The Month thumbs up ! Henry will be so pleased ! He's developing nicely his lucre extraction skills and has a good idea for a new wheeze, he just has to get his sound effects right first though .....

    Twas jolly nice to see Mrs Grifty in Vesper the other day with the good begging deity himself /php-bin/shared/images/icons/wink.gif as a spiritual presence in the background !
  20. Deity... Hmph!

    *Hides grin, scampers back into the corner he's been in the past few months...*
  21. YepYeP

    YepYeP Guest

    Hail to all the hard working ( and hungry ) beggars out in the world. I have just started a Beggar on Lake Austin. It was slow going begging from NPC's just working on skill gain. Many told me to go away and some even tried to call the guards on me and escort me away! My tummy was rumblin with hunger pains so i decided to try and get a few gold pieces for a meal. I stood at Brit bank complaining of hunger (i know not very creative) and a nice young lady came to my aid. i was awarded 1500 gold pieces and had a nice conversation. That should feed and cloth me for a few days. hehe.
  22. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Your posts got my theatrical juices flowing. I'm not much of a role player despite having dedicated a year and a half to traveling in a drama company, but decided to try my hand at it.

    Guess I don't really count for a beggar since I have not worked the skill, but I took an unknown character out who previously only ran for tailoring bods. I dressed her in bright childlike colors from a normal dye tub and tamed a cat for her which was renamed to Aslan (after the noble lion).

    She drifted into town and I noticed a young woman from my guild stand there. What an opportunity to see how she is when she doesn't know I am watching! Anika and Aslan approached and addressed the noble woman on her etherial mount. Anika wanted some fish to feed her kitty, did the lady have any? She was offered money, but replied that "No... just a piece of fish for the poor hungry kitty."

    I was so pleased with the way someone with my guild name responded. She not only found fish, but wanted to give Anika money and items. I thanked her and told her that fish was all we really needed. I had made a bag up previously with some reagents and a candle arranged almost symbolically. Anika gave that to her and told her it would protect her in battle as a blessing. She was a bit mystified and as she went into the bank Anika made a very quick exit stage left!

    It seems from my test run that Anika and her kitty are likable so I think the two may be making some appearances in the near future on Chessy.
  23. Mephibosheth

    Mephibosheth Guest

    I've just read of yer escapades last night, Grifty! So I decided to try my hand (or mouth more like it) at the beggin business!

    I've created a beggar by the name of Mephibosheth! I set him upon the streets of the bank in Britain, trying to think of something original. Suddenly, it came to me. I went down the local docks, bought a fishing rod (the only prop I used) and went off to the bank to scout out a likely patron. After a few shrug-offs I found a tamer and explained my situation:

    (She was in a hurry, so I had to explain quickly)
    Mephibosheth: "Scuse me, milady! I was wondering if you could help a poor ould fisherman get 'is vessel back!"
    Patron: Hmm?.....
    Mephibosheth: Well, see I've anchored me dinghy at the port just as always...
    And when I came back from the fish market--
    The (darned) Britainia Port Guard had gone an towed it away!
    Patron: how terrible
    Mephibosheth: Aye! They said something about it being un-seaworthy--
    something about being a danger to other ships in the harbour!
    Mephibosheth: An now they've locked it up and are charging me an exhorbant impound fee t'get it back!
    Perhaps ye could contribute a few gold coin to help me get me poor ould dinghy back?
    (She was in a hurry, but wished me luck and dropped me 1,111 gold coins! On previous tries with patrons who weren't so busy, I went on like:
    "What right do the Port Guards have to take a poor fisherman's dinghy away!?
    So what if the hull's got a few cracks in it-- an-- an-- the rudder's a bit funnylike! etc.)

    This angle took a few tries to work, finding the right patron! One man had me pinned, verbally for about 15 minutes, trying to help me come up with practical ways to earn my 5,000 dollar impound fee! I see something more to this begging business than meets the casual eye! I'll definitely have to work on my typing skills more, though! Most people talk circles around me whilst I try to stutter out my story and keep them waiting... Ruins the effect. But I believe Baja is a swell place to beg! It's highly commercialized, and many there are rich beyond their capabilities to spend, and bored with the wealth!

    Beg on, you beggars! An keep postin those stories.
  24. Ah, damnable escapades, always catchin' up with me...

    *Grumbles about still not being allowed back in the Britain Bakery and his ban from the entire City of Moonglow*

    Anyhow... Aye, typin' quickly is definately an asset in this profession, usualy it's me that's talkin' circles 'round th' folk bein' begged rather than th' other way 'round. (Though, truthfully, they may jus' be stunned by m' smell... =/ )

    Sounds like I should beg at least once fer August 'fore I get all obsolete an' replaced!

    Wait- we're beggars, we're already obsolete... *Hrm*
    Oh well, better beg anyhow, it's been awhile again! =Þ

    Good luck t' all o' ya, an' keep at it, I know far more people read here than post here. (I've had a few... unfortunate surprises... Fame, phooey.) Still, I'd hate t' keep 'em waitin' even longer than they usualy do.

    An' Bonami, sorry t' hear about all that theactrical juice gettin' out, sounds like a nasty mess. I'm a few quarts low m'self, should probably go beg some, or at least do something beggarly this month!

    YepYep, keep at it! Ideas come with time an' skill comes with practice. If ya keep beggin' it'll become easier an' easier 'til it's second nature t' ya. I know I didn't start out nearly as proficient as I was in m' prime, or even as I am now.
    As with anythin', bein' good at somethin' requires talent or hard work, or both. An since I have no talent... Well, beggin' took some hard work an' LOTS o' time.

    So long as it's fun, keep tryin'. When it stops bein' fun, take a break. That alone kept me goin' fer years. =Þ
  25. Mephibosheth

    Mephibosheth Guest

    Ah, Grifty,
    I wish we lived on th' same shard! I've thought of a few little schemes fer a good time, and perhaps, even some profitable beggin'! But I'm afraid they require two or more people! Ah well...

    Ye'll ne'er guess! I was workin this Poor ould dinghy angle again on this woman; I'd made a fairly good start, but she claimed she was broke, having just bought a new house! Hah! Not so! (I allus seem to make gold 'appear' in folks' "broke" accounts! If ye catch me drift!) Anways, after th' cold shoulder was roughly forced into me skinny frame, I then preceeded t'be persistent! I asked 'er for some boards and hides t'strap me t'gether a fine fishin' raft! Denied again!! Well, me bein' a beggar that doesn't leave empty handed-- I tryed again!

    "Hmm! Well then may'ap ye could make me job a littl' easier! Do ye 'ave any fish?"
    (I was then presented with 12 fishsteaks)
    "Thankee marm! From th' bottom o' me failin' 'eart!"
    (She told me I was welcome)
    "This'll feed me family fer a week!"
    (And I couldn't resist this next part)
    "But-- alas... They live on N'Jhelom..."
    "An I couldn't get this food t'them..."
    "Can't afford th' Five hundred gold costin' ticket!"
    (at this point she walked over to her bank account an I knew I had won! 500 gold awarded! {=oD)

    I need some tips, though! T'help me smooth up me actin'! If ye all seen anythin' wrong with me technique-- jus' post yer message up 'neath this un with yer beggin' wisdom!


    P.S. I've just now gotten another sucessful beg! s'why I'm editing this!

    I've gotten live scripture from th' journal, too!

    "Scuse me marm-- I was wonderin if'n ye could plead me wife's case..."
    "Please, milady, would ye help out a poor ould farmer's wife?"
    (More silence... She's a cold 'un!)
    "what do you need?"
    "Well, see... It's me wife... She's got th' Blight!"
    "Wobblechops, I'm afraid!"
    "Ye know! Causes foamin' o' th mouth! Cravings fer mud pies! Loss o' Hair!"
    "S'terrible, wobblechops is!"
    "Th' physician says it'll ne'er cure itself!"
    "A cure is availible!"
    (I was tryin' t'hurry up! This woman didn't seem th least bit friendly or hospitable!)
    "I need th' money fer th' cure!"
    "T'cure me wife's blight!"
    "Th' Wobblechops!"
    "It costs a thousand gold peices!"
    "what the money no good its just a game"
    "I'm afraid yore missin me point!"
    "She's got th' blight!"
    "what is blight"
    "Th' abnomality of healthy behavior!"
    "Th' Blight!"
    "on the game or in rl"
    (She was really makin this hard fer me!)
    "Must ye use th' common tongue!"
    "real life or game"
    "S' in Britain!"
    "Out in th' farms!"
    "o ok"
    ('bout bloody time!)
    "Me wife, Haley!"
    (There is actually a farmer named Haley in Britain!)
    "i got ok ic"
    "So cn' ye plead me case?"
    "An provide a small donation to a poor ould farmer?"
    "ok i will get u your 1000 gold ok"
    "a few min"
    "I'd be much oblidged!"
    (2000 gold recieved!! {=oD)
    "I thank ye marm, fer yer kindness!"
    "no problem"
    "A thousand blessins 'pon yer stead!"
    "My wife, she'll be overjoyed!"
    (I then left th' scene of th' beggin!)

    This woman seemed cold-earted an ugly! But she gave me th' money nonetheless! (an I think deep down she pitied me poor, wobblechopped wife!)

  26. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Ahhhh yes, wobblechops... that would be of course quite related to mortasicabitis which most frequently claims the health of youngers. It seems to be worst in the colder months and hits hardest after the feasts of the Sabaths.

    Your poor wife. If I had known I would have whipped up a bowl of soup and sent along a bottle of hangover cure which is also very good for fighting the blight.
  27. A_Fish

    A_Fish Guest

    I just started playing UO agian and the first day i was playing someone gave me 25k because i was whinning about getting money to buy a boat. :p
  28. Cat Crimson

    Cat Crimson Guest

    That would make you a " begger " and not a " beggar " I think ?

    Anyway, I think I'd like to nominate Crazy Joe for rl Honorary Beggar of The Month or even past few months, in the nicest possible way, because he has managed to get a whole lot of gold for his tsunami relief efforts /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  29. I agree, CrazyJoe definately gets the best one this time. And if you look at what he got in-game, alone, regardless of what he did with it in th' end...

    Aye, CrazyJoe, Beggar o' th' Month.

    No question. =Þ
  30. YEARS since last beg of the month? Terrible!Beg more people!

    My contribution is, as follows;
    When i still used to play UO, i occasionally ended up having more or less empty&useless extra accounts open here and there for a short while, after buying new game box and such.
    I have been away from UO for some years now and would like to have a look around. I don't own a credit card, which is requires for EA's free trial.

    If YOU have an idle, somewhat useless account you don't mind sharing for a few hours, it would be appreciated!!If you feel generous enough, please contact me via PM..oor post the account info right here, or whatever you feel like doing!It's your damn account!

    Alms/Account names/Passwords for the poor!
  31. Ryna

    Ryna Sage
    Stratics Veteran Alumni

    Feb 26, 2004
    Likes Received:
  32. Audun

    Audun Guest

    Well, 'ere tha Beg o' tha Month: Summer one is bout 6 months out o' date.

    Me begging career seems to 'ave taken a down turn since I joined the ranks o' tha media. I was doin really well one day, then tha next I'm gettin nothin. I went from a mongbat an a pile o coins ta actually havin ta kill stuff fer me gol'!

    Sad times ta be a poor dwarf, I tell ye...
  33. Chango Pelon

    Chango Pelon Guest

    Today I found a rare treat... people using the bank in Brit. [​IMG]

    So I asked if they had any spare coin so I could get my sick mother a pair of shoes to keep her feet warm. I was rewarded with 600 "spare coin" from this kind soul. I promptly thanked him and went on my way remembering the good days the Brit bank had seen.

  34. Oliver

    Oliver Guest

    Was on my Siege Begger: Abraham Moongate
    With his blessed Sheperd's Crook and his Death Robe
    Had just gone to the Skara Brae bank to drop off some cotton from the fields when two members of.. I think it was the Minax faction came up and started banking.

    Abraham Moongate turned to one of them and said:
    "Spare a gold for an old man?"
    VasOrtFlam InNox then dropped 60,000 gold pieces on the ground which I quickly banked.
    "Thank ye kind sir"
    "Virtues Bless ye"

    I guess it pays to ask low and have a descriptive name?