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[Begging] Begging Faqs

Discussion in 'UO Crime' started by imported_Grifty McBegg, Feb 28, 2004.

  1. I started this somewhere else, but figured Stratics could use it as much as anywhere, so here it is:

    Tip #1: Communicate effectively. It is important how ya speak t' these people, make yerself as understood as ya can stand. Don't take this one lightly, how well ya get yer ideas across is almost as important as th' beggin' idea itself. Spellin' an' grammar are an important part o' this. If it has t' be incorrect, at least make it that way fer a reason. Accented speech t' denote somethin' about th' character (lisp, drunkenness, reigonal things, etc...) is great, but don't misspell an' mix up things without it bein' part o' th' character. Unless that char is mentaly handicapped in such a way as it would appear the same. =Þ

    Tip #2: Be courteous, respectful, an' aware o' what makes th' player(s) you're beggin' tick. Try an' find somethin' that'll get t' 'em more'n anythin' else. Women tend t' go fer humor with sympathy, an' someone they can talk t'. IE, look pathetic in th' laughable sense. Men tend t' go fer sight gags, costumes, elaborate scenarios, etc. Somethin' that'll keep 'em interested. I don't know why this is, but th' men o' Atlantic (if not all o' sosaria) tend t' have a shorter attention span.

    Tip #3: Be Creative! Inventiveness an' th' ability t' adapt t' yer situation, (whether or not it goes as planned, people are always dynamic) is somethin' I cannot emphasize enough. Bein' original is a big, big need in this profession. If it's the same ol' “Give me gold, my family is hungry. I have 12 kids...” spiel it won't get th' same initial response as somethin' like: “Excuse me, ma'am, have you seen a golden squirrel around?” or “Please sir! This mongbat and I are trying to elope and we're a bit short of funds, and we can't exactly ask her parents...” Gettin' an' keepin' their attention, while at th' same time bein' creative an' still gettin' what ya want out o' it is perhaps th' hardest part o' begging in general.

    Tip #4: Expect nothing. Gettin' yer hopes up whilst beggin' is likely t' get ya down. Not even th' amazin' Grifty gets 'em every time. If you're gonna be a beggar I hope ya either have th' capacity t' ignore failure, or th' ability t' deal with it. A pessimistic outlook is what saved me from gettin' discouraged, you'll need somethin' that does that fer you too.

    Tip #5: Be persistant, stickin' to it in this profession does indeed pay off. If at first ya don't succeed, pester 'em 'til ya get what ya want. In th' case o' begging, “no” does not mean “no”, it means try harder. Just a warning though: gettin' *too* persistant has gotten me th' threat o' bein' paged on, but only once an' by someone very irritable an' not into it at all. By all means stay persistant, jus' be careful o' who yer target is.

    Tip #6: Be humble, it always works fer me when I act as though I don't deserve what I'm gettin'. Always thank th' person or people (if it's en masse) you're beggin' as soon as ya can manage. Even if they give ya next t' nothing, pretend it's th' best/only next t' nothing you've ever owned. I've had 6gp turn into 6000gp many times due t' that. I can't say that I've never begged successfully while RPing an elitist snob, (IE: Pretend you don't want it, reverse psychology, the whole deal.) however, humility always worked better fer me.

    Tip #7: Don't be easily rattled. Ya could consider this a sub-category o' th' don't get discouraged part, however this is more specificaly about things gettin' turned on ya. In other words, getting heckled. A quick wit an' a sharp tongue'll often save ya here, a beggar has t' be able t' defend itself verbaly, it's all he's got! Turn th' tables, make 'em cry, or stick with it an' emphaticaly accept whatever they tell ya. “Yes, I am a n00b! How'd you know? Can ya help me get started? Maybe some gold or tips? *Begs*" And that leads me to my next point.

    Tip #8: Everythin' is a beg. Ya have t' see th' potential t' turn anythin' into a beg, everythin' is up fer attempts, an' no scheme is too ludicrous! If ya fail, switch it around, try again. If ya succeed, move on. Yer a beggar, ya have nothin' t' lose! Take advantage o' yer situation, look t' yer surroundings fer inspiration. Whatever it takes (Within reason of course, don't go gettin' banned, even if a beggar has nothin' to lose, you have four non-beggar chars to worry about!)

    Tip #9: Realize that not all that glitters is gold. Sentiment is th' best reward I can ever have. Somethin' that evokes memories o' a beg well-done. Gettin' focused on how much ya make really defeats th' spirit o' th' beggar ideal I try t' uphold. I can beg someone fer cheese, pants, pink dressforms, or whatever, an' have it mean as more t' me than a pile o' gold ever could, if th' beg that came with it was worthy o' rememberin'. Crap is crap, gold is gold, but memories an' th' items that give ya that “Ahh, yes, I remember when I got that pie, poor, poor orphan...” feeling are where th' heart o' it all is fer me.

    Tip #10: Be distinct. If ya don't stand out, ya won't get noticed, an' therefore ya won't succeed in beggin' yer mark. There're a lot o' players out there, an' in this profession, ya wanna get their attention. This may not be obvious, due t' th' "Be humble" remark up there... However, ya can stand out an' remain humble at th' same time! I hate t' be noticed by people, I hate stickin' out like a sore thumb, I'd rather not be th' center o' attention, but that's a sacrifice ya have t' make fer this profession t' work t' its fullest.

    Tip# 11: I'll keep addin' these as I think o' 'em, enjoy.
  2. Many thanks for the tips...

    Shall keep them in mind while practicing my talent...

  3. "An Ex Por"

    Also, Grifty, if you want to re-make the Beggar's Forum FAQ, I'd be glad to sticky that as well. Editing the old one doesn't work too well as far as formatting is concerned, unfortunately.
  4. Frequently Asked Questions

    This FAQ covers only the actual useable skill of begging, not the associated roleplay aspects. Those will be addressed in a separate thread.

    Table of Contents

    1. Gaining begging:

    How do I gain in begging?
    How fast can I gain?
    How do I know when I’ve failed?
    Why is the NPC yelling at me?
    Who can/can’t I beg?

    2. Increasing your effectiveness:

    How much gold does a beggar make?
    How can I increase that amount?
    Does karma help my gold intake, and by how much?
    Does fame help, and how?

    3. Begging bugs.

    Are there any known begging bugs?
    Are there any plans to fix them?
    How can I work around these bugs?

    4. Mondain's Legacy Content

    Are the new Elves beg-able?
    Is it true that Elves don't give gold?
    What new items are available?
    Where can I get the new items?
    Is it me, or is begging faster now?
  5. 1. Gaining begging.

    How do I gain in begging?

    To use the begging skill, either select it from your skill list and click the blue gem, drag the skill gump from the skill list, or make a macro in the options menu.

    How fast can I gain?
    Begging raises fairly slowly, due to both the 10-second skill use timer, and because of the low success rate, which directly = your begging skill.

    At 0.0, you have no chance to succeed (though you can still gain) at GM, you never fail.

    After you hit about 80-90 skill though, you will notice a significant slowdown. The best way to gain then is through GGS

    Click the link for more information.
    Before GGS, it took me two years to GM begging, it will probably take you significantly less time than that.

    How do I know when I've failed?
    When you fail skill-wise, or if an NPC is otherwise unbegable, you will be told: "They seem unwilling to give you any money."

    Sometimes this does not mean you have failed the skill check though, certain NPCs such as Town Criers and Haven Shopkeepers give the fail message, but they will never give out any other message, so ya might as well quit tryin'.

    There are some NPCs that will give a different message, "There is little chance of getting money from that!" These NPcs are usually not NPCs, but creatures that are "animals" to the client, and (I'm not sure if this is still the case...) could have Animal Lore used on them.

    Also, NPCs will sometimes tell you they have given you a certain amount of coins, but you will not actually recieve any. This is considered a bug.

    Why is the NPC yelling at me!?

    When you beg too soon after a previous beg an NPC will give one of eight messages:

    1: "Shoo, beggar, shoo!"
    2: "Why don't you get a job?"
    3: "When was the last time
    thou earned an honest coin?"
    4: "I've a mind to take a
    switch to thee!"
    5: "Guards! This beggar needs
    to be escorted out of town!"
    6: "I've given enough to charity,
    7: "Do you believe I have any spare coin? Hah!"
    8: "Don't you have someone else
    you can pester?"

    There is a 60 second timer between first getting gold from an NPC, and the next time you can get more gold from that same NPC.

    Beg six other NPCs, come back, or just wait 60 seconds and you'll be set!

    Who can/can’t I beg?
    None seem to be gender-specific.

    All facets:
    You can beg Wandering Wealers with backpacks. Those without backpacks will give a beggar gold.
    Priests of Mondain, with or without backpacks.

    You cannot beg Gargoyle City residents/shopkeepers.
    You cannot beg Gypsy camps.

    You can beg the "yellow" Healers in Luna.
    You can beg the Holy Mages.
    You cannot beg Keepers of Chivalry

    You cannot beg Haven shopkeepers or Uzeraan's hirelings. (Mansion guards, etc.)
    You can beg Haven guards, and other NPCs there.

    Elves: You can beg Heartwood elves as well as brigand elves.
    The brigands will give you gold, and the Heartwood elves will give you items.
    For more information, see 4. New Mondain's Legacy Content
  6. 2. Increasing your effectiveness:

    How much gold does a beggar make?

    A beggar with neutral karma rakes in anywhere from 0 to 20 coins per beg. Each skill use takes 10 seconds. Therefore, a GM beggar makes an average of 1gp/second. This is because your success chance is equal to your skill%. If you have 50.0 begging skill, you will succeed approcimately half the time. At 75.0 skill, you will succeed about 75% of the time. A Grandmaster beggar cannot fail to pass the skill check.

    How can I increase that amount?

    Increase your skill, your karma, or your begging method. Head to somewhere emore densely populated with NPCs, or gather a bunch of NPCs into one area.
    Any of these will increase your productivity gold-wise.

    Does karma help my gold intake, and by how much?

    Yes, and by one GP per-tier, up to 24 GP. Be warned also though, that negative karma has the same effect. Evil people get up to 4gp less per beg.

    Does fame help, and how?

    Nope! Sorry, but fame does not augment your gold intake from NPCs. However, it is handy for showing your title off, starting at fame level 4. (To a beggar with neutral karma, it shows as “Distinguished”)
  7. 3. Begging bugs:

    Are there any known begging bugs?

    Yes, there are two major ones, that may even be related.
    The first, will allow a beggar to beg an NPC, and will give you a success message stating a number of coins, but the coins are never given to the beggar!

    The second, drops a pile of 6551 or some similar amount of coins into the beggar's pack. Don’t be fooled, you didn’t get that lucky! It is really only 1gp with a bugged display.

    Are there any plans to fix them?

    So far as I know, no. But we are trying to bring as much about begging to the Developers’ attention as we can. There is hope.

    How can I work around these bugs?

    If an NPC won’t give you coins, it’s usually related to that specific NPC, and if you move on, the next one should have no problem giving you coins. Learn which NPCs on your shard are bugged, and seek to avoid them.
  8. 4. Mondain's Legacy Content

    Are the new Elves beg-able?

    Yes and no. So far, you can beg the Heartwood Elves and any brigand elves you come across at the usual brigand camps. But not the Sanctuary elves.

    Is it true that Elves don't give gold?

    Yes and no. When last tested, Heartwood elves gave items instead of gold, while brigand elves gave gold exactly like other brigands.

    What new items are available?

    There are a few new random items that can be obtained, some of which are semi-rare. By semi-rare, I mean in terms of in-game rarity, not drop rates.
    Drop rates seem to be divided into 5 levels, from 50% down to >1% chances per item.
    All of the items now have an "Acquired by begging" tag on them.

    It is rumored that high-level recipes can be acquired by begging.
    As of yet, I have not seen any in-game, I will update this as soon as I have proof.
    Though, this was reportedly mentioned specifically by Devs at the recent Syndicate [LLTS] meetup.

    Confirmed items:

    Small cheese wedge
    Sake (Appears in a bottle unique to sake, not just a rehue!)
    Plate of cookies
    Pitcher of wine (reversed art)
    Pitcher of wine
    Pitcher of water (reversed art)
    Pitcher of water
    Pitcher of liquor (reversed art)
    Pitcher of liquor
    Pitcher of ale (reversed art)
    Pitcher of ale
    Lantern (light flickers, and it has a hanging ring, unlike some other lanterns, the lantern cannot be turned off.)
    French bread
    Flower garland
    Fishing pole
    Fish steak
    Bowl of stew
    Bottle of wine

    As a side note: In the Beta, there was a strange fish that weighed 255 stones, this fish was not removable except by death.
    The fish o' death was removed before ML hit production shards.

    Where can I get the new items?

    The only known place to get the items is by begging the elves in the Heartwood, located in central Yew.

    To get there, just take the moongate to Yew, and head SW to the center of town. There will be an elven emmissary there, who was, last I checked, unbegable.

    Is it me, or is begging faster now?

    While it changed between 7-8 seconds and 10 on the UO:ML Beta shard, it is unfortunately still the calssic ten-second wait on production shards.
  9. Astryl

    Astryl Guest

    Hail fellow Beggars, I just wanted to wish everyone good luck this Halloween season in filling your candy sacks with life sustaining goodies. Also, I wanted to share how I go about creating successful 2D client macros and using UOAssist agents to optimize our beloved skill.

    How to create a 2D Client Begging Macro

    Theres a few ways to make a good Begging macro, but I find this one is decent for me. You will want it to do 4 things :
    1) UseSkill Begging
    2) WaitForTarget
    3) SelectNearest Mobile
    4) Current Target

    [​IMG] Photo manipulated for this post.

    With this macro you can stroll around Heartwood and beg each and every stingy Elf there with ease. Just make sure you get close to each Elf. You do not want any other Elf or bird to come between you and your goodies!

    You can also have fun by adding some optional ideas like talking before and after a beg, setup multiple begging macros each with their own talking lines to "randomize" your favorite begging phrases, or even add a delay to know when your cool-down timer is over to beg again. All kinda of combinations can be fun to put together.

    [​IMG] Photo manipulated for this post.

    You can use this type of macro to have fun talking with your fellow citizens, as well as "notify" you when its time to move along to the next mark. It should be noted that the 2D clients DELAY macro value is in whole numbers, and 1 = 1 millisecond or 10 for every second. Remember overall lag can affect the value you enter. 90 seems to work the best for me between the cool-down timer and lag. Adjust as needed.

    Soon your pack will be overflowing with goodies galore!


    How to setup UOAssist's Organizer Agent

    Ok so now your backpack is stuffed and completely unorganized. What is a beggar to do? Well thats where UOAssist can really speed up the process. If you have not used the Organizer Agent before you may really like it. It is found on the last tab of the client, and selected from the pull-down menu.


    To use the agent successfully you need to setup a container where you want your items placed. I recommend a special container so you can easily see it and always remember what its for. In my case I use a Wooden Box which I have engraved:


    Once you know what you will use you need to agent to recognize it. First, make sure the "Bag 1" radio-button is selected, then click the "Bag Setup" button. Use the "Set Bag" function and select your container. You can even name the container (once it is setup) so its even easier to remember. Just enter a name in the 'Name:' field box and replace the default text (for example "OA-Bag 1"):


    Here is my container all ready to go named "Begged Items":


    How to use UOAssist's Organizer Agent

    Now that your container is ready to go, you need to tell the agent what items need organizing. Each item you add will be placed into the container once you run the agent. In our case, it is best to add one of each begged item type in your pack. Remember, left/right (reversed images) facing items are unique items, and each needs to be added to the list.

    To add an item right-click in the white-space area and select "Add Item" then target a begged item. Repeat the process for each item.


    Once the items are in the list, you can even select where in the container you want them placed. For simplicity, I always choose "Drop in Pack" versus any particular location.


    It should be noted that I do not add rare begged items (turnips, sake, fishing pole, bedroll, fishsteak, flower garland, plate of cookies and bottle of wine), as I want those to remain in my top pack. Eventually I sell the items in my Organizer container through the Sell Agent (you set multiple agents on the same container). I also cannot consider "a pitcher of wine" a rare item truly since it can be created (see post: http://vboards.stratics.com/showthread.php?t=113188 )

    Last thing to do is setup a key to run the agent. It can be found under the "Keys" tab, then find "Organize Bag 1". Set it to an open key, then go ahead and run the agent.


    Once complete, all your items should be moved into your container!

    ....and when the Trick or Treat madness begins, do not forget to add your new goodies to your Organizer Agent container, or even setup a second container. You can even modify the UO macro to include saying "Trick or Treat". Feel free to post up your favorite begging macros.

    Have fun!

  10. ejpeters

    ejpeters Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    May 18, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Very Nice! Works perfectly.
    I left Heartwood for awhile because it drove me crazy throwing out all the items or manually moving them.
  11. Black Sun

    Black Sun Grand Poobah
    Stratics Veteran Alumni

    Mar 19, 2003
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    One thing you may wish to note, I could not get this macro to work properly unless I was using the new targeting system.
  12. Nexus

    Nexus Site Support
    Administrator Moderator Professional Stratics Veteran Wiki Moderator Stratics Legend

    Oct 1, 2006
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    Moving all the stickied Begging Faqs into one thread.