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[Fishing] Best Character To Solo Oceanic Creatures?

Discussion in 'UO Fishing and Treasure Hunting' started by Rocklin, May 13, 2009.

  1. Rocklin

    Rocklin Guest

    I have the ability to place fishing on several characters. I am looking for a solid choice to handle ASOS and White Nets spawns. I have a Mage and an Archer that appear to be the front runners. Which characters do you hunt ASOS and nets with?
  2. Maximilliean

    Maximilliean Guest

    Currently, no one.
    When I wasn't a moron and before I deleted my GM Fisherman I used an Archer with Chivalry.

    115 Archery
    115 Tactics
    110 Resist
    105 Anatomy
    100 Healing
    100 Fishing
    75 Chivalry

    I am currently rebuilding this character or a variation of it with the following:

    115 Archery
    110 Tactics
    110 Resist
    110 Bushido
    100 Meditation
    100 Fishing
    75 Chivalry

    I choose Meditation over Focus for a couple of reasons. 1) I allready wear leather armor and mage armor is easy to get. 2)I tend to use Divine Fury to refill my stamina allready 3)Med gives more mana back, I can always carry refresh pots for stamina.

    The really crappy part is I know I soul stoned all of his skills, but when I returned 90% of my stuff was missing. Knowing my luck there was a server revert right after I finished packing my stuff on my characters. Oh well, half the fun is the journey.
  3. Jermosh

    Jermosh Guest

    My mage makes them quite easy, in fact I can usually kill the Leviathan and go back to kill the krakens left up from the net.

    120 Mage*
    120 EI*
    115 Resist
    110 Med*
    100 Anatomy
    100 Fishing
    95 Spellweaving
    20 Focus*

    I will allure a Arctic ogre lord and let Levithain mana dump on him while keeping him healed. Then I start my mana dump.
  4. Vertigo

    Vertigo Guest

    I've used several to solo Leviathans


    100 Fishing
    120 Music
    120 Provo
    120 Disco
    115 Mage
    100 Med

    Tatic: Throw net - provo spawn onto Lev. Disco Lev. Take out Lev with EV's

    Currently use tamer/bard

    100 Fishing
    120 Music
    120 Provo
    115 Tame
    115 Lore
    100 Vet
    95 Mage

    Tatic: Throw net - all guard me - invis - provo spawn onto Lev.
    take out Lev with Greater Drag.

    Works like a charm:thumbup:
  5. Fumoffu

    Fumoffu Guest

    Jermosh or anyone here,

    I usually play solo, so I won't be able to get buddies to help me with creating the arcane circle thing. In that sense, is it worth it to take spellweaving that high...I know dryad allure is useful for the technique that Jermosh uses in dealing with the spawn and lev.

    Reason I ask is because I want to create a similar fishing template to what Jermosh has.
  6. My fisherman has always been just a plain mage, I normally use summons like fire ele to help me with the battles, sometimes I die, sometimes I make it.