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Best PVP Class

Discussion in 'WoW General Discussion' started by ChewingGumWarrior, Jun 21, 2008.

  1. What's the best PvP class? I'm thinking about Shaman.
  2. Pashta

    Pashta Guest

    Hehe. That is highly subjective! My opinion is retribution pally kicks major butt in PvP and really pisses hordies off (so much so that they demanded pallies as well). Warlocks are great in PvP and so are rogues. I have a ret pally and it's so much fun...
  3. Devilengine

    Devilengine Guest

    yeah... thats completely subjective. Each class has its strengths and weaknesses and really depends on who's driving.
  4. Emuishere

    Emuishere Guest

    Each class has pros and cons, ultimatley it depends on your spec. For example my Hunter is speced for PvP, that means most of my talent points are in beast mastery with some in marksman ship, this way I do optimal damage with my pet and my bow. After doing some Warson Gulch etc. It works rather well if you lay your traps etc. wisely. Hope that helps a bit.
  5. Kalibek

    Kalibek Guest

    Druids are by far the most powerful healing class. They can shift forms to avoid mana burn, they are able to never be rooted or snared, they have instant hots and heals which cannot be counterspelled. They also have feral charge (with talent points) which can interrupt and immobilize someone along with bash (trainable) which will stun an opponent. A boomkin druid is good but it needs the support of a team to truly make use of its power. If the opposing team lets a boomkin cast, then someone is going to die very quickly. A feral druid will have 45% run speed increase in cat form, which is incredible in pvp. They cannot be snared or rooted and can bleed another class to death if they get the jump on someone.

    Paladins have their shortcomings in pvp. Something that they have been complaining about a lot recently. As a healer they are by far the weakest in arena. They don't have any instant heal besides holy shock, which only hits for around 2500. They can't avoid mana burn unless they are using line of sight. And if they bubble, a priest can mass dispel or people just usually wait for it to go down and then kill the pally. Prot pally is useless in pvp and ret pally's are like warriors who run out of mana.

    Elemental shamans are strong, if they are allowed to cast, like boomkins. Enhancement shamans are great for going on casters since they can purge magic buffs and have interrupts. But if they get snared, they are just like warriors, they stand still and can't really move. Resto shamans are great but they can be mana burned too easily. They usually keep water shield up and if something is hitting them, like a pet, it will help keep their mana pool full.

    I'd go into more detail about other classes but I have to go get something to eat, ill fill in the rest later.
  6. Firebird

    Firebird Guest

    I agree with everyone that posted here, and as Kalibek pointed out (and I am sure will finish with the rest) you can see good and bad on each side...

    my main toon is a priest, lvl'd to 70 as shadow, hit BG's and instantly found I was either constantly yelling (oom=out of mana) or simply could not produce enough damage when it came to druids, rouges and the occ.mage that played their toon very well. I have now respeced to disc but with alittle shadow just to see where it landed me ( I no longer have a severe manner issue but killing in pvp is not good either)

    I also have a retrib pally, fer druid, frost mage, and lock... tbh I would say I enjoy my pally and my mage (got to love AOE-frost nova- blink) again good and bad to everything, my mage creates massive damage but as a clothie and no way to heal outside of bandies, she can also "take" massive damage and can see alot of death.

    Here is what you ask yourself I would say after Kalibek finishes the summary of things...

    1. Would you rather play a caster toon or melee?
    2. Are you looking to do arena as well?
    3. When your currently in a BG what is your biggest pain? ie= rouge? druid? mage? Could you see yourself playing that type of toon?

    PvP toons are not all about the type of char you pick but how you play that toon tbh... I fought a holy priest once that laughed at me the entire fight (she never ran out of mana, never died and I could never get her below half health) she never stopped moving and knew very well how to play her toon.. same goes for all of them *got to love rouges and sap:p):lol:
  7. Yorath

    Yorath Guest

    `Also depends a lot on what your team member(s) is/are. With whatever class you choose, you have to have a good match to do any good. I have a Ret Pally and I love it. In BG's I always find a resto druid to heal me and I go nuts. Like everyone previously stated, know your class and go with what you like. There is always good and bad with each class. (UNLESS YOU"RE A FREAKIN WARLOCK! IT'S WIN/WIN FOR WARLOCKS! HATE THOSE THINGS!) Good luck and hope this helps.
  8. My fav is a Rogue. It has its pros and cons but i still love it.

  9. i currently pvp as a restore druid, and i love it....i last a very long time with it even with multiple people going after me. I remember one time in EotS, i had 5 horde after me, i think i managed to last about 1 min before they managed to finally kill me, LOL

    And once in AB, i was chased by 3 hordes and was still able to get away....

    of course, the drawback is I can't kill anyone, lol...so i just stick to the crowds and heal the others and let them do the killing.

    and lotsa time if i get targeted by 1 or 2 hordes, i was able to keep them on me (while i just keep healing myself)....and letting my teammates kill those attacking me....good times!
  10. Pashta

    Pashta Guest

    I must disagree, I have no mana issues on my ret pally, the people I fight die too quickly for that to happen - LOL! I am not wearing mana gear either. If a fight WERE to go that long that I'd run out of mana I could still kill them with just my axe. The most fun I've ever had in PvP is on her.
  11. Kalibek

    Kalibek Guest

    When I did 3s last season, I played with a disc priest/ holy pally. Whenever we would face a ret pally, 2-3 mana burns and the paladin was effectively useless. Sure he could auto attack and everynow and then judge, but it wasn't nearly as powerful. A rogue has energy generation and a warrior has rage, both are unlimited and can only be stifled, not removed.

    Again, it's all about what you like to play. It's just that some classes are currently more powerful than others.
  12. Pashta

    Pashta Guest

    Yep, but it also depends on the skill of the player and the specific stats on the gear of that player. I wouldn't be getting mana burned in the first place, but if I did I am geared so that my regular attacks do mega damage.

    I actually don't use anything but the judgements. My heals are gimped because I'm ret so I rarely heal myself, usually only after a fight or if I'm getting attacked by more than one person and I bubble to heal myself.
  13. deadplayer

    deadplayer Guest

    Absolutely.There are no best pvp class in wow.It's you who control the char decide whehter your are strong or weak.