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Best warrior suit regardless of price?.....

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by imported_Athlon, Oct 10, 2007.

  1. There was a thread a few years back that listed everyones picks for the best suit. WIth the new items in game, im sure this has changed. There are some items that everyone has, some everyone most likely have, then your own personal piece that is unique. No Darkwood Armor outfits should be included.

    Obvious items included would be:

    - Crimson Cincture
    - Primer on Arms Talisman (+1 str, +2 HPR, 20% damage increase)
    - Quiver of Infinity (+5% DCI)
    - Vet Robe (+3 phys resist)
    - Vet Cloak (+3 phys resist)

    Most Likely Items:
    - Mace and Shield Reading Glasses (30 HLD, 10 Str, 5 Dex, 25/10/10/10/10)
    - Jackals Collar (Dex 15, HPR 2, 5/23/17/3/2)

    Possible other items:
    - Heart of the Lion (95 lck, 15 DCI, 15/10/10/10/10)
    - Leggings of Bane (Stam +8, HCI +20, 4/4/4/36/2)
    - Stormgrip (Int 8, lck 125, DI 25, 10/4/18/3/18)
    - Ring of Vile (Stam Dex +8, Stam Regen +6, HCI +15, PR +20)

    List your outfits, without weopon. I would like to see how close to all 70's, plus 45 HCI and 45 DCI people have come, and list all your other mods.
  2. Janus69

    Janus69 Guest

    Well this suit is ideal for my particular template(mace,tact,anat,parry,necro,ss,chiv,healing)

    Mace and Shield
    Jackal's Collar
    Rune Beetle Carapace
    Leggings of Bane
    Crimson Cincture
    Quiver of Infinity
    Primer on Arms
    Barbed Arms w/ mr & lmc
    Shield - 6 rpd/10 hci/15 dci/fc1
    Ring - Dex +8, HCI 12, DCI 9, FC 1, Poison resist 9%
    Bracelet - HCI 12, FC 1, DI 20, Fire resist 9%
    Would wear Vet robe, but don't need it in wraithform, so hooded shroud it is [​IMG]

    Can't log into UO atm, but final stats look a lil something like this..
    Max hci, like 35 dci, 80-100 di(depending on weapon), lmc 30 +/-, 5mr, FC 3, 30% Hld, some hpi and other minor mods
  3. Janus69

    Janus69 Guest

    ***Doh, sorry***
  4. your ring and bracelet look unbeleiveable. How you get your other 2 FC other than on the shield?
  5. Kakitasteel

    Kakitasteel Guest

    this is what i currently run atm. i have 2 suits 1 is a sammy/ pally #1, #2 is pure sammy.

    #1. 34 HCI,44 DCI, Mr 1, HP Reg 4, HLD 30,Dmg inc 45,all 70's resist's, str 120, dex 150, int .34

    only 710 skill pt's but i lucked out and found the right jewelry for resists, skill's, and HCI/DCI.
    template is 120 swords, parry, bush, gm tact,anat 90 healing(gm w/ enhanced aids) and chiv @ 81.

    mace and shield
    heart of the lion
    legs of bane
    horned sleeves MR 1 18,22,7,6,18
    crimson cincture
    primer on arms tali
    quiver of infinity
    ring str +5, HCI 14, DCI 11, energy res 11
    brace chiv 12, parry 11, DCI 13, cold res 12, poison res 11

    #2 temp is 120 swords,parry,bush, tact, anat ,110 healing. str 108, dex 150, int 50.

    HCI 31, DCI 28, MR 3, LMC 21, HLD 30,HP Reg 4,Ref phy's 9. Dmg inc 66, all 70's resist's

    mace and shield
    legs of bane
    Barbed sleeves Ref phy's 9, 19,18,5,22,17
    crimson cincture
    primer on arms tali
    quiver of infinity
    ring str + 6 , HCI 11, DCI 12, LMC 6, cold resist 11
    brace dex + 4, DCI 11, dmg inc 21%, fire resist 11, energy resist 15
    Bronze robe + 3 phy's resist
  6. Zalan

    Zalan Crazed Zealot
    Governor Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    Jul 13, 2005
    Likes Received:
    Back in the day I would say RBC over Heart of the Lion.

    + extra mana
    - crappy Resist

    Heart of the Lion:
    +15 DCI
    + Decent Resist
    + Mage Armor
    - No MR
    - No LMC
  7. Janus69

    Janus69 Guest


    your ring and bracelet look unbeleiveable. How you get your other 2 FC other than on the shield?

    [/ QUOTE ]
    Doh! Don't know what I was thinking.. Was at work and in a hurry to post.. My jewels aren't that elite unfortunately, although I think they are pretty nice.. My jewels are actually....
    Ring - Dex +8, HCI 12, DCI 9, FC 1, Poison resist 9%
    Bracelet - HCI 12, FC 1, DI 20, Fire resist 9%
  8. Flats

    Flats Guest

    Sorta same as my suit......

    Quiver of Infinity
    Rune Beetle Carapace
    Mace &amp; Shield Glasses
    Legs Of Bane
    Ring Of The Vile
    Jackals collar
    Sleeves with MR &amp; Lmc

    thats the artie stuff but i also have a nice braclet with high HCI dci and 6 int bonus and 4 str bonus

    Oh and i use a crimson
  9. that is one of the best suits i have ever seen Decept.

    This last weekend i went out and bought legs of bane and spirit of totem. Already have jackals, mace n sheild, legs of embers, Fey Leggings (have basically every arty out there).

    I have some other real nice individual pieces, and pieced together the best combination i possibly could. Still nothing like you put together though.

    I went and tried it out solo'ing the ole dreadhorn, and got waxed.

    Out of killing the DH over 400 times solo with my darkwood suit and only dying 3 times (1 to lag) - i still declare the darkwood suit better than anything i can put together.

    My darkwood suit consists of 2 bloodwood pieces and then 4 heartwood pieces, 3 with 10% DI and 1 with 5% HCI. I am trying to swap my 3 10% DI peices with 3 5% HCI pieces.

    Anyway, my MUCH less expensive darkwood suit still outperforms the uber costly arty hog suit.
  10. Dain69

    Dain69 Guest

    This is my Reds pvp suit (he's not a sam but he has bushido :p)

    67 (with vamp form on)

    41 hci
    45 dci

    40 lmc
    9 mr

    4 fc
    5 fcr

    Arties include:
    Mace and Shield Glasses
    Totem Of The Void
    Crimson Cincture
    Leggings Of Fey
    Orniment Of The Magician
    Runebeetle Carapace.
    Jack's Collar

    Ring: 1fc 2fcr 12hci 11dci 6 fire resist.

    Arms and gloves are high 2mr high resist stam bonus barbed kit crafted items. (one has 5lmc).

    I have a fc1 15/11 shield.

    My wep is 13hci 50di 25ssi 44 hit harm 44 HLD UBWS Diamond Mace

    49 DI 25ssi 14hci 48 hit lightning 31 hit mana leach Butcher Knife