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Best weapon

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by Guest, Mar 15, 2008.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I've read the post with all the templates and i've seen that the most used weapons is sword or fencing.
    What weapon is better to use? And why?
    Mace is too slow, isn't it?
  2. Actually, if you don't want to spend a lot of money on weapons or scrolls, go with maces. I currently use fencing, but my favorite weapon is a diamond mace (I use a ubws of course).

    No matter what you decide, however, you wont pick a wrong weapon class. There are good weapons in maces, fencing, and swords; but as I said, the least expensive are always maces - for example: A 120 Fencing/Swords scroll will run at around 5-10mil depending on your shard, while a 120 Macing scroll is around 2-4mill.

  3. For the best damage over time against an armored opponent, the best weapon in the game is an ornate axe with SSI.

    The best artifact weapon that is also pretty common (this one is my opinion, others will differ, but not many) is the soul seeker. Three leeches and repond slayer makes it the perfect gold farming weapon. The SSI makes it a weapon that anyone can use, even with low dex.

    Since more people choose swords as a weapon, more smiths create swords for their mains. That means that higher quality runic swords are created and sold off as the crafter was looking for something better. So someone who shops a lot can find a 20%SSI ornate axe with 70%HML and 30DI for less than hundreds of thousands gold.

    On the other hand, fencing has more weapons with higher swing speed increase. So fencing will do less damage per hit, but will hit far more often than most swords or maces. This makes fencing a great skill for the vampire or wraith samurai. Fencing also has a repond slayer, Night's Kiss, which is a great gold farming weapon against titans or cyclopses or Baracoon champion spawns. It's also dirt cheap and often overlooked. A Sampire with Night's Kiss is unkillable in nearly any repond spawn.

    Macing has the cheapest weapons to buy, simply because they're harder to move than any other weapon. They hit like a ton of bricks, but they're very slow. And (as already mentioned), it's cheaper to get to high level macing than any other fighting skill. My wraith is a macer, and has a couple of very powerful weapons in wind's edge and the exiler. But, as they no longer spawn (tokuno rares), the price on those is going higher and higher.

    After all is said and done, each weapon type has its advantages, and some are more useful than others in certain situations.
  4. eolsunder1

    eolsunder1 Guest

    Macing is SLOWER, but not too slow. Diamond maces start at 3 seconds so they can reach max swing speed with 30 ssi. Not shabby. Silver etched maces come with undead slayer.. super slayer without even figuring out the other mods! Make them with gold ingots, and you get 3 mods not even counting your runic hammer.. undead slayer, 40 luck, 40 di. Hope for a 20-30 ssi and something else nice.. your set. One of my last batch of bronze runics made up a 25 ssi/13 hci one. Soo nice for a cheap bronze runic.

    War hammer is slow, but has whirlwind, so find one with 30 ssi and good mods and you'll have a fun time in mass mob spawns. Hehe 30 ssi warhammer with hit area spell. nice.....