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Beta Client Known Issues Weekend #3

Discussion in 'The Secret World General Discussions' started by Flutter, Jun 17, 2012.

  1. Flutter

    Flutter Always Present
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    May 12, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Please keep in mind that the version of The Secret World you will be playing this Beta Weekend is not the final version of the game. Several features and elements are continuously being tweaked and parts of the game will be improved before launch.

    • Players may see sliding animations when loading into their hub for the first time on a new character.
    • Deleted characters may reappear on your character selection screen.
    • Your character's idle animations will occur very often, and quickly after you stop movement.
    • You cannot climb ladders in Anima form. If you die on top of a building accessible only by ladder, you will not be able to reach your body.
    • If you cannot resurrect at a specific anima well be sure you have discovered the anima well first.
    • The /stuck command does not always recognize your character as being stuck. If you are stuck and this command does not work, try using /reset to suicide your character, use your Agartha Conduit, or contact Customer Service via the ingame /petition command.
    • You may experience a small drop in performance when entering the barricade to the Sheriff's Office in Kingsmouth.
    • The functionality of Cabals is disabled for this Beta Weekend.
    • London - If you spam the ESC button when the client is transitioning into the cinematic for The Fallen King, your client may crash.
    • Opening the browser and closing it with the X button rapidly will eventually make the browser stop working entirely or crash the application.
    • While using the crafting window or gear manager window, your keyboard may on rare occasion become unresponsive. Use the mouse to click in the chat window and type /reloadui to fix this.
    • Trade: Drag-dropping items while player trade is confirmed will cause both players to become stuck in the trade window.
    • Pausing the mission Pistols in the Crucible and resuming it after trying another weapon will not grant you another pistol to complete this mission.
    • NPCs in London may load slowly the first time you run through the area.

    • Clicking on any download link or .pdf will crash your game client.

    • There is little difference between the Advanced Video Options View Distance slider options 1 and 4.
    • Locking/unlocking Windows can cause the client to crash.
    • Upon patching the client, you may get a "file reputation warning" prompt from your antivirus program.
    • Players may experience random crashes while in dungeons.
    • Client may occasionally crash when training multiple skills or abilities.

    • The Elemental ability Ignition causes any item on the player's back to flip around when attacking with left hand.
    • Some abilities, such as the Pistol ability Win-Win and Hammer ability Raging Volcano, are missing spell effects and animations.
    • Assault rifle ability Frag Grenade sometimes does not play its effects.
    • Your character will not hold ranged weapons in its hands when you start attacking.

    • Tool slot is highlighted for recipes which do not require tools.
    • Moving a stack of crafting materials from the Disassembly box to the Assembly box will not let the player Assemble said stack.
    • Players are unable to split stacks inside the Crafting window.
    • The Assemble button of the Crafting GUI incorrectly lights up when trying to use a toolkit which require a different material quality.

    • Glasses are too opaque.
    • The Dressing Room Drop down list only displays 5 slots at a time and does not indicate that players can scroll down the list.

    • Haugbui Mother's explosion ability can be interrupted, which prevents the event from spawning adds and completing correctly.
    • The hammer ability Hell to Pay has no effect on the Ur-Draug or the Primordial Dweller.
    • The friend list can only display 25 names, but it's possible to add more then that.
    • The ignore list will not display more then 26 names, but more can be added.
    • The friends list remains persistent if logging on a different account on the same client.
    • The Meet-Up option doesn't work properly across dimensions.
    • Scroll does not work on the friends list.
    • Deleted characters are not removed from your friends list.

    • The inspection gui shows faction rank as "undefined".
    • Abilities, Buff, and Debuff counters do not show the last digits of the counter.
    • Buying size expansions for more bank slots only works correctly on Page 1.
    • Drag and dropping item on top of each other in the inventory will not alternate each item's location in the inventory.
    • The group gui cannot be moved, but it can be collapsed.
    • Melee Resources flash constantly when out of combat.
    • Skill Point purchase button displays cost as 1 SP when cost is 10 SP (text is truncated).
    • In the ability search, all costs are 13 AP instead of the actual cost.

    • To avoid spoilers, the investigation missions past Kingsmouth Town have been disabled.
    • Hair flickers in all cinematics.
    • You can be attacked while viewing a cinematic.
    Dawning of an Endless Night
    • Some users may experience a crash when defending the wards in tier 15.

    • Runaway Lights : There is no indication that the water in passage three is toxic.
    • Rolls Downhill - Follow the injured courier does not update when you stand at waypoint marker; you have to let the npc finish talking first.

    New York
    • The Illuminati : Kirsten Geary is listening to music on invisible headphones during the cutscene in her office.
    • Kirsten Geary's mouth is not synchronized with her voice during her cinematic.

    The Savage Coast
    • Some npcs in cinematics have unpolished facial animations.
    • We are aware of reported issues with performance and FPS in the area around Innsmouth Academy.
    • Ami Legend : Ami will stop attacking after killing her first target in tier 5.
    • The Black House - Tier 3 visual effect when clicking urn can be seen by vicinity characters not on mission.
    • How to Get Ahead in Kingsmouth : The Wendigo Headhunter despawns before he can be killed.
    • Jack's Back : If you defeat the last Revenant while close to Jack during tier 3, he will not rise and start walking around unless you run away from him and come back.
    • Jack's Back : If Jack resets after your character dies in tier 4, he may turn into a wisp named Jack O'Lantern that, if killed, will not give you mission credit.
    • Science and the Arts: Hayden Montag has some texture issues in the cinematic.
    • Buying from the woman's footwear vendor can sometimes cause everything to disappear from the purchase list.
  2. Flutter

    Flutter Always Present
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    May 12, 2004
    Likes Received:
    This weekend's open beta ends at 11:59pm PDT
    Get your screenshots in! ;)
    Then we have to wait a WHOLE OTHER WEEK *sad face*