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Beta Key Contest - Day Four

Discussion in 'WoW General Discussion' started by Eldorian, Sep 7, 2008.

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  1. Eldorian

    Eldorian Guest

    Day four of the contest - post in this thread for your entry. Only one per person will be counted (trust me when I say cheaters with alts will be caught).

    We're getting down to the wire here... only 2 more chances to go.

    What are your thoughts on the Wrath of the Lich King cinematic and why?
  2. Shiftey

    Shiftey Guest


    it is so ironic and it is pure win...

    how arthas is getting ready for us and "stirring the hearts of his people"

    "you shall be king" omg that is great

    and it looks amazing

    omg i have to watch it now

    i love it even more every time i watch it and i have seen it about 100 times..gives me chills every time....lol

    LOL make it 103...104.. i cant stop watching it now
  3. kool2hot

    kool2hot Guest

    I really loved it and enjoyed watching it :mf_prop: It's great because it reminds people the purpose on why Arthas became a Death Knight (More power of coarse..) within the cinematic when a memory reminds him of what his father said to him and compares that speech with what he has become. :thumbup1:
  4. Aurdon

    Aurdon Guest

    I personally enjoyed the movie...it really showcased their ability to make great CG, the irony of the dialog was great and it did get me pumped up for what we will face in Northrend.

    All this QQ about "Oh I didn't see a gnome kickin arse" annoys me.
  5. Galil

    Galil Guest

    It's definitely different from what we've seen before. not what I expected at all. But I love the mood set by his father's speech. Though I do admit to yearning for the "One true king!" tagline from arthas.
  6. Solius

    Solius Guest

    It was a good in the showing lore method that blizzard has used for cinematic in previous games (WC3/FT), it could have done with at least a little in game footage though IMO.
  7. The cinematic was amazing. The graphics were beautiful, it was very dramatic. The music fit well, and the voice used for Arthas' father was great.
    The speech he is remembering from his father was absolutely brilliant!:bowdown: I don't honestly think they could of done this much better.

    "I watched with pride as you grew into a weapon of Righteousness." -My favorite part of the speech.
  8. vladbblhrth

    vladbblhrth Guest

    The cinematic was actually powerful. If you played the WC3 games you would have a little bit more of an understanding of what King Terenus (Arthas' father and former king of Lordearon) Everything that Arthas did, if you think about it, is what his father told him to.
  9. 7200

    7200 Guest

    The cinematics are surreal!

    I enjoy any of the WoW cinematics because they are by far the best I have seen in 26 years of gaming.

    Nothing I have ever played has come close the World of Warcraft and it's scale of play.
  10. Myren51

    Myren51 Guest

    Yes it was, it means that we are there in Northrend but so are the undead and they are ready to throw down!
  11. Xeor

    Xeor Guest

    I like the "Lore" Style Trailer, better then brainless action
  12. skhouri10

    skhouri10 Guest

    ii think it is really good however people that dont know the lore wont understand it
  13. Jeebus

    Jeebus Guest

    I liked it but I must say I was expecting a bit more, probably because Blizzard are known for their great cinematics. I was expecting some battles just like the former ones had but it was still great.
  14. Saberoy

    Saberoy Guest

    The cinematic was amazing to be honest. I am a warcraft lore fan, so I was practically crying when I watched it one time looking at what his father wanted for him and what he became. Plus him raising the dragon was great.
  15. Enron2

    Enron2 Guest

    the Irony makes it great, i also love the music, though it could have more of an epic feel to it.
  16. Sethlic

    Sethlic Guest

    I found it fantastic! It looked, like every video from Blizzard, so realistic and all the effects, wooow!
  17. skywind

    skywind Guest

    Really, really nifty. Top notch visuals and sound (as usual), and the voiceover from the old king while watching Arthas as the Lich King was a lot more powerful (as someone who has played the previous games and knows the story from that) than I felt the TBC intro was.
  18. rainger255

    rainger255 Guest

    the cinematic was good, the quality of artwork was superb. and it really told some of the backstory of the expansion and setting the scene for the new continent.
  19. wakko701

    wakko701 Guest

    I loved it! It was nice to see a little more story than just battling forces. I'm all about the story!
  20. slashin

    slashin Guest

    Loved the part when the Frostwrym came out and then Arthas/The Lich King presumed himself as the True King or whatever he called himself... Overall it was very nicely done I must say
  21. heasy

    heasy Guest

    It was ok, i was expecting a lot features but hey wotlk is about Arthas so thats what you get
  22. packet

    packet Guest

    Beautiful, wellmade and everything you could expect.
  23. Dorman

    Dorman Guest

    I really enjoyed the trailer, but i think it couldve been better. I love wow lore alot but I thought it was pretty boring at first when Terenas was talking about Arthas when he was younger. I do agree with the others that the effects and how arthas raised the frost wyrm from the ice were awesome. I think Blizzard accomplished what they wanted to do with the cinematic by humanizing Arthas by telling his story, which is what bliz is trying to do with wrath coming out, to have the lich king involved with the story and get us to understand how and why he became the monster he is at the present. I really think that tbc cinematic was better because it actually had a GOOD phrase to go with it and it actually made the trailer more interesting and fun unlike "You Shall be King" at the end of the cinematic. If they add a phrase like "You are not prepared!" like illidan the cinematic would be godly.
  24. Lalixir

    Lalixir Guest

    The CGI was beautiful, however I think that it could have been a little more warcraft-y with a few battles on northrend or a few quick flashes of his death knights betraying him.

    I enjoyed the BC one more.
  25. nioreh

    nioreh Guest

    Once when I was five, I saw a little bird who had fallen out of its mothers nest. I felt sorry for it, so I picked it up, took it home and took care of it. Ever since Ive always known I'd like the WotLK cinematic.
  26. fefefe

    fefefe Guest

    technically impressive, but nothing really interesting really happened ;/
  27. Quiron

    Quiron Guest

    The video is lovely tbh. We will definitely see Arthas switching sides and fighting against the Lich King from zeh inside. Something like Anveena I presume. I also agree with Dorman on his phrase-idea. I remember everyone changing their nicknames to YOU ARE NOT PREPARED! on MSN or like spamming General Discussion forums with it. The cinematic kinda misses that.
  28. Zephyrum

    Zephyrum Guest

    Well obviously, as the cinematic is from Blizzard, the CGI was top-notch. Many are turned away by this trailer for its failure to showcase the upcoming Death Knight class in action, or really showcasing any true class at all. To be honest, I believe that the trailer was so well-done that there was no need to actually show anything off. This trailer is the definition of a Warcraft event, as not only does it elaborate and emphasize the immense severity and evil of Arthas's betrayal through King Terenas's monologue, but through the artists' work at Blizzard, they are actually able to set huge meaning for an upcoming landmark in one area of the expansion. It showcased exactly what the expansion is about, the wrath that Arthas intends to spread throughout Azeroth, and why the Alliance and Horde must stop him before he's able to complete his task.

    A true trailer for the long-time Warcraft fans, I loved it. While it may not appeal to those who failed to play previous Warcraft games as strongly, perhaps it will inspire them to go and look into the lore further.
  29. paladinchris

    paladinchris Guest

    The cinematic was good, the graphics were spectacular, the only complaint with it were the eyes, the blue glow just didn't look right when i watched it.

    The spectacular animation of the Frost wyrm coming to life was astounding, i didnt even know what it was until it was shown completly.

    I found the irony between what King Teranas saying and Arthas' actions amusing the sound was well matched also.

    The difference between the "mindless action" off the last trailer (burning Crusade) and this trailer is a step in a different direction, while the combat makes it look a hell off alot more interesting with alot of different things going on. the surreality and darkness of this trailer make it stand in its own light

    In all i must say congratulations blizzard in another good one
  30. sateena

    sateena Guest

    The trailer was awesome. The graphics were incredible. The narration was powerful. It definitely leaves you wanting more... and MORE! I get so excited for the expansion every time I watch it.
  31. Milex

    Milex Guest

    i thought it was great, and being lore based, I hope that's the way wotlk will be, more lore based
  32. Ssonic19

    Ssonic19 Guest

    It felt too short.

    It also felt too much like "Next time, on Dragonball Z!" and that it should have been tacked on the end of WC3.

    It was a beautiful cinematic, though... just less fun than the others. Still gno gnomes!
  33. zombiewench

    zombiewench Guest

    The animation was gorgeous, but I don't think it had as much "BAM!" as the BC one did.
  34. Post for beta key.

    I believe that the cinematic had much talking and more of a re cap if you already the new the story but either way it was still amazing.
  35. boson

    boson Guest

    The trailer was beautiful up until the dragon popped out of the ground and the 'snow' made everything much less crisp. If only the entire WoW movie could be like that!

    The actual content of the trailer was a bit weak. I would have liked some more scope rather than just the single setting. The narration didn't present any new information or rehash old information in an interesting way, although there wasn't much of it to begin with. I understand they were going in a more intellectual direction, but that does not compensate for the lack of action. The two can coexist.

    Despite nothing happening, I still watch the trailer often and marvel at the graphics.
  36. mithos244

    mithos244 Guest

    It was amazing and i love the irony in it. Good job blizz:D
    I also loved the frost wyrm.
  37. Deste

    Deste Guest

    When I saw it I found myself screaming at the computer, because it was so awesome. (<-- lol kinda geeky) They just followed the lore so much from the warcraft series and fit it in the cinematic brilliantly. I just hate it when people criticize the cinematic for not having PvP like TBC had in it's cinematic. Although, if you look at it, outlands wasn't a huge part in Warcraft, it was Northrend.
  38. dhomeli

    dhomeli Guest

    I thought the cinematic was great! Some people think that they should've had more fighting, but Blizzard did that for the last two cinematics, it wouldn't have been anything new in my opinion. I think it's a good idea to show the main villain's background a little, so imo, it was good, and since it had a different purpose than the other two cinematics, I don't think they should/can be compared.
  39. Alidra

    Alidra Guest

    Personally I thought it would make a good movie. It was very well put together. Cant wait until i can play the game first hand.
  40. Arthurion

    Arthurion Guest

    In my opinion the intro cinematic was simply put badass!

    Apart from the supreme graphics and soundtrack,
    the voice of Artha's father portraying his beginnings,
    whereas the movie itself was showing what he has become,
    made it simply wonderful!! (for me at least :p)

    Has to be one of the best, if not the best, intro I have ever seen! :lick:
  41. uhluhtc

    uhluhtc Guest

    I watched. I gaped. I cheered. Blizz knows how to do cinematics. It was amazing. The irony throughout the entire thing, as many have said, was a clever addition. And of course the detail is incredible. Watching it I had to check out my window to make sure winter wasn't actually here. I believe I summed it up nicely to a guildie after I watched it. Arthas > God! It's really hard to build Arthas up further, but they managed to make him more awesome than before. I just hope he lives up to it when we get to fight him.

    Also, I'm glad there bringing back Sapphiron. He's just to cool to keep him in some level 60 instance. Plus, I want to see Arthas ride Sappiron to battle. Ok, I'm rambling as usual. In short, the cinematic ruled and I can't wait for the game to be released.
  42. Begname

    Begname Guest

    I think it is awesome. I am a little worried about what direction the game will go after Arthas is killed (if he can be). It is kinda silly lore wise who is being killed.
  43. Hylloch

    Hylloch Guest

    I think the cinematic is pretty cool. I like the music they play in the background and the Ressurection of the Frostwyrm is awesome.
  44. Venorize

    Venorize Guest

    The cinematic is, different. It's not blizzard's usual style of creativity, but it is most enjoyable to watch. I loved it. Instead of just the sense of being epic, blizzard just made it to overwhelm the audience.

    Unlike blizzard's previous ones, in where short scenes, short fights, a few characters, are used... This one showed one man, Arthas, ruling over countless thousands. The reaction of the people (or creatures) he has domain over is truly perfect, where they seem outraged and furious, yet in a sense that they are simply being controlled, and wish to be free from the rule of Arthas. I really could get the epic sense just from that, and it's hyped me up even more for WOLK.

    This cinematic is by far my favorite, and I hope that they continue down this line of creativity and style for the World of Warcraft movie.
  45. Hatch

    Hatch Guest

    It needed more gnomes, because they've been left out of the others.

    I personally prefer when the WoW cinematic focuses more on the players than the enemies. But, the cinematic was a great idea and I'm glad they did it, I just wish they instead did it as a "wotlk trailer" and the opening cinematic were more player-centric.
  46. Nerroc

    Nerroc Guest

    It was too short and I want more!!! Take that level into a full on epic move and I am in the theater every day.
  47. Aoricc

    Aoricc Guest

    After playing for so long and seeing both World of Warcraft and tbc cinematic I was expecting a lot more. I felt the wotlk one was to short and that it didn't give us really anything exciting to look at. While WoW and tbc gave us so many cool things to see and was much longer. Overall I thought it could have been a lot better.
  48. Entity21

    Entity21 Guest

    I enjoyed it a lot, Watching the litch king preparing for war and summoning his army was awesome. It helps build the suspense of what we should expect from the expansion and from the new hero class.
  49. Blizz did an impressive job on the cinematics for WotLK. I both liked and disliked the fact that it was completely focused on Arthas. For one thing, it lets you know for sure who the enemy is and portrays his current situation. On the other hand, it didn't have a personal feel to it. Nothing lets on why the factions are traveling to the north. What chain of events convinced the Horde and Alliance to decree our invasion of Northrend?
  50. rayeire

    rayeire Guest

    I think I would've liked to see a little of the deathknight class in the cinematic, but Arthas was cool too. I always like the cinematics because they're just incredible graphically and look so lifelike... which is scary when it's Arthas!
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