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Beta Key Contest - Day Three

Discussion in 'WoW General Discussion' started by Eldorian, Sep 6, 2008.

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  1. Eldorian

    Eldorian Guest

    Day three of the contest - post in this thread for your entry. Only one per person will be counted (trust me when I say cheaters with alts will be caught).

    Making this one easy for you guys because I just got home and going to bed and almost forgot about this contest and really don't feel like thinking... hehe.

    What class and race do you primarily play?
  2. I usally play a Human Paladin for the most part.
  3. kool2hot

    kool2hot Guest

    I primarily play my Human Mage :) They're really fun and good for doing great bursts of damage. :flame:
  4. akona

    akona Guest

    I play a blood elf paladin primarily.

    The arcane torrent ability really helps in PvP for stoping those darn healing Druids!

    I would play a DK if I had WoTLK :)
  5. vladbblhrth

    vladbblhrth Guest

    Hard to say, i play a BE rogue, and pally, orc warrior and hunter, and an undead warlock....just about equally (not all 70, but most) but my SN is my pallies name since i couldnt think of something creative enough >.<
  6. xecti

    xecti Guest

    Blood elf priest is my main.
  7. Druid, because I like to change roles, but to lazy to level.
    Tauren, who doesn't wanna be a huge huggable bovine.
  8. Solius

    Solius Guest

    Gnome Warlock or more recently Draenei Priest.
  9. skywind

    skywind Guest

    Draenei shaman for the most part.
  10. Jeebus

    Jeebus Guest

    I play primarily undead rogue. Before you say something like "OHH HOW ORIGINAL!" Undead rogue was the first char I ever made when I got into the closed beta in original WoW before they even got popular. So my ud rogue (male) will most likely always be my main. Now I just hope I can once again help shaping rogues in this beta (Aswell as other things obviously), since I missed out on the BC beta and so far missed out on WotLK aswell.
  11. raquan

    raquan Guest

    Most of the time I play with my warlock gnome, lattly more on pvp, love those seed of corruptions growing from base of any plant he can hide on. :)
  12. Galil

    Galil Guest

    I stick to my tauren druid most of the time, but I've got a blood elf pally on the side.
  13. invaderrj

    invaderrj Guest

    Troll Shaman or Undead Warlock mostly
  14. Xeor

    Xeor Guest

    i play human mage
  15. Dorman

    Dorman Guest

    I often play a tauren warrior and I find myself respeccing constantly.
  16. Enron2

    Enron2 Guest

    agreed, I play the same class. Human Frost Mage :D
  17. skhouri10

    skhouri10 Guest

    blood elf rogue for me
  18. Sdmaze

    Sdmaze Guest

    I mostly play My Orc Shaman <resto> ya i am a healer. :p
  19. Lemons

    Lemons Guest

    I play a human rogue as my main, used to play on my dwarf pally but I got tired of healing.
  20. Lalixir

    Lalixir Guest

    My Human F Priest or my BE Pally :D
  21. Saberoy

    Saberoy Guest

    I only make male humans for some reason. I play a game where I am in a magical fantasy world of orcs, elves, and dwarves and I make human males.

    I play my Male Human Warrior the most.
  22. Dassard

    Dassard Guest

    I play a male nightelf rogue its the one class that can stealth,sap,vanish and stunlock. I love playing Worldofwarcraft for fun and i enjoy it.
  23. I really don't have a main since I play several classes. I have a Blood elf priest, Tauren shaman, Blood elf mage, Blood elf rogue, and I'm now working on a tauren druid. :danceb::beer:
  24. Dassard

    Dassard Guest

    I play a male nightelf rogue its the one class that can stealth,sap,vanish and stunlock. I love playing Worldofwarcraft for fun and i enjoy it.
  25. Telbor

    Telbor Guest

    I usually play a Blood Elf Warlock... but I have a character of every class.... HORDE FOR LIFE!!!!!
  26. nixice

    nixice Guest

    Female Belf Paladin w00t

    GoOoOoOoOoOo Beta Key!!!!
  27. Cais

    Cais Guest

    My main was a Human Rogue for most of vanilla wow (created 11/24/04!). When TBC came out, I xfered my Gnome Warlock from the Penny Arcade server to my main server and levelled her to 70, where she became my main. About 3 days ago I started a Blood Elf hunter and been having fun so far. That'll probably be me Horde DK server =].
  28. sateena

    sateena Guest

    I play a female human paladin who has been waiting 3 years for a new haircut!
  29. Sethlic

    Sethlic Guest

    I often play my bloodelf priest.
  30. I'm a human warlock.

    I made it human strictly for the rep grinds - yeah, I'm crazy, but I love 'em.
  31. Medalist

    Medalist Guest

    Primarily playing gnome warlock, but have all gnome classes as alts :) they're so cute (not male ones ofc)
  32. DreamingGod

    DreamingGod Guest

    A Dwarf Hunter

    I made this because...well, when I made my hunter Warlocks where sucky and thats what Iwas going to play, and Dwarf...because Dwarves are awesome.
  33. Blood elf paladin. Because when wotlk hits and you want a ret pally, I'll be able to say I was ret before it was cool.
  34. Sgiathatch

    Sgiathatch Guest

    that varies based on the needs of my guild. my 3 main toons though are Draenei warrior, dranei shaman, or draenei hunter.
  35. Vesi

    Vesi Guest

    rogue, human
  36. packet

    packet Guest

    Gnome Mage.
  37. autarctic

    autarctic Guest

    I play for the most part Orcs, rogue,warrior, warlock
  38. mithos244

    mithos244 Guest

    Night elf druid is my main.:thumbsup:
  39. dhomeli

    dhomeli Guest

    Dwarf Hunter! W00T for +crit with guns!

    Edit: and awesome jokes/good ale of course!
  40. Seex

    Seex Guest

    I primarily play my orc warrior, but also enjoy playing my resto shaman.
  41. Deste

    Deste Guest

    Leveling my Undead Warrior <-- so that
  42. Aoricc

    Aoricc Guest

    human warlock.
  43. Shiftey

    Shiftey Guest

    Blood Elf priest

  44. Orc Hunter - Leading the pack! :D
  45. Nerroc

    Nerroc Guest

    Blood Elf Fire Mage
  46. zombiewench

    zombiewench Guest

    Belf Hunter :D

    But also working on an Orc 'lock, Tauren Warrior, and Belf Mage :)
  47. budman

    budman Guest

    tauren shaman
    but also got myself a small arsenal-- orc hunter, belf lock/mage/pally/hunter/tauren war /tauren druid
  48. awsomerman

    awsomerman Guest

    Mostly play a human paladin :p
  49. phyrin

    phyrin Guest

    Well i like to play a priest, spirit healer! Dont know y but i away's like't em! :D
  50. nioreh

    nioreh Guest

    Always play badass melee killing machines! :gun:
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