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Beta Key Contest - Day Two

Discussion in 'WoW General Discussion' started by Eldorian, Sep 5, 2008.

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  1. Eldorian

    Eldorian Guest

    Day two of the contest - post in this thread for your entry. Only one per person will be counted (trust me when I say cheaters with alts will be caught).

    Check out our latest exclusive video interview we did with Felicia Day:

    You can answer one of these 2 questions:
    What was your favorite moment of the interview?

    What question did I miss that you might want to see added to a potential future interview?
  2. Cais

    Cais Guest

    1. The bonus part at the end =P.
    2. I dunno it was a pretty good interview I think you touched on enough and you seemed fine on camera.
  3. Enron2

    Enron2 Guest

    I loved at the end how she talks about driving drunk in Mario Kart and how she couldn't stay on the road hahaha!

    Since I don't know much about the series I can't say you could have asked more about it. Seemed very well written and such. Good job :D
  4. DreamingGod

    DreamingGod Guest

    Question #1:
    What was my favorite part of the interview?

    I would have to say that my favorite part of the video would be explaining what "The Guild" is, partly because I've never watched it (and will have to do) The whole interview was informative, but as someone who's never seen it the first part describing it was the most informative. :)
  5. heasy

    heasy Guest

    Question #1:
    What was my favorite part of the interview?

    Yes please!
  6. skhouri10

    skhouri10 Guest

    I am gonoing for question 2:

    I think maybe he should have asked:
    What made you go into the guild?
  7. Saberoy

    Saberoy Guest

    I liked it all mostly, she seemed like a genuinely good person. I liked her little snip of "I think he was high" when she was telling her story about 3 minutes in. And "nom nom nom".
  8. rainger255

    rainger255 Guest

    my favorite part of the interview was the question "what can we expect from season two" and Felicia's response.
  9. Koh1321

    Koh1321 Guest

    Woot day2 my favorite part was the end of the interview
  10. kool2hot

    kool2hot Guest

    #1: I laughed at the bloopers at the end of the interview, really funny especially when she still had her mouth full :D
  11. Baindyn

    Baindyn Guest

    My favorite part of the interview was when felicia was decribing the feeling she was having as she came off of the stage
  12. Solius

    Solius Guest

    Question 1: The Still Alive singing :p, and if it has to be about the actual interview part how much she seemed to genuinely care about being there and in what people thought of her responses.
  13. Blazenwing

    Blazenwing Guest

    "What was your favorite moment of the interview?"

    I enjoyed the bloopers as well. Very entertaining - much more so than most bloopers. ^_^
  14. xecti

    xecti Guest

    #1: My favorite part was finding out that there was a season 2. I haven't followed them other than on itunes, so had no clue they were making a second season.
  15. ryuzaaki36

    ryuzaaki36 Guest

    Question One: My favorite part of the interview had to be how she was describing how random people would come up and notice her. And of course her "response" to a certain guy in the interview.
  16. sateena

    sateena Guest

    I would have liked a question about Felicia's personal interests and hobbies outside of gaming.
  17. Galil

    Galil Guest

    I loved the bloopers. A lot of these interviews make cool/funny things out to be too serious, but the interview as a whole was entertaining and the bloopers just topped it all off. chew chew chew!
  18. Sethlic

    Sethlic Guest

    #1: I liked the the time around 3:15
  19. Xeor

    Xeor Guest

    Question #1:
    What was my favorite part of the interview?

    The end
  20. #1. I, too, loved the bloopers. I actually watched that part over and over again! :D

    Overall, the interview was fantastic. I really enjoyed it!
  21. ghostpigeon

    ghostpigeon Guest

    My favorite part of the interview was Felicia clutching her coffee the whole time for lack of anywhere to place it.
  22. Arthurion

    Arthurion Guest

    Question #1:

    My favorite part was around 3:15 :p
  23. Jeebus

    Jeebus Guest

    As some already has stated my favorite part as well is the ending(And not as in FINALLY ITS OVER kind of way :p).
  24. Stikir730

    Stikir730 Guest

    I am not sure I had just one favorite part, Felicia Day is just so damn good looking...lol...:love:
  25. mithos244

    mithos244 Guest

    Answer to Q#1:

    The extras at the end were vary funny i liked them.
  26. Milex

    Milex Guest

    1: The explanation of the guild, never really thought ot it like that

    2: Nothing that I can think of
  27. Vesi

    Vesi Guest

    1) Seeing her pic
  28. penguinduude

    penguinduude Guest

    1. Driving drunk in Mario Kart :p
  29. Seex

    Seex Guest

    i liked the end when how she talks about driving drunk in Mario Kart and how she couldn't stay on the road, that situation is all too familiar :D.
  30. phyrin

    phyrin Guest

    Yha day 2 hop i win... and GL to all the others... BTW the 10 lucky ones can u plz post info about wrath of the lich king ty :D
  31. Scuro

    Scuro Guest

    Favorite part was when Felicia Day was talking about how people now recognize here like a movie star when shes out on the streets.
  32. Aoricc

    Aoricc Guest

    Haha my favorite part was at the end when she talked about drinking tequila and playing Mario Kart
  33. Hatch

    Hatch Guest

    No matter what questions are asked, the best moment of a Felicia Day interview is always her smile.

    Runner up: Hearing about what it was like to watch her own show with an audience for the first time.
  34. Droul

    Droul Guest

    Mario kart and drinking....good times
  35. Shiftey

    Shiftey Guest

    I liked the beg when she explained what "the guild" was cause before this i never even heard of it so i went to youtube and watched them.
  36. malakii

    malakii Guest

    i got to there wherea few things i like about the interveiw but the best was the bloopers got me laughing
  37. Nerroc

    Nerroc Guest

    Maybe I am confused but I would have asked if she plays WoW? Maybe that is what the Guild is all about, I have never seen it, but it was not her favorite game. Anyway that is what I would have asked.
  38. marcoacs

    marcoacs Guest

    My favourite part was the end of the interview!
  39. Alidra

    Alidra Guest

    my fav moment was the random sillyness at the end of the interview after the credits rolled. Catching people out of there moment is always fun, it shows there true personality
  40. Surian

    Surian Guest

    1.My favorite part was at the end with the "Nom, nom, nom" that Felicia Day said with the coffee. I have a habit of saying that.

    2. You should have asked if there was going to be a season 2, unless i missed that part?
  41. nixice

    nixice Guest

    I liked the part at the end, twaz funny.

  42. Turel2112

    Turel2112 Guest

    End was great.
  43. Enjoyed what she had to say about testing laugh lines and whether you needed to add lag between jokes based off the tests.
  44. Taszu_jeznar

    Taszu_jeznar Guest

    1- Favorite part -
    The preview info of the next season of the guild. Yay longer self contained episodes! 15 episodes ftw!
  45. slashin

    slashin Guest

    1st part, well I'd with the extra part about Mario kart and drinking :D gave me a good laugh
  46. nfalcon

    nfalcon Guest

    I thought the introduction of the Guild was the best part. This especially since I have never seen the show.
    I didn't see anything missed.
  47. RedBaron101

    RedBaron101 Guest

    I must say the best part was.... The bonus ending!
  48. Yitbos

    Yitbos Guest

    Everyone loves bloopers. I am no exception.
  49. devessi

    devessi Guest

    The outtakes at the end were my favorite part.
  50. riotxjess

    riotxjess Guest

    Question 1: I loved pretty much the whole interview, the end was particularly funny. :)
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