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Beta Key Contest - Final Day

Discussion in 'WoW General Discussion' started by Eldorian, Sep 8, 2008.

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  1. Eldorian

    Eldorian Guest

    The final day of the contest has arrived - post in this thread for your entry. Only one per person will be counted (trust me when I say cheaters with alts will be caught).

    Please make sure to check your PRIVATE MESSAGES on these forums sometime on Tuesday if you won. Winners will be announced, but I will be contacting you through private message on these forums if you win.

    So, you're in the running for one of 10 possible beta keys - it's getting close to time when you could possibly be one of hundreds of people on this site trying to win one of these suckers.

    Let's say you're one of the lucky ones who wins -

    What do you do first in the game and what are you most excited about in the beta?
  2. Solius

    Solius Guest

    First thing I do? Probably zone into northrend.

    I'm most excited about having some new content to go through, new skills, new talents new abilities. Just having some new stuff to do will be awsome.
  3. Lalixir

    Lalixir Guest

    Create a Death Knight and experience the awesome dark quest line that everyone's talking about!
  4. kool2hot

    kool2hot Guest

    In the game, what I do first is look at the new content like quests, npcs, factions etc. But mostly I would check out the new hero class, the Death Knight :thumbup:

    What most excites me about the beta is of coarse the new hero class, but also the new profession "inscription" and being able to change the hairstyles of my current characters. :mf_prop:
  5. Scyklin

    Scyklin Guest

    After making my way to Northrend I would probably ride around a bit and take it all in. Explore the are a bit and see what blizz has put so much effort into.

    I cannot wait to see all the new changes to my class/spec. I am an enhancement shaman in T6 gear and even at that level the new talents alone are going to give the spec a huge boost. Seeing all the new spells, the new quests, new areas and mobs. There is going to be so much stuff to enjoy I can't narrow it down to anything specific.
  6. InkTank

    InkTank Guest

    First I would test the penguin pet issue with linking up a beta account to WoW or set up a Blizzard account. Something to figure out the mechanics of what people are talking about with that pet.

    I'd also go visit Breanni, the pet vendor and see what was for sale.

    Finally, I'd tame a WHOLE mess o' pets! T-rexes, chimeras, etc.

    Plus I'd explore to my heart's content. :D
  7. skhouri10

    skhouri10 Guest

    like many others create a deathknight and check them out.

    I really want to view the new zone northrend and check out things like new items, npc's (not so much quests) and factions. Also really want to try some new instances
  8. Zephyrum

    Zephyrum Guest

    If I get into the beta, eh?

    My beta plan would basically be to start my Death Knight and map out exactly where I need to go for each quest, and develop my playing style with the class. My intentions in the expansion is to raid with my guild as a Death Knight, so I'd love the shot to develop a playstyle before the expansion hits live. I'll need to learn my rotations, where I like my buttons, all the finer areas. Of course, I'll be thrilled if I'm able to experience the entire quest line of the Death Knight class. Also, I'd love to start learning the instances and such, enabling me to help friends through them as we enter them in live. I'd additionally probably play with the new talents for my other existing level 70's. Finally, I'll use my materials I have saved up for the expansion to level inscriptions and be prepared for what I need for that profession when it hits live.

    The beta would be excellent in preparing me early for raiding when I'm able to in live.
  9. Atvaar

    Atvaar Guest

    Load me druid and see what these gear changes I keep hearing about do for me... or to me... check out northrend.... create death knight and laugh meniacly...
  10. Cyrk

    Cyrk Guest

    hmm, good question :p

    If i were to play in the beta, the first thing I would do is get to northrend and start planning out my questing pattern :) I am going to seriously work on being one of the first to 80 on my server so as soon as i started the beta i would have to start writing down coordinates and making sure i know all the quests that will help me get to 80.

    As far as new content, I am most excited about returning to naxx!! I love that raid and I will be very happy to see those bosses again and all that new loot.
  11. Booyahzman

    Booyahzman Guest


    What would I do first? Make myself a Death knight!! I've been wanting to play a death knight since WoW first came out! That's why I love retribution paladins--they've been the closest thing to death knights.

    Thanks for a chance to try and win a BETA key!
  12. Galil

    Galil Guest

    First thing I'll do is make a death knight and try out their starting quests, since I've heard they are very interesting. Then I'll get my main copied over and start questing. Definitely want to know what I am doing when xpac hits so I can get to 80 fast.
  13. nioreh

    nioreh Guest

  14. I've thought a lot about this, but I know exactly what I'd do. I'm a hunter, BM to the bone, so I'd put all my talent points down to the ability to train exotic pets. Then, I'd go purchase my next 2 stable slots, ditch every pet I have and go train all the exotic pets to play with! Woo Woo! :coco:
  15. Saberoy

    Saberoy Guest

    First, I respec my warrior fury and level to 80, I'm most excited about the full 10-man raid tiers and achievements :D
  16. Cais

    Cais Guest

    Roll a premade 80 and go test out some Naxx Horde side and while waiting start probably a Horde DK. Would be nice to see Outland from the other side for once and then roll straight into Northrend =].
  17. Xeor

    Xeor Guest

    i´ll copie my main and explore northrend
  18. psych2009

    psych2009 Guest

    First thing I will do will be create a Death Knight and see if that will be my new main. I am most excited about all the new zones and instances which sound amazing and more of a return to the feel of wow pre-BC.
  19. Dorman

    Dorman Guest

    If I'm one of the lucky winners to get a beta key, the first thing I would do in the beta after I copy all the toons I would want to play with is go on my warrior respec all the way down to Titan's Grip and start checking out the new content in Borean Tundra and see how epic the new orc base is (Hellscream FTW). After thats done then I'd start the long quest grind to 80.
    It's hard for me to say what it is that I'm most excited for in wrath, right now I'm pretty much bored with tbc and I just want to get of a taste of new upcoming things I'm going to see in wotlk. With that said I guess I am most excited to experience a whole new environment in Northrend and be amazed by the whole scenery.
  20. The first thing I would do is get my priest and shaman transfered over to see the new changes, and then I would start leveling. I have always enjoyed the quest lines, and I've heard some extremely good things about the new ones.

    I am most excited about some of the changes to spriests, and deathknights, obviously! :D
  21. Carclio

    Carclio Guest

    The first thing I would do is make a level 80 Death Knight, then practice tanking.

    Even though I heard DK tanking isn't as good as other tanking classes so far :-(
  22. wakko701

    wakko701 Guest

    First thing I do: go to northrend and check it out.
    Most excited: Death Knights...
  23. rainger255

    rainger255 Guest

    I would log in to my druid, respec with all the new amazing talents and get on the boat to northrend! I would then level a bit and then check out a death knight. I'd play my priest and paladin as well and check out all their new talents and skills. I am looking forward to the 10 new levels, new talents, new spells, and of course, new gear to replace all my t6 (/sigh).
  24. xecti

    xecti Guest

    Gonna get myself to 80 asap. reallly want to see try out the new naxx and get a feel for the new lvl 80 playstyle.
  25. Arthurion

    Arthurion Guest

    Well the first thing I am going to do is going all-out in testing the new paladin talents with my paladin!!! :p
    I am really curious what they have done with the class, or what they are planning on doing!
    But the thing that makes me most excited is Northrend itself! The land that corrupted Arthas and is in dire need of a cleansing! :p
  26. Jeebus

    Jeebus Guest

    If I win, which I probably wont (considering I've been entering pretty much every beta key/WWI card competition I've found and still no luck :p) I will not be more original than making a DK first and try it out. Then I'll copy over my rogue and priest and will take turn playing the DK/rogue/priest up to 80 and test everything out, but I'll only play up the DK if I like playing one. Ohh and the first thing I'm going to do with my rogue is go to the barber and change some stuff :p
  27. Exiton

    Exiton Guest

    hmm well that would be speck out my druid with new talents, grab 4 other people and head out to Utgarde Keep for some tasty instance action.
  28. skywind

    skywind Guest

    Head to Howling Fjord (as Alliance) to have a look at the nifty looking boat ride in ;) Do a few quests while checking for an instance group and checking out the changes. Then probably start a DK like everyone else :D

    Most excited... to be part of the beta community, being able to provide feedback which has a higher chance of being listened to (or at least, to get a blue response) than on live.
  29. vladbblhrth

    vladbblhrth Guest

    first thing i would do is to check out my new talents, skills, and other various changes to how y main classes would work, then i would test out new specs for all 5 classes i play, and maybe start a death knight, im not sure, but i do know that a death knight will be another max-level character of mine, so i might as well try and see what the beginning quests are so that i can level up a bit faster on all chars and the death knight. O yea, also check out inscriptions >.<
  30. ryuzaaki36

    ryuzaaki36 Guest

    The first thing I will do is level to 80 on my fire mage so i can instance. The most exciting part of the beta has to be the death knight, because it allows my horde friend to make an ally character *She hates low level leveling*.
  31. scip1o

    scip1o Guest

    The first thing I would do would be to head over to Northrend and see the new continent! I love the environments, zone designs that the Blizzard team creates. Then I'd make a death knight to experience the new DK starting zone that is apparently a total blast to play through.

    However, what I love about the game most is raiding. I didn't get the chance to go through Naxx back at 60 at the intended difficulty level, so I'm excited about going through the zone and seeing the fights with a bit of challenge, which is one of the things I'd love to try out in the beta with the lv80 premades they're offering. I also can't wait to go through Icecrown citadel, although that's obviously a while away :). The expansion looks like a great breath of fresh air (albeit cold air xD) and it's going to be a lot of fun to see how much the game changes and to learn new mechanics!
  32. boson

    boson Guest

    The first thing I would do would be to go visit the old site of Dalaran. I'd also like to explore the new additions to Orgrimmar before heading to Northrend.

    What I look forward to in the long run is exploring all the new content of the expansion. I specifically really enjoy exploring every zone and completing the new, improved quests. Icecrown Glacier should be especially exciting with the inclusion of cities and quests based around flying mounts.
  33. Coderedpanda

    Coderedpanda Guest

    Well its the final day and school has began it regular drone on again.
  34. Medalist

    Medalist Guest

    Gonna take Inscription and skill it fast and will find out how can i benefit from it, afterwards gonna quickly lvl upto 80 just to say hi to new Kel'Thuzad, i wonder how is the new 4hmen in 25 men mode.
  35. Aoricc

    Aoricc Guest

    If I got the beta key, I would probably get on my druid since he was the first 70, run to Stormwind Harbor so I could check that out, take a boat to Northrend, and begin my exploration and questing.
  36. Ghormrand

    Ghormrand Guest

    Since I already have the beta patched up, I'll immediately transfer a premade druid to the premade server, and begin testing naxx. I can try the leveling experience later, but seeing as I'll be leading the naxx raids, I need to have experience of the encounters.
  37. sateena

    sateena Guest

    First thing I would do if I got a beta key? Two words: HAIR CUT! Lol.

    What I am most excited for is all of the new pets to collect and getting my bank space back from my 80 pets!
  38. dhomeli

    dhomeli Guest

    I'll copy my dwarf hunter and gnome rogue, and make a night elf death knight. I'll level my hunter to level 80 first, get him geared for Naxx, and clear it fully. Then I'll procede to try out inscriptions, level my DK and rogue, and see how awesome it's gonna be in general.
  39. Zadkiel

    Zadkiel Guest

    Ill probably, like whe BC was released, head to Northrend and start the very frist instace right off the bat.

    The most exciting thing that I have seen so far is the new Naxxramas, I just cant wait to start raiding the place.
  40. mithos244

    mithos244 Guest

    Make a DK
    or i would respec my druid and head for Howling Fjord.
  41. penguinduude

    penguinduude Guest

    I would try to level inscription with all the mats I have save up to see if I can make it to 375 without paying for much. Then I would either go to northrend or try a death knight.
  42. packet

    packet Guest

    The first thing I would do is to create a Death Knight and level it to 60, after that i would probably pick one of my other characters to try out Northrend.
    The most exciting is ofc the death knight, but exploring the big Northrend is allso going to be fun.
  43. Athri06

    Athri06 Guest

    The first thing I do in-game if I win a key is make a Death Knight.
    I'm so excited to make a Death Knight to see how the new class is like.
    I've seen some pretty amazing videos about the damage they can do.

    The 2nd thing I'd do is spec my warrior to Titan's grip/Heroic leep. As it looks amazing.
    I'm really looking forward to what Blizzard has in store for us in the expansion, and I would be honored if I get a key and be a part of that marvelous sensation that is being a Beta-Tester.
  44. Ualone90

    Ualone90 Guest

    I will probably start leveling my hunter and write a leveling pattern like i did in the TBC beta.
    So i will be server first 80 like i did on 70 >_<
  45. elexay

    elexay Guest

    I've been watching the various environmental and new race previews since they were posted on WorldOfWarcraft.com and exploring the new areas and checking out the new races is probably the first thing I'd want to do...

    With that done I'd probably roll a new death knight and see how blizzard setup the new race introduction quests that have been talked about so much.

    Sadly I don't know anyone who got a beta key so I haven't been able to witness first hand any of the new content...
  46. Sethlic

    Sethlic Guest

    I would get on my mage, make a group with my boyfriend, who is a priest, and then, together we'll do some quests and/or visit some instances.
  47. Miidizo

    Miidizo Guest

    I would so make a death knight with the inscription profession. The quest line sounds cool and I would love to get my plate wearin' warlock started :p Unholy FTW!
  48. Scuro

    Scuro Guest

    First thing i'll do is of course lvl my warrior :D

    Im most exited about titans grip. I want to see how s4 mace and cataclysms edge works while duel wielding.
  49. Alidra

    Alidra Guest

    make a death knight of course, play around with that a bit then swich to my shadow priest and try out the new shadow tree. Im most excited about the new encounters, new areas, new quests, it just all looks bad ass. :D
  50. The first thing I would do would be respecing my characters multiple times and playing around with the new talents. I'm most excited about making a deathnight and trying out the new naxx raid.
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