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Beta Patchnotes for 2.0.3-6244 12/19/06

Discussion in 'World of Warcraft Patch Notes' started by Lady Beth, Dec 20, 2006.

  1. Lady Beth

    Lady Beth Guest

    Here are the Beta Patchnotes for path 2.0.3-6244 released 12/19/06.

    <ul><span class="blue">Druids

    [*] Using the /sit, /sleep, lie commands or going afk will no longer freeze a Druid while using Flight Form.


    [*]Pets should now be at full life when resurrected in the battlegrounds.


    [*] "Spirit of Redemption" will no longer prevent soulstoned Priests from resurrecting.


    [*]"Nature's Guardian" will now work properly even when you don't have an enemy targeted.


    [*] The tooltip for the "Lifegiving Gem" now properly indicates that players will lose health when the effect wears off if they are not at full life.


    [*] Using "Iceblock" while carrying Silithyst will no longer destroy it but instead drop it on the ground.


    [*]Players will no longer be stuck in mid-air if they jump while under the influence of "Mind Control".

    [*] Players attemmpting to redeem an Upper Deck code while their inventory is full will receive the item in their mailbox instead.

    [*]Pets affected by scaling will no longer be summoned with less than 100% life.
    [*]Corrected some stat tooltip errors on the character sheet.

    [*] Fixed a freezing error when running two windowed clients at once.

    [*] The Area of Effect damage for "Seed of Corruption" and "Blizzard" has been properly capped.

    [*] Players will no longer freeze on re-entering the game after using the /quit command.

    [*] Adjusted the locations of several "Tastyfish" nodes to be more accessible for fishing.

    [*]Players that are enabled for PvP will now be able to complete the Shattrath City quest "City of Light".

    [*] Random property items with bonuses to Mana Regeneration will now apply correctly.

    [*] Players will no longer need to relog after learning the Apprentice or Journeyman Riding skill.

    [*] Ambient critters will no longer call out to other creatures for help.

    [*] Casting "Mangle" before activating a bleed ability will now apply the proper increase in bleed damage. </span>