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Discussion in 'UO White Stag Inn' started by Katharine, Nov 4, 2006.

  1. Katharine

    Katharine Guest

    ((OMG... yeah it's me again... I know it's been like forever and a day since I graced Stratics, but with the move and everything else just been really really busy for the past few months. Logged in the other day and noticed I had a fan, sooooo since I have nothing better to do and Kat's been sitting there with her book for long enough, figured I'd write something *grins* Enjoy -Kat))

    The sounds of metal against metal sounded throughout the halls. Grunts and heavy breathing followed in it's silence. As he neared the end of the corridor, Nigrel peeked around the corner to see his Mistress kicking the nearest soldier out of the way and fighting her way through the rest. With a shake of his head, he quickly walked in the room to rescue the poor soldiers stupid enough to take her on.

    "Now, Mistress, you can't go around beating up the help. Why just the other day 5 decided they'd rather patrol Doom than remain here." he flinched as she whipped her head around, taking a deep sigh of patience and preparing for another tantrum.

    "You will stay out of my business. These soldiers couldn't take on a mongbat let alone anything else. They're lazy, hell even I'm getting lazy and fat sitting around here! I need the exercise and they clearly need the practice. So back off or let me go home!" she spat out the last at him.

    "You know you can't do that, Kat. It's too dangerous. You won't survive on your own up there and I can't come with you. Too much must be done here, and besides... you're needed here more than there. After all, who better to train our soldiers than their Mistress?" he said hoping to placate her.

    Her lips twitched slightly as she resheathed her sword, and went to take off the armor with a dismissive flick of her wrist to the soldiers. "You're right of course. It still doesn't make me happy about the situation. I've been here for months, and no pain. Nigrel really, I think I'm all better again. Come on... just a quick trip. Please? I promise I'll be good this time." she batted her eyelashes hopefully, slipping the dress over her head quickly.

    He snorted and shook his head. "The last time we agreed, you ran off and hid knowing I couldn't find you... and then ended up passing out in the middle of nowhere! FOR THREE DAYS! You know in your condition you can not go to the surface for long. I have explained this. You will die if removed from here for too long, you know this, you have felt it. No, we won't have this discussion again until I feel you are strong enough."

    "Mithras take it then! I'm BORED." she looked up at him. "Nigrel, it's been months since I seen my husband, months since I saw my family. I have to know they're alright. You send them a message explaining why I can't leave, AND send my husband some of that stuff used to make the door. I can't leave, bring him to me. That's an order!" and with that she walked out of the hall, her dress swishing around her legs.

    Nigrel mumbled something under his breath about bossy women, but set out to the task of writing the letter anyway. Once an order was given that woman was hard pressed to change her mind. After all, just look at the hall! Pastels and reds everywhere, even those confounded flowers that kept dying every few days and needed to be replaced. If that blasted couple hadn't managed to kill the ruler before he would still be in a place of power... instead of secretary to the whims of that twit. Law was law, however, and blast that curse anyway.

    He pulled out a sheet of parchment and began writing with a little evil smirk as the words scralled across the page.

    Spyderbite, husband of Katharine, Mistress of the Underworld, I do hope this news does not come as a shock to you. As I'm sure you are well aware, Underworld law states any who prevail over the ruler on the throne, then seats themself in the throne of power, shall be tied for eternity to it. Unless memory eludes me, your wife did just that, and now rules. Congratulations, my lord. However, the sad news is... until someone else kills her, she will remain forever in our keeping as ruler and therefore bound to the Underworld, such as it is these days. I simply wished to inform you of why your wife has neglected her duties to you these past months. Not to worry, I shall make sure her every need is fulfilled.

    "Let him think as he wishes about that" he sneered, tapping the quill against his chin.

    My Mistress wishes to inform you that it would be impossible to try to see her. With her deepest regrets,

    He smirked as he folded up the letter and sealed it. He didn't want her pain of a husband coming down here and trying to reclaim her. She had been a thorn for far too long, and as long as he could keep up pretenses at least the thorn only poked every now and then, no need to aggrivate it until the last possible moment of removal. With that happy thought he called the nearest soldier to him, passed off the letter, minus the potions of course, and followed Katharine. He stopped short of her chair, when she looked up at him with eyes the color of night.

    "It is done as you instructed Mistress." he bowed.
    "Uh huh... anything left from that message?" she raised an eyebrow.
    "Not at all Mistress. When he gets it I'm sure he will be very pleased to hear." even as he said this he breathed a sigh of relief as her eyes changed back to normal.
    "Excellent!" she grinned. "Now, leave me, I have to prepare."

    He nodded and walked backwards out of the room. Taking a deep breath once he stepped outside. She might be a twit, but the powers where calling within her, and soon she'd be the complete ruler. Katharine no longer. There wasn't much time....
  2. Mandolin

    Mandolin Guest

    Silk white robes whipped in the afternoon wind as a gull glided overhead awaiting the next catch from the nets.

    Seeming out of place to anyone who might have the misfortune to gaze upon the Vampire, he stood on the bow of his ship looking out on to the sea and felt quite at home.

    Without looking down, he stepped over the muddled heap that remained of the foot soldier who had delivered the message.

    "Now was that really necessary, Spyder?", said a little man in a tall straw hat seated beneath the mast of the ship in a large coil of rope.

    SpyderBite looked back at the soldier on the deck. A twisted mess of bloodless limbs. The man's eyes stared blankly upward at the heavens. With a smirk; baring a single fang, he returned his attention to the small man who addressed him.

    "You only own half of me, Mithras", replied the Vampire. "Don't forget that".

    The God shook his head and sighed, "Aye. You never fail to remind me of that fact. Over and over again. Day after.."

    "Besides," SpyderBite interrupted, "You know full well where that vermin came from". He tossed the parchment into Mithras' lap and sat beside the little man; arms crossed and obviously vexed.

    Mithras gave the note a dismissive glance before rolling it up and tucking it in to the sleeve of his blue robes.

    "You think I've wasted your time out here on the sea, don't you?". The God shrank back from the dangerous look in the Vampire's eyes and realized he'd stated the obvious.

    Spyder's glare softened though, "Nay", he said, almost smiling, "While my search for Katharine might have been a goose chase. I have needed the distance between myself and my brethren". He stopped to consider his words. "To explore my soul again".

    When the Vampire returned his attention to the little man beside him, he found him grinning foolishly at him.

    "Damn you!", Spyder bolted upright and stormed to the bow of the ship once again, kicking the dead soldier in aggravation in the process. "Sometimes, I wish you'd just come out and tell me what I'm supposed to do instead of making me jump through hoops like circus animal!".

    Chuckling, Mithras stood and strode over to where the Vampire stood leaning on the rail of the ship. He put a hand on the Undead's shoulder and smiled up at him.

    "Half the fun of fishing is never knowing what you're going to pull up next".

    He patted Spyder on the shoulder as he gazed out over the open water along side him.

    Without turning to the God, Spyder growled, "Remind me to tear out that blind miner's throat next time I see him. I curse the day he introduced you to me".

    Mithras just smiled and enjoyed the warmth of the sunset. He glanced up at the white gull that hovered above the two and winked. The bird took off immediately towards the horizon.
  3. Katharine

    Katharine Guest

    Katharine paced the Hall from one end to the other, as her skirts swished about her legs. Glaring at anyone foolish enough to come within reach of her, she put her hands on her hips staring at the throne. For months she'd been trying to figure out a way to return to the surface, but had only managed to do nothing more than walk for a little bit and then passed out from the pain. Sighing she turned and headed back toward the library. There had to be something anything to help her get back. Even if it was only for a little while to see her husband.

    Mithras take it! She didn't want to rule, here or otherwise. She had been happy, but ohhhh no, one wrong decision from her and now she was stuck. Stomping down the corridor into the library, she started looking at the books again. So far all of her reading had come up with no solution to the problem, and Nigrel was as much help as a mongbat against dragons. Or maybe a chicken. Either way, he was useless! Bloody hell she was surrounded by idiots in this place. The only real comfort in this nightmare were the few humans that had been brought into service. Granted those humans had bartered their souls with the demons for power, but whatever. Anything was better to look at than demons. Not that they came near her anymore either. With a shrug, she pulled a book off the shelf. Curling up in the overstuffed chair she demanded be brought to her, she began reading, and soon fell asleep......

    "Kat?" someone poked at her. "Katharine! Oh take it woman, would you wake up?" she felt the hand touching her again.

    "You have about 2 seconds to leave me alone, or I'm going to hurt you," she mumbled, keeping her eyes closed, and rolled over again.

    "KATHARINE!" the voice yelled again, growing impatient.

    "WHAT?!" she yelled back, sitting up and rubbing her eyes. "Didn't I tell you to bloody well leave me alone? Geez, can't anyone just let me rest?!" Looking around she jerked, realizing she wasn't in her library. "Where in all hells am I?"

    "Well techincally you are still asleep in your library, if truth be known. But it's about time you woke up here so I could speak to you!" the old man grumbled, moving around to face her, noticing the change in her eyes. "My my," he whistled in awe.

    "Oh devil take it... it's you. What do you want? Come to torture me? And what do you mean 'technically'?" she blinked a few times, still looking around. "Stop staring at me as if I've grown two heads. Where are we?"

    He chuckled as he noticed the return to her normal eye color, knowing she was going to be ok for the moment and looked around. "What's wrong with here? Since I can't come down to you personally, and you obviously can't surface, I figured with a little help from the Dreamer we'd get you somewhere you want to be without physically being there. Nice change from the Underworld I'm sure. Welcome home... sort of." Mithras grinned at her and sat in the chair in front of her.

    "This isn't home, looks nothing like home. The walls look different." she smiled though looking around and noticing the changes. Dark, but tasteful.

    "Oh, no this is home I assure you. Your husband took it upon himself to do a little, redecorating."

    She snorted and grinned. "I never knew gods to lie Mithras, you and I both know my husband's skills with decorating. How is he? Is he ok? Can I see him?" Katharine sat up a little, looking as if she expected him to walk through the door.

    "He's not here Kat, hasn't been for a while now. I sent him out, on a mission so to speak. I can show him to you, if you would like though. Remember he won't be able to see you, and yes he is safe. As for ok, well that's still to be determined. He misses you, Kat, we all miss you." With that, he sat a bowl in front of her and as she looked down the swirling mists cleared away. Standing on the bow of a ship stood her husband, robes blowing in the wind and his face turned up to the sky. Smiling a little, she reached down to touch the water, and as she did it swirled black and cloudy. Mithras reached over and kicked the bowl, dumping out the water. "No, that you can not see. Not yet." He smiled and reached up tucking her hair back. "Its been too long, child, since I saw your face. Tell me, are you happy where you are?"

    She sighed and sat back. "I'd be happier if I could have my family. I never wanted to rule and that blasted Nigrel won't tell me how I can leave and live! No I'm not happy there. You should know better than to ask that question." She tucked her feet under her and closed her eyes. "If you know of some way I can rid myself of this mess I'm in, please do share. Otherwise, let me go back to sleep and wake up in the stupid castle."

    "Unfortunately, no. I have no idea how to get you home... yet. I have an idea, but until I can be sure it will work, I'm not going to share. Tell me, have you been drinking or eating anything that seemed odd to you?"

    Katharine grimaced and opened her eyes. "Everything in that place seems odd to me!"

    He chuckled and shook his head. "No I mean something that seems completely out of the ordinary." and laughed at her look. "Ok again, bad choice of words. How about this, just don't eat or drink anything you haven't seen prepared, or prepared youself. I know you're hopeless at cooking, but this might very well ..... ok maybe not save your life, because anything you cook could kill but it would definitely make it easier." He grinned at her. "Now, go back to sleep child, and let us figure out how to bring you home."

    The last he heard before she drifted off to sleep was "tell him I love him". With a sigh he left the chair. This was getting difficult. How was he going to save her, if he couldn't get to her. Sighing again, he disappeared.

    Katharine woke in her library, her book still in her lap. Wiping tears from her eyes, she sat up. Her dreams were getting more and more vivid, too bad they weren't real. Even Mithras's company would be better than those she had here. Standing up she walked over to put the book back, then started down the corridor back to her rooms.
  4. Katharine

    Katharine Guest

    Katharine tumbled on the floor, barely missing the flying dagger. Rolling back up to her feet, she rushed at the attacking soldier. Dodging the swing of his sword, she brought up her hand and punched underneath the break in his armor, cracking a rib. With a groan he dropped his sword and fell to the floor. Panting, Katharine lowered her sword and resheathed it. Reaching down she checked the soldier, and quickly removed his armor signaling for a nearby servant to take him to the medical facilities.
    Stepping out of the room she stomped off down to her rooms, with Nigrel on her heels.

    "Mistress why did you do that? You lost your control, and I haven't seen that in a very long time." he said as he rushed to keep up with her.

    "Leave me! I don't wish to discuss this now or later just drop it." she growled as she started removing her armor.

    "Kat, whats wrong with you? You've been acting strange for weeks. Let me get you your potion." Nigrel said, twisting his hands together turning his face away as she undressed.

    Whirling around, she pulled the robe around her shoulders and tightened her belt. "You are not allowed to call me Kat... ever! You broke your word to me. Sending that message! Are you crazy or just plain stupid?! The ONLY reason you're still standing before me is because I've chosen not to kill you just yet!" she screamed at him.

    "You? Kill me?" at that he laughed looking at her. "You don't have the guts to kill me, Mistress ." he sneered, stepping closer to her changing his form to that of a human male. "If it weren't for you, I would be ruler here, not you. The only reason you, little princess, have the freedom to roam these halls is because I choose it. Nothing more. Don't ever threaten me again, or I will show you who has the real power here." Nigrel smirked as he stood towering over her.

    Katharine's eyes flashed as she tilted her head back to look at him, going solid black. Raising her hand, she merely flicked it and watched him fly across the room. Pinning him to the wall, she walked slowly across the room to him. "You choose nothing, false king. I let you live because you still are of use to me. Never threaten me or my rule again, or I will make you suffer as you have never suffered before. Do I make myself clear, Nigrel? As for your potions, I will not touch them again. I know what you're trying to do, and that I can not allow until I have exactly what I want. My freedom from this pathetic place and your presence."

    Glaring down at her, he tried moving his arms and realized she'd become more powerful in the past few weeks than he could have predicted. Growling low in his throat he continued to glare at her. "My my the princess is showing her claws again. Kill me if you dare, but if you do you will never leave here. Ever. And your precious husband will suffer far more than even you could imagine. Harm me and you harm him. Is that what you want, little princess?" he smirked as her eyes went back normal. "I thought not."

    Releasing him, she watched as he slammed into the floor hard. "Get out." With that she turned around and stomped off to her room, slamming the door without ever touching it.

    Rubbing his throat, Nigrel stood up and breathed a sigh of relief. He might not have the power to match hers, but she was still vulnerable. How long he had though he was unsure. Walking out, he grabbed the nearest soldier to him and handed him a message. "See that this is delivered with care. No one but the Master Hadrious is to see it. Is that clear?" Nodding the soldier took the letter, and vanished. Stepping into the medical bay, he walked to the soldier Katharine had injured. "You failed me. Your orders were clear. Kill her." Gathering energy into his hands, he shot a fireball at the soldier and watched him turn to dust, silencing the soldiers pitiful protests.

    Katharine slept fitfully. Tossing and turning in her bed, she whimpered. In her dreams she saw her husband fighting, and losing. Hundreds upon hundres of demon and undead rushed him, bit at his skin, beating him to the ground, and she stood on a hill watching the chaos beneath her unfolding. Her army attacking those she cared most about, and she did nothing more than watch. Why didn't she rush to help? Why?

    "This will be your reality if you don't leave that place soon..." a voice whispered to her. "This is what you will become. Cold, unfeeling, dead to everything. Come home, Kat..."
    "How?!" she screamed inside her head. "How do I come home?!"
    "Die..." the voice whispered again.
    "I don't want to die!! How can I save them if I'm dead?!"
    "Die to save them... It's the only way..."

    Katharine screamed as she sat up in bed, her hair plastered to her head from the sweat running off her body. Tucking her knees up to her chin, she cried as she hadn't cried in months. The strangers words still whispering inside her head. She didn't want to die, she didn't want to leave him alone. Yet, she didn't want Spyder to suffer the hell he would if she still lived to become that nightmare. Crying harder, she hugged her knees.

    She stayed like that for hours, crying until no more tears would flow. Finally she wiped her eyes, and looked around the room. Something moved in the corner, catching her eye. Looking straight at it, she gasped as it formed itself into a man who looked almost like her.

    "Da..." she whispered.
    "My beautiful girl." he said softly as he became more solid. Walking over he sat on the edge of the bed, just staring at her. "Oh you look so much like your mother. She'd be so proud, as I am."
    "Oh Da. That was you! Why would you tell me to die and leave the man I love with all my heart?" she sniffed, staring at him.
    "Because you must, my darling Kat. You must in order to be free. There is no other way. Believe me, if there was I would know." he smiled sadly as he tucked a strand of her hair behind her small pointy ears. "You can not save him trapped here. I'm sorry, beautiful. So sorry."
    "How? I don't want to leave him!" she cried. "He's my world, Da. My whole heart. Please don't ask me to give that up."
    "Do you love him, child?" he cupped her cheek, wiping away her remaining tears as she nodded. "Then you must. Or you will cause him to suffer a fate far worse than death. You will betray him, and all those you love." he leaned down and kissed her cheek, then stood up as he started to fade. "Do it for him, Kat, and know that we are so proud of you. My little princess..."
    "DA!" she screamed as he faded into nothingness. "Oh Da, don't leave me too!" she cried, reaching for him.

    A few more hours passed after her father's visit, and still she hadn't moved. Looking at the sword beside her bed, she realized what she must do. Jumping out of bed, she dressed herself in her best armor. Picking up the sword, she made her choice. Walking to her desk she began to write.
    Finishing off the note, she picked up the sword one last time, strapping it to her side. Taking up the poison she'd had delivered, she drank it all and walked to her bed, laying down one last time...

    Nigrel found her the next morning, still and cold. Walking to his desk he screamed in rage as he read the note.

    Dear Reader,
    If this note is still here, then I must be dead. Giving up my world to save those I care about most, I have chosen to take my life. If any seek to succeed me for the throne, know this. Keep it if you can, for I choose no one to come after me. By Underworld Law, any may claim it. Enjoy it while you can, but the ruling powers go with me as I take my last breath. You get nothing. If any have a heart, please inform my husband that I did it to save his life and my heart will always be with him. This is my final decree.
  5. Gerorne

    Gerorne Guest

    I'm afraid to post without knowing for certain that it's finished, but I just looked and saw that we can delete our own posts.

    Anyway, I thought this was an excellent read. The story flowed well, your characters felt alive, and there were some nice ideas in there.

    The only problem I have, and it is a pretty minor one, is the presentation. The mix of italics used for description sometimes, and sometimes not, and the inconsistent use of bold or capslock to stress words is a little off-putting. But the story itself is great.