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Better Late than never...Good luck Pluff post

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by Pluffina, Mar 28, 2002.

  1. Pluffina

    Pluffina Guest


    I decided not to. I am not in the mood for a C section. We are going to go see A Beautiful Mind instead, see what all the hype and fuss is about. Maybe go to brunch.


    PS Bob says no. We actually have to go to the hospital now. SURGEONS ARE APPARENTLY VERY SNOTTY ABOUT THEIR SCHEDULES and they do not feel like doing it tomorrow. They want to do it today.

    I am a little nervous and thirsty (no food or drink after midnight and I REALLY WANT SOME JUICE) hehe, but very excited to see the baby... See ya'll in a few days when I am home--and thanks for the kind wishes and prayers.
  2. Reachwind

    Reachwind Guest

    Good luck Pluff!

    (A Beautiful Mind would have been more fun true, but at least you'll get your feet back right?)
  3. *fills his mug in preparation to toast the glorious news of a healthy and happy baby*
  4. Lady Vixen

    Lady Vixen Guest

    You take care hun, all our best wishes go with you and Bob. I have said a little special prayer for the three of you. And I light a candle in the House on Sonoma to guild you and Bob back to us.

    Bob you take care of her. And we expect to hear all about the Baby asap!

    also we want pic's, pic, pic!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I think I speak for all of us when I say, thank god A Beautiful Mind didn't win an Oscar. AND at the same time, what a SHAME it is that it DIDN'T win an Oscar. I mean I think you can all see what I'm saying, even though I haven't actually seen A Beautiful Mind ... you have to release that at the same time both ... what are you all looking at me for??

    This is the time I say "Anyway, I'm wasting your time ...", and say good luck Pluffy /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  6. *Draven*

    *Draven* Guest

    Good luck! I hope it all goes well!
  7. Lord Hunter

    Lord Hunter Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Nov 18, 2001
    Likes Received:
    Goodluck and best wish's to the both of you! I hope all goes well, ill be sure to include you three in my prayers tonight.
  8. BranWyn

    BranWyn Guest


    I decided not to.I am not in the mood ...


    HAHAHA PLUF! THAT is great /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif Stupid surgeons .... should let you take your time and decide when you are ready /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

    Good Luck!!!
  9. Sonoma Sam

    Sonoma Sam Guest


    Just wanted to wish you and yours good luck today. We'll be looking for an update from Bob tonight!

    All- Let's use this post to post your well wishes to our soon-to-be-mother-of-2, who's in the hospital as we speak.
  10. In your honor I smoked a Cuban cigar I had on me. I don't think I could mail Bob a cigar so I just went ahead and smoked another for him (LOL).

    Joram, Rose, Miraz- I expect to be reading news stories about a baby avatar with pink go-go boots who can price any rare and place on any IDOC while stabbing you with a kryss....

    Would that be PluffBob McFenny??

    Best wishes friends!!

    I am Jack's less than attractive mind.

  11. Guest

    Guest Guest

  12. Amroth.

    Amroth. Guest

    Congrats on the new baby /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  13. Ascension

    Ascension Guest

    Best of luck Pluffy. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  14. Farimir

    Farimir Guest

    Yea I was suppose to go in for a tripple bi pass surgery today, but I decided to skip it and watch an early release of Panic Room followed by Blade II.

    ok maybe not, but anyways good luck Pluffy and have fun =)
  15. *lapses into a paroxysm of hugging and grinning*

    My most heartfelt congratulations to you both!!! /php-bin/shared/images/icons/biggrin.gif

    P.S. If you need any tips for fending off sibling rivalry, PM me (after you remember how to spell your own name again). That's a problem my household never ended up getting plagued with. :)
  16. Pluffina rocked slowly back and forth in her rocking chair trying her best not to stare at the pink baby deed siiting on the table before her. A watched pot never boils as the saying goes and she supposed that the same held true fer baby deeds as well. However it was so close to activating that she could scarcly keep her eyes off it!!

    She couldnt understand what was taking so long!! SHe was so excited to meet her new baby. She looked around the house and did another inventory. She supposed she had everything she would need. From her Pooterhead skin baby blanket (ima miss that poor llama) to her exceptional baby bed crafted by Bob McForge she had done her best to cover all the bases. Now there was nothing to do but wait.

    Poor Bob was going out of his mind. She could hear him upstairs pacing back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. She began to wish that they had taken out that additional insurance policy on him as the click clack of his boots on the floor was about to drive her out of her mind. She even caught herself paging through her spellbook for a paralyze spell but she thought better of it.

    He was trying so hard. He had spent hours lovingly crafting the baby bed and had even muted his smithing hammer so she could concentrate on preparing for the baby. He was so nervous that he had even bought what he though was an ultra rare box of cigars from a spammer outside Brit bank. He was heartbroken when he found out that it was nothing more than a book with a clever title. 3 million gold down the tubes, guess that saying about money parting is true.

    So there they were waiting, waiting, waiting. Finally Pluff couldnt stand it a moment longer! She jumped from her chair and called to Bob. "Im so over all this waiting Bob!" she exclaimed, "what are we gonna do?!"

    Bob poked his head around the stairwell, wary of any flying objects which may be directed in his direction. "Well hunny we could always call a gm."

    "You know yer right," answered Pluff decicively, "this is taking way too long and I need to vent my frustrations on someone soon or Ill blow my lid!"

    So she walked over to the desk and penned a short note, tied it around her messenger birds leg, and instructed it on where to take it. The bird fluttered off and she sat back down again trying not to stare at the pretty little pink deed. She was sure she had made the right decision about paging the gm. Sometime baby deeds just need a little help activating is all. Nothing wrong with that. She got to thinking about watched pots again and decided to fix herself a cup of tea while she waited.

    Well it wasnt long before she heard a knock at the door. Bob rushed downstairs and let thier guest in. Lo and behold it was none other than Hector Firebrand, Storyteller Extrodinaire!! (hey its my story il tell it how i want to!!) He neatly sidestepped Bob's attempts to politely ask him to leave and walked straight to the deed and picked it up. Pluffy's heart leapt into her throat and she demanded to know what he was doing!

    "Oh im sorry Pluff," he smiled, "the gm's are all very busy today werking on the 4th year Vet Rewards today (yea right) and they asked me to come by and see if I could help out."

    All the blood rushed from Pluffy's face as the bards werds slowly sank in. She heard a loud thump and turned to see Bob crumpled in a heap where he had fainted. Now Hec was a decent enuff fella she thought but how much could he possibly now about baby deeds? THere was no way she was gonna let him get his fumbling hands anywhere near her baby deed! She hadnt carried it in her pack fer 9 months (10 if you really think about it and count the weeks) just to let Hector Firebrand come in and mess it up at this point.

    She stood and reached to snatch the deed away from him but he deftly switched hands and turned away from her. It was so much easier to get the best of him before he became young again and try as she might she couldnt seem to get her hands on the deed. Hector, however didnt seem to be getting the point and he calmly walked around the room, inspecting the deed, muttering to himself, and avoiding Pluffy's attempts to retrieve her deed.

    "Ahh i see the problem here," said Hec, "there seems to be a problem with this deed." A problem? A problem?! Yes there certainly was a problem in Pluff's opinion but it was nothing that couldnt be solved with a well placed flame strike.

    "No no dont worry Pluff," he said, "i can fix this." He reached in his pack mubling something about section C, and took the deed over to Bob's forge. Pluffy's eyes widened as he laid the deed out on the anvil and picked up Bob's biggest hammer.
    She stood frozen in fear as he raised the hammer over his head and brought it down with a loud clang!

    Silence filled the room until it was broken by a glorious sound. Her baby screamed loudly and her heart soared!! Bob slowly roused himself to conciousness and Hector passed the beautiful little girl over to her ecstatic mommy.

    He smiled softly and walked out the door. Pluffy stared behind him dumbfoundedly. She looked at her perfect daughter and a tear crawled down her cheek. She wrapped it up in the pooterhead baby blanket and said a little prayer as she watched the newborn drift off to sleep. Finally she could rest.
  17. BranWyn

    BranWyn Guest

    Good Story Hec!

    Section C ..... Baby Deed!!!
    pooterhead blanket LOL...
  18. Sonoma Sam

    Sonoma Sam Guest

    hehehe...loved it Hec
  19. hehe nice story man./php-bin/shared/images/icons/biggrin.gif
  20. -Elrond-

    -Elrond- Guest

    Congrats Pluff, another kid just think......3 yrs of nonstop turmoil then you get day care /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif ah well im happy for ya
  21. Zerena

    Zerena Guest

    Looks like I was late in posting as I'm sure the baby is here. Congratulations on the second. They are such a joy. :)

  22. *bumped cuz I cant go to story hour*
  23. Raskolnikov

    Raskolnikov Guest

    Why did you bump a 4 month old post? Are the boards that bad?
  24. eXcalibur

    eXcalibur Guest

    lol I think someone is doing a lot of digging tonight....
  25. yup i sure am
    i hope folks still read this post seeing that its by sam...
  26. i hope this post stays up here fer pluffy to read it. I dont think she saw it last time...
  27. It is never bad to bump a good story, and this one was very good. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  28. Guest

    Guest Guest


    i hope this post stays up here fer pluffy to read it. I dont think she saw it last time...

    <hr></blockquote>*looks up at post by Pluffy at the top of the thread*

    hehehe /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  29. Sonoma Sam

    Sonoma Sam Guest

    I don't know if she saw the story, though