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big buying thread

Discussion in 'UO Siege Perilous' started by phreephisher, Dec 9, 2008.

  1. phreephisher

    phreephisher Guest

    the higher end stuff is for me, but i just convinced 2 of my RL friends to give uo and siege a chance. they have been playing about 2 months now and need a few things. some of this stuff is for them. i know alot of it is almost worthless, but if you have any of it lying around please help.i have limited gold, but will buy as much of this stuff as i can.

    lucky necklace-bought
    flamin head deeds x2
    taming alacrity
    as many bloodwood boards as possible
    100+ luck meddable pieces with 5% or more lrc (no tunics)
    any super slayer instuments
    ice white vet reward cloak and robe
    craftable arti recipe
    +10 or higher taming/lore or archery jewelry
    cursed shadow dancer legs
    burglars bandana-bought
    black, leather, and rune book dye tubs-bought

    power scrolls
    110 or 115 archery
    110 or higher tailoring
    110 or 115 lore and vet
    105 taming
    120 music (been searchin for this a while, will pay VERY well)
  2. phreephisher

    phreephisher Guest

    noone has any more of this stuff?
  3. gmcbroom

    gmcbroom Guest

    Hey Man, I am impressed that you brought two new people into the siege fold. So to show my appreciation I highly recommend both to you and them that they join the NEW guild. It's run by Shalimar. She has advice and items for those new to siege. The kicker is you are only a member for one month. During that month you have acess to her guild house and knowledge. If you have a question you need simply ask her and those with her. The benefit is a safe place to stay. Also she helps find a guild for those that want to be in one. And as you know playing in a guild is usually a safer course of action rather than going it alone. Your less likely to get discouraged. So just hang around Britain or even Luna. Oh and lastly she usually gives you an awesome chest with items for graduation.

    Shalimar if your reading this. You rock! :):bowdown:
  4. phreephisher

    phreephisher Guest

    thanks for the info, but ive been on uo now for 8 years and on siege about 5 now. don't think i need new :). i let them know about it, one of em actually did join.
  5. gmcbroom

    gmcbroom Guest

    No problem. I know NEW helped me out in the beginning so anytime I find someone new to siege I try to send them there. They help.
  6. phreephisher

    phreephisher Guest

    can someone please throw me a bone? (he11 at this point i'll pay well for it....)
  7. phreephisher

    phreephisher Guest

    i know this stuff is out there, i know noone is gettin rich from this sale, but i would gladly help out any of you. this will be my last bump. oh and thanks x for what you did sell me.
  8. I've got some jewellery and scrolls you can have. My icq is 9-626-593 (Elaine) or ask your pal in NEW to let me know when you're on.
  9. phreephisher

    phreephisher Guest

    thank you shalimar, you truly are a saint :)
  10. ChumBucket

    ChumBucket Guest

    sent you a PM