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[Auction] Big Catskills Auction!

Discussion in 'UO Rares Collector' started by Bishop Cats, Jun 24, 2009.

  1. Bishop Cats

    Bishop Cats Guest


    I have decided to get rid of A LOT of my things, and rather then being boring and putting the stuff on vendors...an auction or two would be more fun! Im sure there is far too much to aution off in one day. So this will be a series of auctions so people arent falling asleep waiting to bid on the one item they want :)

    There will be four seperate auctions all starting at 8pm eastern time.

    wednesday the 1st
    friday the 3rd
    wednesday the 8th
    monday the 12th

    Here is a screenshot of maybe 2/3 of what will be autioned off along with the location of the auction house!!


    Here is the list of items and which day they will be auctioned off. Listings with ** may be cut from the auction, but hopefully not! Other things will also be added to the lsit im sure.

    Items in red are some of the rares beign auctioned off


    Old potted tree set (400k)
    Brit Library talisman set (two owned by no one) (4m)
    Catskills easter egg hunt #1 set of colored eggs (1m)
    Set of tombstones form grizzle** (500k)
    Easter egg hunt #2 set plus a RARE crazy colored egg (3 or less of this color was givin out) all are titled: Happy Easter 2009 From Catskills (6m)
    Vet robe and cloak set** (5m)
    Magincia quest rubble set (500k)

    Crimson cincture (6m)
    Mark of travesty: anat/heal, sword/tact, stealth/steal (3m)
    Lucky necklace (no min)
    Bleue set from spring cleaning (5m)
    Greetings from EM Cernunnos/Kasaven (500k)
    Singling ball (7m)
    Skill tutor statuette (no min)
    Shadow token (no min)
    25000 spring cleaning ticket (500k)
    Book (3m)
    "Unknown" deed (300k)
    Donuts (no min)
    Stitchers mittens (no min)
    Commodity deed box (500k)
    Dryad green tok dye 34charge (1m)
    Purple tok dye 32charges (1m)
    Black tok dye 11charges (300k)
    Blue tok dye 38charges (1m)
    8th anni token (no min)
    ML Hair dye (no min)
    ML Hair dye (no min)
    Lava and swamp tile (no min)



    6 non-quest rubble moongate rocks (1m)
    Old potted tree set (400k)
    Frostwood darkwood set (no min)
    Sorcerers set (6m)
    11th anni token set** (10m)
    Venom sac, 62 Gossamer, and 10 Spinnerets (1m)

    Wood curls (15m)
    2 Yucca trees from spring cleaning (no min)
    Hooded shroud of shadows (1m)
    Necro blue robe (1m)
    Brit library quotes book (no min)
    Saddle (artifact rarity 9) (no min)
    Barbed leather gorget 20/18/26/21/21 (500k)
    Halloween ghoul statuette black and orange (500k)
    Sherry the mouse from spring cleaning (no min)
    Feathers...look like orange petals (no min)
    Crystal token (no min)
    "We created the food" shirt (no min)
    Big forge (facing east) deed (500k)
    19 old stacked iron ingots (no min)
    Personal attendant token (no min)
    Evil furniture token (no min)
    Rubble Wyrms heart (5m)
    Vet reward brazier (no min)
    2 Corroded boxes (500k)
    A bloodied parchment (500k)
    Kasa (500k)
    Hair dye (no min)
    Rum red tok dye 27charge (1m)
    Pruple tok dye 40charge (1m)
    White tok dye 14charge (500k)



    Doom artifact set not cursed (12m)
    Tok dye set 50charge** (20m)
    2 old potted tree sets (800k)
    Assassin armor set (20m)
    Ethy set including cu, prox dragon, and mare (6m)
    Veteran reward statue set minus the new ones...efreet and harrower?(2m)
    6 rubble metal chests. look like the chests obtained from a shipwreck. (9m)

    Europa gold robe (1m)
    Saddle (artifact rarity 9) (no min)
    Rubble fire pit (9m)
    Blighted cotton without a timer (no min)
    2 White christmas bells (no min)
    Spring decor token (no min)
    7th anni token (no min)
    Berserkers scythe (no min)
    Heart of despise and compassion (no min)
    Rubble date palm (6m)
    Weapon engraving tool (no min)
    Deed for a vendor named Tomas (no min)
    Deed to a guildstone (no min)
    Gold tok dye 16charge (no min)
    Dragons blood (6m)
    Pumice (3m)
    Old Diamond (3m)
    Bloodspawn (500k)
    Hair dye (no min)
    Hair dye (no min)
    Dryad green tok dye 29 charge (800k)



    2 old potted tree sets (800k)
    Elven leafweave set (3m)
    Scout set (5m)
    Fireworks set (no min)
    4 Multi-colored gift boxes (7m)
    AOS roses...26 atm more will be added (unknown)
    Over 100 whispering roses...probably will be a max item box (unknown)

    Small web from sicarii (500k)
    Rubble barrel (4m)
    Wooden cow (no min)
    Winds edge (no min)
    Crimson cincture (6m)
    2 Black 1 ran bats from halloween (500k)
    Rare graphic icy patch (5m)
    Interior house key (no min)
    2 golden mark scrolls (no min)
    Sash made or sea siren scales (2009 EM event item unique to Catskills) (30m)
    Purple leg of lamb (no min)
    commodity deed box (no min)
    Brass ring (no min)
    Hair dye (no min)
    Hair dye (no min)
    Apple (looks like an enchanted apple) (no min)
    Crystalline ring (6m)
    Heritage token (no min)
    Nox green tok dye 48charge (1m)
    2 Bird (look like red petals) (500k)
    Beserker red tok dye 48charge (1m)
    Black tok dye 9charge (no min)
    2 snake skin boots (500k)
    Spring decor token (no min)
    8th anni token (no min)
    A certificate of capture deed (slimes) (500k)
    Owned by no one conjerers trinket (3m)
  2. Nine Dark Moons

    Nine Dark Moons Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Dec 7, 2006
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  3. Flutter

    Flutter Always Present
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    May 12, 2004
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    Oh sure invite all the rich people :(
  4. Bishop Cats

    Bishop Cats Guest

    gotta make it interesting! :)
  5. Bishop Cats

    Bishop Cats Guest

    Just a reminder that the 1st auction is tomorrow at 8pm east! hope to see some new faces!
  6. Demonous

    Demonous Rares Fest Host | Ches Jul 2010
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Feb 13, 2006
    Likes Received:
    id bid on some things if u accept gold on chesapeake
  7. Bishop Cats

    Bishop Cats Guest

    Sorry, only catskills gold is accepted. Reminder that the second auction is starting today at 8pm east!