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Big Plans for the City of Trinsic

Discussion in 'UO Atlantic' started by Lord Lew, Sep 27, 2013.

  1. Lord Lew

    Lord Lew Lore Keeper
    Stratics Veteran

    Jul 7, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Hail Citizens of Sosaria!

    The City of Trinsic is searching the land for adventurers, defenders, artisans, and social players of all creeds. We are looking to rebuild the city's community so that it may become a greater contributor to both the entertainment and defense of Sosaria.
    Our goal is to create something that is truly active within the game, and not just a name with a big roster and fancy titles. What this means is that players who join will immediately be involved in whatever area of play they are interested in, either taking part in an already established project, or laying the foundations for a new edition to the city. We welcome all players new and old to assist us in the rebuilding of this great city of Sosaria, and the community feeling of our beloved land. Come help us rejuvenate the city of Honor and Truth.

    As a first step on our journey, we are moving to establish three new organizations under the banners of Trinsic.

    The Trinsic Court
    The court is where new ideas are both formed, and put in motion. It will be a body of citizens who will facilitate the growth and cooperation within the community, as well as bringing to reality the various public activities we produce for the realm. There is a lot of creativity and organization involved with taking part in the court. At first we will be searching for two kinds of people. Those who are interested in producing events of all types, and those who are interested in founding city projects such as the Honor Guard, the Artisian's union, the expansion of commerce, maritime ventures, and so on. Though there is a Governor of Trinsic, the Court will vote with the Governor on any direction that the city may take.

    The Trinsic Honor Guard
    This is will become Trinsic's main military presence in the realm, and the only organization of the three that requires guild membership. The Trinsic Honor Guard will be anything but an idle standing army. Our forces will be regularly, and frequently, taking the fight to all those that threaten the safety of our realm. This means we will be organizing attacks on all PvM bosses and content in the game. As our numbers grow, so will the frequency of these hunts.
    To help better the quality of our knights, we will also endeavor to set up a military academy that offers training and advice on the different skill templates, equipment sets, and tactics for defeating particular bosses and combat challenges. We will not be engaging in PvP during our foundation period, but may move into this area at some point if need or interest arises.

    The Honor Guard will have a rank structure, along with awards for specific achievements. However, it will not be ultra authoritarian. Ranks will be used to reflect leadership ability, combat prowess, and length of service.

    The Artisan's Union
    The Artisan's Union will be facilitating many of the organizations and events of the city, but will not go unsupported, as is so often the case. Artisans in Trinsic will receive payment for their services, either through gold or assistance in obtaining the materials needed to ply their trade. As part of our preparations we are drafting out an internal trading system to be certain there is no unfairness within our own walls. Looking to the future we are hoping to find a way to put our city on the map with regards to player run shops. The Artisan's Union will no doubt play a large part in this venture.

    All three organizations will be intertwined with each other, as well the new city governor system and inter-city activity. A lot of the work done during our foundation period will be directed towards hashing out a system of cooperation, so that each organization has purpose and value with the community.

    Weather you are a veteran player, or brand new to the game, you will be welcomed and valued in Trinsic. We have a lot to do, and it is going to be a great experience. So come and get involved from the very start. Help us create one of the greatest cities on Atlantic.

    Hope to see you soon,
    Lord Lew
    [email protected]
    ICQ: 15653311

    If you have questions or would like to get involved, feel free to contact me or post in this thread and we will answer as we are able. We are fortunate enough to have starting members in all time zones, so players from all over the world are most welcome. We will be active at all hours.
  2. QMSoar

    QMSoar Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    Oct 12, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Hail All!

    If you are unable to catch Lew, please feel free to contact me as well. Between us we have all time zones covered, and would like to build the Trinsic community from folks all around the world.

    There are a lot of projects on the city drawing board, and the foundation period is sure to be very active. It's great chance to be part of something new and we are definitly in need of help.

    ICQ: 78409004
    Pop me an icq or private conversation here!