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Bio: Alaundril Do'Rhett "The Old One"

Discussion in 'UO Catskills Role Play' started by Alaundril Do"Rhett, Oct 15, 2014.

  1. Alaundril Do"Rhett

    Oct 15, 2014
    Likes Received:

    Name: Alaundril Do'Rhett
    House: Do'Rhett (Dead House)
    Age: 850 Human Years, Estimated.
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Guild Affiliation: AXIS, Right Hand to Mistress Jacuyl
    Hair: Silvery White

    Eyes: Gold in The Light/Red in Darkness inDim Light
    Height: 5'6" Muscular Build but Slender and Graceful
    Weight: 135lbs
    Alaundril is what the Drow would consider "old". His look is that of a seasoned fighter. He favors the colors gray and black as they do well to keep him hidden from sight. Though he is old, he still retains the youthful features of his kind. Alaundril has an arrogant demeanor, believing all but a few non Drow are below him. This shows in how he regards other with a disdainful and disgusted look. Despite his age, his gait is hardly that of what most on the surface would call an "old man". He walks with confidence and grace. His eyes look at people with that red gaze as if he has seen everything before. Alaundril is what some call a "purist". This means he is adamantly against the interbreeding of different species with his own blood line. He views surface elves as weak, childish and foolish. Humans, to him, are a short lived slave race.
    Brief History:
    Alaundril was raised in House Do'Rhett 850 (or so) years ago. He was the second born son of House Do'Rhett. His younger brother, the third born, was sacrificed to Lloth as the dogma demands. House Do'Rhet was the third house of the city and it was wiped out by the Fourth House. House Denoir. Alaundril was the only one to escape. He could either return to declare House Denoir a failure and claim retribution or he could flee into the Underdark. Alaundril did the latter. His younger years were spent fighting for survival until he made his way to the surface. Being highly resourceful, he found a band of surface drow, mainly males. He murdered their leader and took the spot as "The Boss". This group was later called, "The Sirah Syndicate". Alaundril worked with his Syndicate to establish secret Drow bases in the world above. This Syndicate was operated by outcast Drow males who worshipped Vhaeraun, the God of Drow Males and Rogues.
    During his 3rd century, he sired a son with an elven woman from the surface. She was also an outcast, who Alaundril had rescued and hidden near what is now called Wind. Their half breed Son, Drayden Calamyr, would have his own stories to be told. Alaundril vanished from his family's life a few short decades after the birth of his half breed son. He retreated into the upper levels of the Underdark, biding his time....
    (More to come....)
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